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Hi I am new here, introducing myself


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Hi Guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I have been using 3d modelling and rendering for a few years now and am very enthusiastic about 3d rendering (Archvis) I hav come to a stage where I can only progress further with the addition of post production into my workflow. It was a hard pill to swallow as I have risisted post production for so long now. I think it was because 3D modelling and rendering takes a long time to get any good with lots of practice and learning another program would have hurt my brain;)

I was looking for which program to use for post production and Affinity Photo was recommended to me by a few people that I respect. I use Sketchup, Autocad, Twinmotion,  Raylectron. I am starting from scratch with post producion for Archvis and am very keen to learn the art of image manipulation, Please forgive me if I ask stupid questions, and please be patient with me. I have added a few images of my work with no post production just so you know what I am into

Small 3.jpg


Small render.jpg

Small 3.jpg

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@Nebie1 wrote > Please forgive me if I ask stupid questions, and please be patient with me. 

When I was working I made two lineprinter large banners, each many feet long, and I bluetacked to the wall, one above the other.



It worked wonders in showing students that it was fine to ask me for programming advice.

Welcome to the forums.

Those two notices could well describe the friendly, helpful attitude here in these forums.

I don't know quite what you mean by post production.

But then, I am a hobbyist and I have hardly used Affinity Photo, I got it when it was on offer.

I tend to use Affinity Designer to generate original art.

Would you like to get a discussion started by answerimng a few questions please? Other forum members who do know about such things will hopefully then join in the discussion.

What do you mean by post production?

What do you want to know about that you don't know about already?

You have presented four pictures in electronic form. What end result do you want, for example, something on the web, a hardcopy printed magazine, a greetings card, a framed print as a one-off for your home, a framed limited edition signed print run, an unlimited print run, something else?

I am not an art expert but for what it's worth to me those pictures look good, particularly the first one with its palm trees and their shadows, and the fourth one with its reflections in the water.







Until December 2022, using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England. From January 2023, using an HP laptop running Windows 11 in England.

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Hi William, thanks for getting back to me. Post producion means fixing proplems or enhancing an image resulting from 3D output.

Generally Architectural Visualisation (ArchVis) is when you work from cad drawings from say an Architect. You have layouts, plan views and elevations but they may be 2d. Firstly we would use these 2D drawings to create a 3D model using Sketchup or 3D max etc These are 3D modelling prorams. You would build a 3D model in the computer. It is truly 3 D you can rotate it go inside it much like a computer game...........so now you have the the geometry it is a collection of 3D shapes that you have made into the shape of a house or apartment block etc. You have built the house, driveway roads. pathways landscaping etc this may include plants or trees. So you have now built the geometry. This geometry has spatial information. But it now needs materials. You apply Materials, brickwork. plaster, coloured paint, metal, grass etc to the surfaces of the model. So now you have geometry with materials. But that is just geometry with materials applied. Then it is usual to export that geometry with the applied materials into a render engine. A render engin is a program that for ease of explaination recognises the geometry and materials and you configure it to shoot vertual photons at the geometry and materials. These vertual photons are modified by the materials in different ways and the "photons' Bounce around as they do in the real world until they hit the camera where the results are recorded as an image. That is a render. You do not need to know very much of the physics of lighting and photons. It is dumbed down for use mere motrals into a user friendly render program. The results may have some issues, A prime example is if you look at my image of the waterfront render you will se the ocean surface is 3d waves reflecting the light as it would in the real world...............BUT............where the surface meets the yatch hull at the jetty it is flat. but it should not be flat it should actually be wavy (disturbed) like the ocean surface. I would or should fix that with a phioto manipulation program like Affinity Photo. This is post production. I may also wish to add people modify a shadow or creates highlight or contrast/ colour temperature, mist fog, god rays put in a better sky etc. Render engines may not be perfect and the imperfections are fixed of modified in post production. The3d renders have lots of tools, but an artifact or abboration may not be noticed antil after the render is finnished. Renders can take a lot of time so it is much easier to fix or inproved in  post production rather than gouing back to the render changing some settings and waiting for a result. 

That was long winded and a fairly generic explination but the best I can do

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4 minutes ago, telemax said:

I think if you add a wireframe view, it will be clearer to many people.

Not wirframe that is very old school;) But here is a screenshot of the waterfront (Model) with some materials applied before it was imported into a render engine

The materials are applied in this case so the render engine can differentiate the various materials. I applieid the people and trees in the render engine only because it would make my sketchup model to heavy




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These might be useful.

A varied selection of post processing insights relevant to either Photoshop or Affinity Photo:






For a number of years worked with DCC 3D apps such as Blender & 3ds Max generating hard surface content.

Currently in the process of migrating over too Blender's latest build v3.1x alongside exploring Ae (Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphics suite) as a potential third party alternative to native solutions, regarding photoreal compositing and post production methodologies.

As an aside, was basically inspired by this particular artist's work by setting for myself a personal benchmark, toward hopefully attaining a comparable finesse in the foreseeable future.

Whilst putting in a ton of effort and perseverance, besides.

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Thanks Sacboi, will have a look at those.

The 2 images I have attached are one with skirting board led lighting and another without. Could somebody let me know how to "light up" the skirting board without lightingwith Affinity Photo, or at least give me some termininologies so I can do a search on how to do this. I am sure this is basic stuff but this is my first go with this program



Gurus lights.jpg

Gurus no light.jpg

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  • Staff


Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

On 6/2/2022 at 11:26 AM, Nebie1 said:

Could somebody let me know how to "light up" the skirting board without lightingwith Affinity Photo

 think this would best be tackled as it's own post in the questions forum

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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