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For me, I know that Serif aren't interested in our musings, but I really hope it's a fair warning to others about the situation.

Maybe it will prevent others from buying the software with high expectations that you'll soon find is limited and buggy. There's not enough coders or official testers with Serif either.

My heart goes out too to those that graft into the early hours eating pizza on tight schedules with poor pay, sore eyes, to not be listened to by bosses - many of us artist, developers and designers have been there and bought the sweatshirt, hat and maybe even the underwear.

Don't waste your money, do youself a favour until Serif change their attitude, become more transparent and listen to users.

Spend your £50/£100 on a sub for Adobe CC, or treat yourself to a meal out and use the infamous .dll.

Good luck everyone.


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2 hours ago, haakoo said:

So other development teams do listen,comply to every whim?

Sounds like a kid wyning it can't have the candy he wanted.
Now your mommy is a bad person and you won't go take the daily shower because of it.





Being a professional means you pick the right tool for the job. That is certainly not Affinity Designer allthough the marketing desperately tries to reach professionals too. And having 10 years of experience with Serif we see the same pattern emerge. Incomplete software and years of waiting. Pointless when the competitors delivered 10 years ago. And when Affinity starts all over and leaving the old file format behind. 1995 again.

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The point that keeps being made, Affinity prodicts don't do the basics, bugs are rarely fixed, features, basics ones at that aren't added. No one said they wanted the world, or to make that term clear "bloatware" as you put it. Try reading all the posts before commenting and putting others down, you do your argument no favours.

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Why hang around here? 1) to try and get a response from Serif, who are always silent apart from mods. 2) To let other users know that they're not the only one's dissatisfied. 3) To help other's know how things are and to help them decide whether they should believe the hype thrown around to save them wasting money on products that have stagnated and don't do what is advertised.

I purchase the products for both mac and PC and want and and am entitled to express my oppinions. These opinions many share, but have probably given up a long time ago with Serif.

I don't care the software is cheap, if the Affinity products came anywhere near Adobe, I'd happily of paid a lot more money

Serif won't change if you keep patting them on the back. They don't owe you anything and will drop you at the first chance if there is money to be made elsewhere. This Feature Request stuff is just baloney for marketing.

See that coffee over there? Now inhale it's aroma.

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18 hours ago, JayH said:

We're led to believe that Serif reads our posts, but is that just forum moderators, or people that actually can influence what happens?


If that’s a serious question, it must have escaped your notice that every Serif staff member who posts here is a moderator, including the lead developers of the apps and going all the way up to the Managing Director of the company.

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.10 • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.6.1 (iPad Air 2)

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Serif have always stated in their forums that they're all involved and read what people write. If that is the case, then why are the same features missing, simple ones at that still not added?

We're mot talking about months, but years.

As I stated in a previous post, there was one bug I pointed out which I was told was known about, but nobody was able to fix it. That doesn't fill me with much confidence at all.

Serif indeed could be reading everything we write, but if they don't do anything with that info, they may as well not bother.



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50 minutes ago, Alfred said:


If that’s a serious question, it must have escaped your notice that every Serif staff member who posts here is a moderator, including the lead developers of the apps and going all the way up to the Managing Director of the company.

You've warmed the very cockles of me aulde heart. I can now add another troll to my own ignore list, without any guilt. I do feel good knowing he's being professionally served, even at the highest levels of the company.... ROFL.   For the record, a real professional doesn't go out of his way to troll a product he obviously doesn't know how to use.  All this tirade began over the export function? Incredible and sadly disturbing, at the same time.  In the future, I'll think of him fondly each time I click the Export function... or not. (Evil Grin)


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"Troll"? "Professionally Served", "At the Highest Level of The Company"? "Rolling on Floor, Laughing"? really?? darn it, you must find some of the least things funny - you're belly must be aching - shall we send a doctor?

