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I started looking through the Affinity Workbook and am a bit disappointed...On page 11 you reference your social media accounts, and under the Vimeo logo it says, "Learn how to use the Affinity suite with our comprehensive video tutorials at www.vimeo.com/macaffinity."  I was excited about this because I learn better hands on vs reading directions. So, I was a bit surprised to see that there are literally only 2 videos on the channel, and they are from 2 years ago.   I am aware that there is a bunch of videos all over the internet, but I was hoping for something that went in some type of order. It would be awesome if a set of videos came with the workbook to go along with it in sequence.  Do you plan on updating the Vimeo channel? 


Thank you for all the hard work put into such an amazing program!


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Serif recently changed their social media names:




Best regards!

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The workbook is referencing the old Vimeo account (at https://vimeo.com/macaffinity) which currently just has 4 videos on it

The new Vimeo account is https://vimeo.com/affinitybyserif which has approximately 400 videos

It would be nice if the old Vimeo account automagically redirected to the new one but that is probably only something Vimeo can do

Hopefully, Serif will update the Vimeo link in the next run of the workbook plus any other social media links that may have changed

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