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  1. I still cannot get certain LaTeX fonts to appear properly via drag and drop, but did successfully create a set of Computer Modern Fonts that work in Affinity Designer. When something doesn't work right, I use the Glyph Browser to create the font. Slightly inconvenient, but not the end of the world since I can do most of my work in LaTeXit and drag and drop, but then clean up the dropped PDF in Affinity Designer. I wish the drag and drop worked better, but its livable. I have attached the fonts I am using if you are interested: https://github.com/brucerodenborn/shared_items My legal team wants me to say, "no express or implied warrants of usability and there no refunds" Cheers LaTeX_fonts.zip
  2. Got directed here from the thread whining about no select same stroke color, etc. This feature is working perfectly for me. Will test other features. What a huge improvement. I often have this need when working on images of vector fields and there is no substitute. Thanks design team.
  3. Nice! That's about the last thing I miss from Illustrator. Will give the BETA version a try. Cheers, Bruce
  4. I just want to join in the nagging. I need to modify an SVG image I downloaded from Wikipedia Commons. I lost the arrowheads on a hundred red arrows and 100 blue arrows that are right next to each other. I resorted to Illustrator CS6 since it will still run on my machine. This seems like a feature that would not be that hard to code, and in any case, is essential. Hope you add it since I really like using Affinity Designer and don't like having to return to Illustrator (see how I put in that backhanded complement).
  5. Thanks, but no I don't have Publisher. I don't do layout work any longer. Illustrator has the same feature so maybe a future version of Designer? I also wouldn't want to have the workflow go through third app to get the images and equations prepared for PowerPoint. I can't stand doing vector drawing with their tools so don't suggest that ;-).
  6. Is there a way to force font mapping when I bring in a PDF from LaTeXiT so I can point to the Bakoma versions? Doing that manually would not be worth it. I could remove the old Computer Modern from the OS and Affinity would have to substitute. Cludgy but I would probably prefer it to outlined fonts.
  7. Sure. I have attached an Illustrator .ai file Untitled-2.ai, an Affinity fileUntitled-1.afdesign and a PDF dragged onto the Desktop from LaTeXiT 1._r_&_=_R+y_2._.pdf. The Illustrator file has the equations looking properly whether I use PDF or PDF with outlined fonts. I also put the outlined fonts into the Affinity version for reference. I have been digging at this problem today and believe it is the version of the Computer Modern fonts I am using, which are pretty old. They don't seem to be meeting modern standards. I found OpenType Computer Modern fonts that work (https://ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/cm/ps-type1/bakoma), but when I drag and drop into Affinity, they are not selected because they are listed as BKM-cmmi, etc. It seems the \theta glyph and other math symbols and Greek letters are unable to be interpreted properly by Affinity using the old fonts. I tried using the Glyph Browser and don't even see the right glyphs for these symbols in the old fonts.
  8. None of these solutions work properly in Affinity Designer installed on my 2012 MacBook Pro when running either Mojave or Catalina. I previously installed the CMMI, CMR and CMSY font families into the OS. I have no problem dragging and dropping into Illustrator or into PowerPoint. However, Affinity misreads the font family for some of the characters and refuses to display some Greek letters, epsilon, theta, etc. This is a real bummer. I can compile my equations in LaTeXiT using PDF with outlined fonts, but that is a real hassle when I am creating figures. I need the ability to have a text block with a Greek letter in it. The font family has an exclamation point next to it (e.g. !CMMI) when I insert a Greek letter using the Emoji and Symbols keyboard built into the MacOS. Perhaps it is my versions of these font families, but it is not clear to me what the exclamation point means and it is only for certain letters. It also doesn't make sense that PowerPoint and Illustrator have no problems with the fonts. I want to move on from Adobe, but I am a physicist who needs good equations for lecture slides and for graphics associated with journal articles. I can probably live with outlined fonts, but it really is a let down compared to how Illustrator let me modify my equations. The problem exists with PDF's and with EPS files saved to the desktop or drag and dropped as an empty text block. They open just fine with Illustrator or Preview. Notice how in the second image the font type for the division symbol has also been switched from CMR to CMMI. That I can switch back, but still a hassle. The big issue is the missing epsilon. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Nearly a deal-breaker for me and will affect what I recommend to the institution as we are moving from Adobe products.
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