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I have sent the developers of Font Explorer X a request to develop plugins for Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher but I need your help if we want to see this happen. Font Explorer is an application that auto-activates fonts for applications, and is a must have for designers who use hundreds of fonts.


Please contact Font Explorer and let them know you are interested in there being a plugin for Affinity products. They have developed plugins for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and they work really well. However, they will not develop a plugin for Affinity unless we show there is a demand for plugins.


The developers of Font Explorer X can be reached here:


twitter @FontExplorerX

web http://www.fontexplorerx.com/contact

email: info@fontexplorerx.com


Thanks everyone!




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Hey chrisk,

any new information on this topic?

Yesterday I contacted FontBase and asked if they got any plans for including Affinity products in their range, especially for the auto-activation. They said they have it on their roadmap – so that’s good news!

FontBase may be an alternative to be considered. Basic functions are free, but auto-activating and advanced features come with either a subscription model or a one-time-purchase for three machines (Mac/Win) – also I’d say right now it’s way more affordable compared to FontExplorer, though it lacks some comprehensive options.

Now the important question that remains is: What are the requirements to get this to work with Affinity products? :35_thinking:

I guess plugin-support is a must, but right this moment I can't remember/check if Publisher and Designer have plugin-support at this time …




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22 minutes ago, Godzilla said:


I'm debating whether to use Fontbase or Maintype as a font manager. The latter can hold up to 2,500 fonts in its free version. Any further thoughts on them?

I like and use High-Logic MainType, but please note that the free version is only licensed for non-commercial use.

MainType comparison chart

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for Windows • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for iPad • iPadOS 17.4.1 (iPad 7th gen)

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I tried FontBase a year ago and didn’t care for it. FontBase has a different approach to font management than traditional font managers. FontBase copies installed, non-system fonts into the FontBase root folder, which I don’t care for. There were several other things I didn’t like (but can’t remember what they were)… ultimately, I decided FontBase isn’t my cup of tea.

That said, it may be worth trying the free FontBase version to see how you like it.

I’ve been using FontExpert (Windows only) for many years and like it. https://proximasoftware.com/fontexpert/

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