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Improve The Batch Processing (It's Dangerous)

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Hi guys,


Please oh please improve the batch processing feature in Photo. It is actually dangerous.


I have noticed the following that really does need to be addressed from a usability perspective.


1. There is no progress bar on the processing that is happening

2. There is no completion message to say its complete

3. There is no option or warning that it will overwrite your files (in my case it did without warning)

4. There is hardly any options other than a resize, please include at least the following. a) Convert into b) Resize to percentage c) Rename


On that note I also noticed that the compression level is not that good at all, when compare to something like the output batch processing with 75 quality and very similar options on processing, Adobe Fireworks did a much better compression job by almost 20-30% and in some cases doubt the reduction without noticeable loss in quality.


I really hope that this gets looked at soon.




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I too would like a Rename option in Batch Processing.


I download RAW and JPEG files from camera to a dated folder. I can then process the RAW files, open them, work on them and then save them as .afphoto files. Then, when I come to batch-process them to JPEGs, they will by default be processed into the same folder and thus overwrite my original camera JPEGs. I do not want this to happen, nor do I want to create yet another subfolder into which to process the .afphotos.


A facility to specify a renaming mask for the JPEGs, either as an Affinity option, or as part of the Batch Process, is very desirable.

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Hey Mitch,


1. There is no progress bar but there is a spinning wheel do indicate something is happening. I'll add this as an improvement

2. This may not be necessary if we have a progress bar of sorts but I'll query it anyway
3. I've logged this as a bug. I can imagine this has catastrophic consequences if you aren't aware what will happen

4. I would kindly ask you to add that to Feature Requests if you could. 

I think we are looking at improving our compression. I believe some files can be bloated due to metadata. I think this will improve in time.

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I will certainly second all mitchm's requests for Batch Processing. Currently the whole process is also very slow when loading a large number of files, so for example, when trying to click any of the check boxes to change the output format or change the output location, I'm getting the spinning colour wheel for around 10 to 20 seconds between each click. I don't know if this is because AP is still processing/opening the files in the background, if so, there is no indication of this... I'm running on a MBP 2.8 GHz with 16GB RAM and it is slow...


I'm unsure how the process actually works, but it might be helpful if the options to make changes to output formats and file location are not available (greyed out) until AP has opened/processed all the files in the batch first maybe and it would then be helpful if a dialogue pops up to indicate this.


My other request would be to have the option to save multiple user Batch Processing settings, so you can select them as a default, rather than having to make the same changes for each batch run. I guess you might be able to do this using a pre-recorded macro, though I'm not sure if you can apply the W and H options in the same fashion using a macro, i.e. entering the same dimensions in both W and H so it is always the longest edge that is resized?


Chris B, you say 'there is a spinning wheel to indicate something is happening' in place of a progress bar. I don't have this, all I have is the standard black mouse arrow, no spinning wheel. The issue with just having a spinning wheel is that you have no indication whether this means the programme has hung or is actually processing, I think a true progress bar would be far more helpful and also gives an indication as to how long the process will take, which a spinning colour wheel doesn't.

Affinity Photo 1.7.2, Affinity Designer 1.7.2, Affinity Publisher 1.7.2

MacBook Pro 16GB, macOS Mojave 10.14.6

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Just like to add my support to the comments above. I would really like to see the feature of having presets for batch processing settings.




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Ran into an issue today with a batch Process. As I am converting my RAW files to JPEG for a quick compare. I noted that one file in a batch had a red circle with an X and stating a failed conversion. I was not able to select this one to see if there was any sort of error message. As this was many files large I went on with other work and hoped that a popup or message would have been generated. Nothing that I am aware of. If there is some sort of log file that is generated after a batch is complete can you advise where it can be found? If not can this be added to the upgrade list as knowing what took place during a batch process would be helpful information?


Thank You!!


John H 

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