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1.10.X crash on start in win11

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if I install any 1.10.x Version on my Win 11 [Version 10.0.22621.674] I see the splashscreen but at the moment when the Workspace normaly opens the Program Crash to desktop.

I try GPU accelerated enforcement and also tried forcing GPU Acceleration off. No change. Interesting if I go back to 1.9.2 it works fine without the Issue.


Attached the Crash dump.



9eb21823-2ecf-46ed-b646-059a68fd2d0a.dmp 4b9d66bc-5846-4950-bf65-390a65495264.dmp

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Hi @Marco-G,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)

Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

I'd like to request a few more files in order to confirm the exact cause of this, can you please:

1. Open Windows Run (Windows Key + R) and type the following - eventvwr
2. In the window that opens, select the Windows Logs drop-down list on the left and then Applications
3. With the Applications logs selected, navigate to the right side of the window and select Save All Events As... and save them as .evtx (the default option).
4. Attach this saved file to your reply here.

Secondly, please open Windows Settings and select Update & Security, then View Update History - with this open, please take a screenshot and attach this here for me also.

Many thanks in advance!

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Many thanks for providing these for me! I can see in your Windows Update history that you have the KB5017271 update installed, which is known to be causing crashing within the Affinity apps currently.

Please see the below FAQ for more information here, and how to remove the update from your PC to stop this crashing:

I hope this helps :)

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Install all pending updates.
Restart pc afterwards.
Go to windows update history>uninstall updates section
Search for:

Windows 11:KB5017264 (here it maybe another kb number altogether)

Windows 10:KB5017262

Uninstall the latest .net update
Run the tool provided in the faq below 
There should be only 1 .net(kb number) update present, if you did all things above.
It will have a new kb number but it is the one you need to hide for windows updating it again.
(This may occur again as windows creates cumulative updates where they add older updates, if missing, to it)




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8 hours ago, KrystianK said:

I can't uninstal i need to work now

Talk to your companies IT section and get them to uninstall the update.

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 - GPU 1: Intel HD Graphics 630, GPU 2: NVIDIA GTX1050, 4GB

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On 10/24/2022 at 11:28 AM, KrystianK said:

I can't uninstal i need to work now

Posting the same question over and over isn't helping us to help you.

Why can't you uninstall? Marco-G says because it's a company computer. Is that you're reason also? If so, then what AiDon posted is what you need to do.

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Hi @KrystianK,

If your application is crashing when creating a new document, this would usually indicate an issue with the Affinity app communicating with your GPU - therefore I'd recommend visiting the manufacturers website for your GPU & downloading the latest driver version available.

Install this driver, then restart your PC and try opening a new document in Affinity once more.

If this still crashes and don't wish to / are unable to uninstall the Windows update, please see this post where a workaround is suggested, although this is untested by Serif and isn't directly supported due to this. We only recommend this option if you are comfortable editing the config file for your apps.

I hope this helps!

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2 hours ago, Kranitoko said:

I'm finding I have a similar issue where Photo just crashes on start up. Following the above, the update numbers you provide for Windows 11 are not the same as the ones I have in this location.


Mine are KB2565063




Welcome to the Forums @Kranitoko :)

Searching the web for these KB values, they appear to be Windows Insider development/beta versions - indicating you're not currently on the stable/release channel for Windows 11.

I recommend switching to the release channel, which will likely install the updates listed in the above FAQ, which can then be removed temporarily whilst we wait for a fix from Microsoft.


17 minutes ago, KrystianK said:

Yes this is ..

Zrzut ekranu 2022-10-27 145837.png

Many thanks for providing that for me! Can you please try unticking Hardware Acceleration at the bottom of this dialog, then restart the app as prompted and try opening your image once again?

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