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Wow, that is cool. Took an image I recently shot of the old farm grain truck parked in the machine shed behind my house.. I think it looks way better than the original.

farm truck_NikFX800px.jpg

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Just had to try this with the nik filters, took this at a place called Blakeney on the Norfolk Coast.


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1 minute ago, Lisbon said:

I need to upgrade my Nik collection...

Are you sure?  If so, I urge you to read the DxO forums to learn about other peoples current experiences with Nik Collection are like and, above all else, take advantage of the 30 day fully functional free trial to ensure the latest Nik Collection is what you want.

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10 minutes ago, Lisbon said:

Is it that bad? 😄

To be honest I don't know anything about this collection since it was acquired by DxO.

It depends how you define 'bad'. It's probably better to say that it is 'mixed'.  What follows is my opinion, you must do your own research.

Their first release was no more than a few bug fixes, to do with 64 bit compatibility.  Except they didn't fix one glaring bug in Viveza.  Since then they have released a 'new' version of the collection, every year around July.  However only some of the individual apps in the collection have been updated each time.  Nik Collection 4 was a particularly low point, it was not well received, it was barely a beta product.  The current version is Nik Collection 5 and still not all of the apps in the collection have been updated.

If DxO follow the same pattern for V6 of the collection as they've followed for their previous versions then V6 will be out next summer and the price at launch will be discounted.  Even so, expect to pay over £130 because the price includes a 'free' copy of DxO Photolab Essential version.  If you wait until Black Friday before you buy then not only are you likely to get the best price, they are likely to have released at least one, maybe two patches by then so the product might feel less like a beta version.

I bought the first Nik Collection (because, for reasons too complicated to explain here, I got it very cheap) but I've never updated as I've always felt the update price, even on Black Friday, was not cost effective for me.  One last thing.  DxO only give an, extra, 'current customer' discount on top of any other offers if you are updating from no more than two versions back.  For example, because I didn't update from 1 to 3, when 4 came out I was no longer considered to be a 'current customer'.

As I said, these are only my opinions, others may disagree with me.

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