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Hey everyone I really like Affiniy Designer but I am annoyed by these issues. Its impossible to make any kind of complex logos or complex objects with the boolean tool. 

I made an example (see first video) with three circles that overlapping and used the divide boolean operation to create a circle with three sections. The end result is more than disappointing.
The edge where only two circles overlap each other it looks okay-ish. But on the edge where all three circles overlap its a whole new story. After deleting the unnecessary micro forms you see the whole disaster.
It creates something that looks more like a zigzag line than a smooth curve.

As a work around to not getting this unclean line I can do it step by step (costs more time) but there is that other problem.
The gap between the forms. sorry but can somebody explain me why this is happening? They should be in line also after using Divide. You can see in the second video that the blue color shines through the two forms.

Ohh an the cherry on the top if you using Divide to make a form and you want to Add them back together it is not possible, because of the thin gap.

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It must be said that one big problem with Serif has always been that they put efforts into new features (which is good), but at the cost of not fixing long standing bugs (which is not so good). Obviously it's a case of trying to get the balance right, but it does get a bit annoying that, after few years, you end up with a product with lots of nice "bells and whistles" but which becomes more and more frustrating because of all the bugs and work-arounds that you have live with.

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