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  1. It does make sense and I've tried it and it all seems to work. Many thanks, brilliant advice! Dave
  2. I have a new Gen 7 iPad and have installed Affinity Photo on it. I import my Sony raw files to the iPad using a card reader and the Files app, saving the files in a specific folder I've created. If I open Affinity Photo (AP), I can't see any way of opening a file from a Files folder however I can get around this by opening Files, selecting a file and Sharing it with AP. This way it opens up in AP in the Develop persona. I make some edits and then hit Develop which takes me to the Edit persona. I back out of here and I believe AP automatically saves the file in an unknown format somewhere in t
  3. Hi Chris Thank you for your response. I'm glad that your are looking at these issues and look forward to improvements in 1.6. I guess part of the challenge is to keep the processing time as short as possible for batch processing. It is certainly much faster than normal raw processing for me at present. Let's hope you can make the above improvements without compromising batch processing speed! I do feel that these improvements are important though as part of the rationale in shooting raw is to get the best possible image quality. Lens correction is particularly important these days.
  4. Some problems I have found trying to batch process ARW raw files from a Sony a6000. The images are considerably "duller" than those processed normally. This is possibly because the raw tone curve is not being applied? It appears that lens correction is not being applied during raw development with batch processing even though it is selected EXIF information is not being inserted in the exported jpegs despite this option being checked in the Export dialogue. I hope this issues can be addressed please as they are rendering raw batch processing useless for me at present. Than
  5. Just like to add my support to the comments above. I would really like to see the feature of having presets for batch processing settings. Dave
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