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How to restore image layer to original size?

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Suppose I copy and page an image into my affinity photo document. By default it is put on to a new layer of the type "image layer". This is useful because I can shrink the image or stretch it using the move tool and all the original pixels are remembered if I stretch or scale the image again layer later - it is not resampled like Photoshop.


My question is, after shrinking the image layer, is it possible to restore it to the original size it was when it was first pasted in to my document? At the moment I can only  get it to roughly its original size/aspect ration by guess work. If I make it even slightly bigger than it was originally, it will become pixellated.



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Not as far as i know, but it should not get pixelated if you resize or rasterize it, unless you are going crazy with resizing. Affinity will resample it and do a good job. If you output the file with a resized image, it will resize it anyway as it outputs it to match your output resolution, so it has to be done at some point.


If you must, look at the "Transform" panel when you first paste it in, it will display the images exact size, so you could resize it to the pixel by entering dimension into the transform dialogue boxes.


However, there are much easier ways of solving your problem.


1. Keep a copy of the original file and paste it in again.

2. Make a copy of the image layer as soon as you paste it in. You can hide the original, work on the copy and then just delete it and show the original when you want.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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