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  1. +1 for this feature. I believe Inkscape has a similar feature
  2. @MithferionThanks a lot. I mostly use forums in my mobile and hence there are some challenges in linking them unlike the ease / familiarity of a desktop. Agreed.
  3. @MithferionWow!!! Thanks a ton for your time and effort. Really useful. What I like more is you keep on updating the list and sharing with the community. Thank you so much
  4. Thanks for pointing out. I would like them to fix the current plaguing issues first before working on new apps. But nonetheless a DAM would be a great addition to the suite which would make the workflow much better I read it in the forums
  5. While shape builder is an important thing for me, the work around using divide and then combining is also in dire need of rework. Too many junk points or curves. That issue has been since years. I wish they fix it ASAP. It's becoming increasingly frustrating to keep on waiting. My bet is it's going to take at least beyond 2020 to fix them (Very happy to be proven wrong). My reason is right now they are busy with publisher then they will be busy with DAM tool in 2020. Given those are their priorities (my opinion btw), I highly doubt we'll see the Boolean issues fixed before this decade.
  6. Same as me. Really liking the program but two things which I miss the most are shape builder and better panel management with options to create custom workspaces. I am positive that the Serif team is aware of these user requests and are right now focusing on other priority items.
  7. Just checking any updates as this has been since 2017?
  8. Hi @gbjack No offence mate. Just a fact... When You start Photoshop, the second name after Thomas Knoll is Seetharam, who is with Adobe for nearly 3 decades. He's an Indian and one of the top contributors to Photoshop that it's a household name today. I fully concur with the views that CC products have become buggy more and less value generated in every new update.
  9. While I get it, there's also another way to quickly find the layers. Build a search option. For someone who's organised enough to name the layers, it'll be a good solution to easily find the layers. I think this was also a feature request from a few users.
  10. Thanks @walt.farrell. I'm aware of the Google search but it would be nice to have the native functionality. A feedback if I may say
  11. @Patrick Connor @KateM Can I suggest to add a search feature in the spotlight. I read an article there but when I try to find it again, it's a bit hard.
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