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Simple Vector Page Curl Assets


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Here are some simple vector Page Curl Assets that you can use with any of the Affinity applications.  It’s not photorealistic but it’s usable for most simple things.

How to use:
1. Import the attached “Page Curl Assets” into your application.
2. When you need a Page Curl, drag the “Page Curl” asset to the bottom-right of your image.
3. Drag the “Page Curl Background Remover” to align with the top-left of the Page Curl layer.
4. Drag the “Page Curl Background Remover” layer inside the image layer.
5. Group the image layer.
6. Drag the “Page Curl” layer into the group (above the image).
You can now resize and move the image with the curl together.

Note: If you have a white background, especially if your image is the same size as the page, you may not need the “Page Curl Background Remover”.
The attached GIF shows all the steps.

Technical Tip: If you want to resize the curl, move the bottom-right node of the background eraser to match the bottom-right of the page curl, then resize both the curl and eraser together, then move the bottom-right node of the eraser out again. It sounds complicated but it’s not that difficult. (The eraser is oddly-shaped to stop artefacts from the underlying image coming through sometimes.)

I hope people find this useful.

Page Curl Assets.afassets

Annotation 2020-01-09 132427.png


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