Cedge/Steve said - "For the record, a real professional doesn't go out of his way to troll a product he obviously doesn't know how to use" - if the product in question does not have the features, then how does one proceed? We are invited to request and discuss the features we are missing according to the forum - there is a section for "Bugs" and one for "Feature Requests".

Just to correct you 'Cedge/Steve', this topic may have been started by raising the question of the "Save AS" vs "Export" issue, but has since moved on to a discussion about Serif in general and the other things that have not been addressed over numerous years. Especially in regard to the "Professional" advertised product we were offered and purchased.

It doesn't take much looking around the forum to see how many users feel let down, some get fed up and move on, some come back in hope the software has improved and others make suggestions feeling that they'll be heard - but time moves on and one, release after release and the same things don't change.

There is of course a type of user that are oblivious too all that other users are frustrated by, that forget they don't own the company and don't realise that the company doesn't give a stuff about them - you're not part of a team just because you bought the software and handed in a bug report. Some users, such as you Steve don't have a clue of which end of a sweeping brush to hold and then accuse people of being trolls.

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Yo Jay
As entertaining as making fun of you could potentially become, your impotent efforts at trolling add absolutely nothing positive to the overall affinity experience. Welcome to the ignore list Cupcake.....  ROFL

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haako, yes I still have time to drop in and chat in a forum and work at the same time - please see the included image made in other "professional tools" today. If someone says something about me, am I not allowed to reply? I've plenty to discuss, but it's people like yourself who just want to put me down without conversation. Not very smart.

...and getting onto smart,

Cedge/Steve, "Yo!" yourself, I've already tried to explain I'm not "trolling", I've had relevant points to make, but again no one wishes to discuss these points without being rude. You already said I was on your "Ignore List", and yet you're still talking to me, albeit with lame insults and dated acronyms. Why I'm referred to as a "Cupcake", I've no idea, it sounds sweet - maybe you're getting sweet with me?


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59 minutes ago, haakoo said:

Nice painting, better show more of this instead of tools or features missing. 


Yes, very nice. I wish I had the talent to produce something like that!

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.10 • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.6.1 (iPad Air 2)

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@JayH great work!



I don't understand why you have to get aggressive.
You don't have the rights to tell me to shut up, I'm a customer and I have all the rights to report any issues, feedback or complaints.

It's funny that you mention what being a professional means, to adapt and to use what's at our disposal. That's what I do every single day in my work (which you don't know anything about), but the issues I mentioned about affinity have nothing to do with using the rock. Working in a professional environment means that when you hit the wall there's no more workaround to look for, you need to change tool because you have to deliver. The client doesn't wait and time is money.

Your attack is not even respectful, considered I contributed to this forum and tried to help when I could.



(A sample from the posts above)



I said it's funny what you mention that because we had a conversation once where I was pushing the idea of dealing with the tools we have (of course as long as it's feasible) and you were instead looking for ready-made solutions:






People looking for the Filter Gallery in PS and I proved that is possible to get similar results with the built-in tools in Affinity Photo.


Now, those things I showed you are an example of stuff I did in my spare time only to help here on the forum.
I do create, but other types of things, things like this:



That's a 32-bit image composited starting from a 3D render I did (a multi-pass EXR). Theoretically, it would be possible to comp it in Affinity Photo (actually, it's one of the things that attract many 3d designers like me to use Affinity, considering it's supposed to be superior to PS in that regard) but practically it's a nightmare. Layer Blending bugs, lens blur not there, and performance issues. So, to me, it's been sad to come to the conclusion that I had to give up and switch back to PS, although I didn't like the idea. But that's the situation and when I tried to communicate the bugs, requests and my frustration on the forum it's either people like you responding aggressively or moderators ignoring my posts.


So, please, keep the conversation polite and civil, I'm not here to insult people, I'm here because I really cared about Affinity (maybe I still do).

Win10 x64 AMD Threadripper 1950x, 64GB, 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD + 2TB, dual GTX 1080ti
Dual Monitor Dell Ultra HD 4k P2715Q 27-Inch

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