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  1. Hi Wondering what i need to concentrate on first and foremost if i wanted to primarily work with web images, eg, resizing, removing backgrounds, adding text, importing vectors and basic manipulation and export to web format... Does designer do the above ok ? or is it a case of work in both till you get what you want ? I guess this is the trade off ive always been able to do this very quickly in Adobe Fireworks :|
  2. Hi guys, Please oh please improve the batch processing feature in Photo. It is actually dangerous. I have noticed the following that really does need to be addressed from a usability perspective. 1. There is no progress bar on the processing that is happening 2. There is no completion message to say its complete 3. There is no option or warning that it will overwrite your files (in my case it did without warning) 4. There is hardly any options other than a resize, please include at least the following. a) Convert into b) Resize to percentage c) Rename On that note I also noticed that the compression level is not that good at all, when compare to something like the output batch processing with 75 quality and very similar options on processing, Adobe Fireworks did a much better compression job by almost 20-30% and in some cases doubt the reduction without noticeable loss in quality. I really hope that this gets looked at soon. Regards, Mitch
  3. Hi Guys, I've recently bought both versions of the software Photo and Designer, great software and I decided to use this and begin the slow drop off from Adobe Products. So in having said this.... one place this needs improvement is loading time. Sorry but it's too long to load, it's almost if not longer than a full blown copy of Illustrator or Photoshop in loading time. Both installs of equivalent Adobe offerings are double the size in install size and theoretically should take longer to load but they don't. I believe that they probably have more optimised codebase. I am finding it frustrating that I feel I need to keep a copy of Photo and Designer open the whole time so that if I need to load an asset it loads quickly... but if the programs are closed and I want to open them it really does take a long time.... almost frustratingly slow. I have a good spec machine also Alienware 16GB, i7 4th Gen 512GB SSD Something needs to be done, please optimise the startup times so that we can get to work quicker and not have to wait so long for startup times... Looking forward to a bright future.
  4. @Petar_MK your actually right till now i didnt realise it has bitmap capabilities... and it does :D well thats made it one step easier to making this choice. In your experience even though since you came from a Xara background, is Affinity Designer capable of most things Xara would do in Vector/Bitmap situation ? And compared to Fireworks, what do you think ? Its gonna be real hard to let go of Fireworks but i know i have to...
  5. Why are people comparing Xara to Affinity Designer... its clear to see that Xara is what Affinity Photo + Designer is in one package right ? Xara has the capabilities of manipulating vector and bitmap in the one app, whilst if you want to do that you need both software packages in Affinity right ? Isnt Xara more an alternative to Adobe Fireworks and Affinity Photo, Designer more an alternative to Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator ? Im posting here because im actually at a cross roads between jumping to either Xara Designer or to Affinity but knowing i will have to use 2 software packages to achieve what i want....
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