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  1. 6 years and it's not fixed yet 😧??? Okay is there a fix for that at the horizon or do we have to wait another 6 years for it?
  2. Hey everyone I really like Affiniy Designer but I am annoyed by these issues. Its impossible to make any kind of complex logos or complex objects with the boolean tool. I made an example (see first video) with three circles that overlapping and used the divide boolean operation to create a circle with three sections. The end result is more than disappointing. The edge where only two circles overlap each other it looks okay-ish. But on the edge where all three circles overlap its a whole new story. After deleting the unnecessary micro forms you see the whole disaster. It creates somet
  3. Hey everyone I found a bug with corner tool see attached video. After combine a triangle and a rectangle I tried to round two points but while rounding the shape one of the corner node disappear and the whole corner deforms. Affinity_Designer_2020-12-22_11-29-14.mp4
  4. Hey, I'm using Publisher on Windows and I added a table. When I use the row drop-down menu to automatically adjust the table row to the content, the Publisher closes completely.
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