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  1. Thanks a lot for your help, now that that I can get my Pantone channels, I have placed my photo in Publisher and made a PDF HD export, it works fine. No signal in original M and Y channels, and two Pantone in the printing list; Now the last test i have to check is the file check right with the CTP RIP.. Thanks again for all, I am a beginner on AFF Photo, and it is really nice to get help like that.
  2. Thank you Walt, I think to another way to get what I want. Extracting Magenta and Yellow, past them on a layer ( 2 layers for my project ) and fill-in them with the Pantone. Thanks again for your answer.
  3. OK, i have a photo in YMCK mode ( for printing ) , but I need to change the MAGENTA and YELLOW with two colors from a PANTONE chart. My question is how to do this change ?
  4. Hello, i am stuck with this problem since yesterday and I can't solve it. In Affinity Photo does anyone know how to proceed to change a Magenta channel to Pantone direct tone ( Rubin red ). I need to keep the initial render of the photo but I only want to replace Magenta. I have located the right Pantone in the sample list, I select it to make it foreground, I select the Magenta ( with the edition mark ) and when I choose the option Fill I only get a white and empty channel and the thumbnail is white too...Does anyone can help me , Thanks and sorry for my English...
  5. Thanks for your answers, I will plan to change my glasses...
  6. Hi everybody , is there a way to get a bigger picture view of the layers in the panel ? I know in the preference panel you can increase the size of text ( only two options standard or Large ), I'd like to know if I can get the same way with the small icons of layers. Thank you.
  7. Hi Chris_K, the slider in this example belongs to the Opacity slider. My config is IMac27 3.8, 8 Gb ram, OS X 10.13. I think I will upgrade the ram by the end of the year, maybe 32 Gb, I think it will be enough to run the affinity apps.
  8. First of all, sorry for my poor English, The first bug : You can't open a PDF file by dragging it on the Publisher Icon in the dock, you must first open Publisher and then go to the file menu open and choose the file In the file list. Second Bug : when I use the opacity slider or other, after closing the the dialog box, the slider still stays on screen. See the capture. And thanks for your job, the application seems to be in a good way.
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