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Stroke width changes when pasting in group

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When you paste a group of vector objects copied from one document into a document of a different resolution, the stroke on those objects does not scale in the same way as if you paste the same objects not in a group. Here is a recipe to demonstrate:

  1. Open the file stroke_scale_test.afdesign in Designer. You will see a simple document with a star and a line, each with a 2pt stroke.
  2. Copy the group titled "copy this group", which contains those two objects.
  3. In Publisher, create a new document with the A4 preset.
  4. Paste those two objects.
    Result A: The stroke is now .5 pt, and the stroke is visibly thinner relative to the size of the object.
  5. Go back to the Designer document. This time instead of copying the group, select both of the objects inside the group and copy those.
  6. Paste those two objects in Publisher somewhere near the first result (to visually compare).
    Result B: The stroke is still 2pt, and the stroke relative to the size of the object seems to match the original.

Here are a few observations that I believe are relevant

  • The source document in Designer and the new document in Publisher have a different resolution (72dpi vs 300).
  • The objects themselves have the stroke attribute "Scale with object" unchecked.
  • The steps can also be repeated with Publisher alone when pasting between two documents of different resolutions.

However you choose to respect the "Scale with object" attribute when pasting between documents of different resolutions, I would still expect it to behave the same way whether copied in a group or outside of one.

I tested on macOS 10.14.6 with Designer 1.7.3, Publisher 1.7.3 and Publisher beta

Thanks to @gafvert for his own helpful observations in another post:




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8 hours ago, garrettm30 said:

Stroke width changes when pasting(...) into a document of a different resolution, (...)

This issue feels related to that one which got solved in Beta


Whereas this unexpected stroke behavior in low resolution documents still seems to happen – and/but is known:

... or possibly even that:



macOS 10.13.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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On 1/25/2020 at 12:29 AM, thomaso said:

This issue feels related to that one which got solved in Beta

Yeah, at the core it feels like this is a more generic issue with converting between different units and DPI resolutions (between different documents or when changing the resolution), where different properties scale inconsistently (for example the stroke, corner rounding and size of a shape may scale differently). The stroke width case was the first I encountered, and that was quite easy to get around with the "scale with object" setting for stroke.

However, I also encountered the problem with absolute size corner rounds, and also drop shadow radius and offset being scaled incorrectly when set to pixel values in one document and then pasted into another document with a different DPI setting. And there the only way I found to get around the problem was to set both documents to the same DPI setting (and sue the same units for safety), which unfortunately also meant I had change the rounds and shadows as they changed when I changed the DPI. Hope this is fixed in v1.8. And I hope we get to use it soon!

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I thought this issue might be related to this fix in 584:

4 hours ago, AdamW said:

Scale shape absolute sizes when document DPI changes

I suppose it was not related after all, but in case it was, please take note that the original steps still reproduce the issue in Publisher as originally described.



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