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  1. Unfortunately can't uninstall updates on a company laptop. Will stay at 1.9.2. than, thanks.
  2. Hey, log attached. In the Log you can also see that I later uninstalled the latest version and installed 1.9.2 which than is starting fine. Thanks export.evtx
  3. Hey, if I install any 1.10.x Version on my Win 11 [Version 10.0.22621.674] I see the splashscreen but at the moment when the Workspace normaly opens the Program Crash to desktop. I try GPU accelerated enforcement and also tried forcing GPU Acceleration off. No change. Interesting if I go back to 1.9.2 it works fine without the Issue. Attached the Crash dump. 9eb21823-2ecf-46ed-b646-059a68fd2d0a.dmp 4b9d66bc-5846-4950-bf65-390a65495264.dmp
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