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Using Affinity on a touch-only basis is miserable

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I like Affinity Photo but it is an absolute hell using it on a touch-only basis. I use a Surface Pro 7 and there are glaring problems with touch screen usability that bring me to a boiling frustration every time I use Photo for more than a few minutes. 

We need touch controls in the Toolbar for common functions. Undo/redo, deselect, incremental rotation, etc. need Toolbar controls, whether added by default or as an option under the Customize Toolbar window. The fact that I have to sit and repeatedly do Edit > Undo using a pen or my finger, because the simplest thing like an undo button is missing from the UI, is insane. Especially when I make a sketch and then decide to change something, and need to hit undo about 40 times. Immense oversight. 

The option to disable and hide the canvas viewport's scrollbars would be invaluable. Touch misfires are bad enough when they cause the canvas to jitter or cause a tool change unexpectedly, but when the slightest "tap" of a nonexistent finger hits the scrollbars, your entire canvas gets thrown to the side instantaneously. Very disorienting, and happens at least once a day in my experience. I never ever use them since I have both a touch screen and a gesture capable trackpad, so they ONLY mess things up. An off button would be very nice.

It would also be nice to be able to tell Photo to interpret a single-finger drag (assuming you have touch for gestures only turned on) as a pan canvas command, and a two finger gesture then could always be considered zooming. The gesture interpretation between two finger pinch and two finger drag seems to be really finicky and ends up being very clunky.

Finally, though it might be a very niche thing, having a Canvas Lock toggle you could add to the Toolbar would be nice. That way one could lock the canvas while doing intensive inking, to prevent possible jitter due to a palm rejection misfire, and manually unlock it when intending to pan and zoom around the canvas. 

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Sprawdź program Affinity za 10 lat, może coś pójdzie w tym kierunku.
Serif niestety nie korzysta z tabletów z systemem Windows, gdzie używane są gesty i rysik, w przeciwnym razie wiedziałby, że w tym momencie używanie np. programów Surface pro i Affinity jest bezcelowe.
Proces wprowadzania zmian w Affinity jest tak powolny, że za chwilę zmienisz okna na windows 20, a od Serif i tak nie dostaniesz odpowiedzi, ponieważ "czytają, ale nie odpowiadają.

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>I have MB PRO/ touchpad with the Affinity programs. I totally agree.  I am disabled and have not much dexterity in my hands.  I always have a problem by accidentally rotating the canvas among other things.  I keep having to reset the canvas View> reset rotation.   Is there anyway to lock the rotation so it doesn't move by the touchpad?


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22 minutes ago, Graphix_Guy82 said:

 I always have a problem by accidentally rotating the canvas among other things.  I keep having to reset the canvas View> reset rotation.   Is there anyway to lock the rotation so it doesn't move by the touchpad?

There is a preference setting that I use on because I use this to rotate the canvas. turn it off. Preferences > Tools > 


Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 11.7.6 
Affinity Designer 2.1.0 | Affinity Photo 2.1.0 | Affinity Publisher 2.1.0 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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i'm glad i'm not the only one having touch gesture issues. i've been using an HP ENVY x360 for both illustration and design work and i've found that trying to use gestures on Photo has been a little bit aggravating. they seem really finnicky sometimes, like when trying to move the canvas with two fingers and the software repeatedly tries to zoom in, or making an accidental touch somewhere on the screen and the canvas goes flying. in these instances, i've been forced to switch to CLIP STUDIO PAINT, as the touch compatibility with this software is incredibly seamless. CLIP STUDIO can properly register gestures for moving the canvas (one-finger drag), zooming in and out (two-finger pinch), and even undoing and redoing (two-finger tap and three-finger tap, respectively). by no means am i knocking on Affinity by bringing up CLIP STUDIO, but i'd love to see Affinity incorporate some of these gestures in their software, or at least give us the ability to customize them. i want Photo to be my primary photo editing/drawing software, but at the moment, the experience is a bit rough.

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