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  1. please, publish a roadmap so we can have 50% less posts asking all the same things
  2. hi. congratulating for the hi level of the current beta and the (obviously) tons of feature requests for anybody coming from InDesign or professional works, wouldn't it be simpler if you publish a final features list roadmap for current 1.0 and for the next 1.1/2.0 ? so we can all decide if we can already start working with it or maybe need to wait another 6 months many thanks!
  3. hi. it's 2 years that i'm waiting for the "pages" feature in Affinity Designer (it's in the roadmap!) since i have to renew my Sketch license.. but I'd like to start my next project with AD if it had pages, any new hints if it is being developed and maybe introduced in 1.7? NOTE: i think that with the Pages feature, AD could be really used for advanced apps/games UI and prototypes thanks!
  4. separate the contents into different pages inside the same doc. yes Artboard are nice.. but if you have say different area of the app, or separate the UI elements from the wireframes, different options.. one big pages with dozens of artboards isn't the best option. and i can't separate them into different documents since it's the same project with shared symbols!
  5. ahh 1.6 still has this problem
  6. (AP 1.5.2) when i alt+cmd+I to resize a document, i would expect the keyboard focus to be in the first field of the resize popup (say the width field) right now there is no focus and i have or to TAB to select it, or click in the width field please: very simple but important UX improvement
  7. (AP 1.5.2) i could not find an option to tell AP to open new docs at 100% of zoom i think (if the screen size allows) 100% should be the default view, but at least we should have an option for that (i manage mostly UI/sprites, not photos, so pixel perfect is a need)
  8. stefano.cecere

    Adding Pages

    i'm waiting for AD Pages, too.. but they're in the official roadmap.. so we have just to wait (and use artboards :)
  9. yes i keep clicking on the zoom icon tool every time ;) thank you for the realtime feedback!