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Show selected layer, full pixel snapping (and artboards)


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Designer here. I'm doing mainly mobile application design, often huge projects with a lot of elements on every screen. AD is so incredibly performant that I'd love to switch from PS.


To get this out of the way: Thanks for the great work. So much potential! Looking forward to the future of Affinity Designer. 


Now the three things that would make AD a lot better for my personal workflow, I mentioned them on Twitter and I got told to post them here. So here you go. 


1) Show selected layer in layers panel


My workflow is based on folders and layers and their position to each other. In Photoshop it's easy to jump to a specific layer in the layers panel by clicking with ALT+RMB on the desired layer. What this does is to expand every folder in the layers panel and jump to the right place where the selected layer is. Sketch solves this by allowing the user to decide if a folder is "click-through" or not.


Some way to do this in AD would be amazing. I'd be perfectly happy with Photoshop's solution. Alt+RMB = Show layer in layer panel and I'm a happy chap. 


2) Full pixel snapping


I described it here. Even with snapping to pixels active, AD doesn't snap to full pixels but to 1.0 and 1.5. Only full pixels would make a lot of work a lot easier. 


3) Bonus: Artboards


I'm quite sure this has been mentioned in this forum a lot. Nevertheless, just throwing in my opinion: AD has such an impressive performance that it's the only program out there I have confidence in to do artboards right. Sketch's UI for artboards is great, their performance is mediocre. An AD artboard solution would rock my world.



Thanks for consideration and sorry if I broke any kind of forum rule. First post! 











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Welcome to Affinity Forums, Marcel :)


I agree with you , those 3 request make a lot of sense and I hope they implemented it soon!!! :)


Your first question I think was suggested here too.



The second one I don't know where but i'm sure it was too discuss.


The third one I think it's on here.


and here


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  • Staff

Hi Marcel,


Good to see you here - I've spotted your Twitter comments and was hoping you'd come to the forums and get involved here with the other developers so we can make the app better together :) 


If you right-click an item on the document you should find a 'Find in Layers Panel' item at the bottom of the context menu that pops up - that will expand and find the item in the layers panel as you describe... Perhaps it would be a nice shortcut to automatically do that on Alt+Right mouse button, too - I can't see it having any downsides? :)


Item 2 should definitely become an option in the future - it used to be essential because we only had center-aligned strokes, so the only way to make a 1 pixel line appear to occupy exactly one pixel on the screen was to snap to half pixels. Now we have inside/outside stroke alignment, this isn't a requirement any more, so we should look to move this confusing behaviour to an option.


Art boards are definitely on their way. We just wanted to be certain of what we wanted to achieve before implementing them in a way that we regretted! We've agreed on the plan, so they'll appear as soon as we can get there :)


Thanks again,


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