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Poor performance on Windows

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Hi guys! 

So.. Ive been testing af des af pho and af pub. 

Perfomance on my computer isnt perfect.

As you can see perfomance on my ipad pro 2nd gen is better than on pc. 

my specs are: i5-7500, samsung ssd evo, 16 gigs of ram, nvidia 1030. 

Can someone point out if that is my pc is weak or it is normal perfomance ( this is default sample ). 

perfomance is the same across all affinity apps btw


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That does seem pretty slow.
I’ve just created a document with six fairly large images (4691x3305 pixels), all with transparency, and they’re moving around with no ‘real’ delay at all, certainly nothing like what you are seeing, but I don’t have your document to try and I have a different set-up to you.
Have you tried to change any settings in the Performance tab of Preferences? (Each application has it’s own Preferences so any changes that make things better in one will need to be applied in the others too.)
If that doesn’t work, have you tried resetting any of the applications by launching it while holding CTRL down?
From what I remember there are some users in the forums who have similar set-ups to yours so they might have more specific advice.

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I have just experienced speed issues with the beta version of publisher using EPS files and found the similar issue with partial areas of  the screen staggering when refreshing. It also caused Publisher Beta to freeze the controls using export to pdf.

I changed the image to jpeg and everything performs as normal


Alan Pickup

Windows 11 Home all Affinity suite of Apps PC and Gigabyte Laptop 16gb Ram and Nvidia GTX1660 Super on each.

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It can be difficult to know – from a user’s point of view – if an issue with a beta has the same (or similar) cause(s) as the same (or similar) issue in the commercial release as we don’t know what’s been going on ‘under the hood’ between the two, and the beta could be doing something ‘experimental’ which might be reverted later without notice (or anyone noticing). I had a few ‘stuttering’ issues from time to time in some of the betas myself but I couldn’t come up with a repeatable workflow for the developers to look at.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like mshustov can convert to JPEG because of transparency. However, it might be worth trying a different image format (PNG → TIFF for example) and seeing if that makes any difference. Worth a shot.

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@AlanPickup If you're using a beta version of Publisher, please post in the beta forum for macOS or Windows to keep the beta issues together. 


@mshustov Have you tried changing the View Quality and Renderer in Preferences > Performance to see if these make any difference. Also make sure you're running the latest graphic drivers.

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Already posted in beta forums windows publisher yesterday, just thought it may be relevant with the file type and the complex image on the video 


Alan Pickup

Windows 11 Home all Affinity suite of Apps PC and Gigabyte Laptop 16gb Ram and Nvidia GTX1660 Super on each.

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3 hours ago, Lee D said:


@mshustov Have you tried changing the View Quality and Renderer in Preferences > Performance to see if these make any difference. Also make sure you're running the latest graphic drivers.

Latest drivers. View quality doesnt make any difference. It still moves with these square artfacts. at first I thought it was because of weak gpu. Now I can see it uses cpu only basically. gpu usage is only around 15 %. On video I made this picture 1/4 of its original 4k size - 500 px height, and it still stutters the same way.

I also tested it on my work computer, specs are: i5 6500 , 32g ram, ssd, radeon 460, and perfomance is the same. 

And I tested photoshop with alike huge project, in similar situation. It stutters too but no artifacts and it uses only up to 60% cpu

Im really confused


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My attached video (caution: 90MB MP4) shows what I would expect on my machine.
The document (background image) is 5953x3969 pixels at 100% (300 dpi).
The origami zebras (there are four) are all 3508x3009 pixels at 100% (300 dpi).
The large clock at the rear (there is one) is 6000x4500 pixels at 100% (300 dpi).
The other clocks (there are four) are all 3000x2250 pixels at 50% (600 dpi) and each has a Live Filter applied.

Photo is using around 820MB of memory and CPU usage gets to around 80% while GPU tops out around 20% when moving/resizing the layers.
My machine specs are ‘higher’ than yours (whatever “higher” means) but I’m not using some kind of massively-souped-up gaming tower, it’s a laptop that’s powering two screens (one external).
As you can see, there’s a slightly-perceptible delay/tearing in some cases – hardly worth thinking about given what the software is doing at the time – but I’m not seeing anything like what you are seeing.
However, I don’t have lots of large images so I can’t easily load Photo up to get to the 4.2GB memory usage shown in your video.
I realise this doesn’t help you with this current problem but, hopefully, it will show other people reading this that what you are getting isn’t what is expected, so they shouldn’t worry too much.

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Sorry, I didn’t realise that file was one of the samples. (I never looked at the samples for Photo when I started using it.)
I’ve just given it a try and I do see the sort of thing you see – maybe not quite as bad but it’s still very noticeable.
If I make all layers (except the Rabbit) hidden I still see a bit of tearing, not as much but it’s still there.
Rasterising the Rabbit layer (from a group of pixel layers) doesn’t seem to make a massive difference either, except when I make some other layers hidden, but the performance looks a little better.
Neither the amount of movement, nor the scaling used or angle of rotation seem to change the redraw time in any noticeable way (always around 1 second).
Maybe someone on the development team could try and convert the sample to something that Photoshop can read and see what happens.

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On 1/15/2020 at 12:50 AM, shustovcreates said:

I guess its all about opencl lack or something ? perfomance is good with metal? even when developing raw on mac with dedicated gpu? 

I have no difference with opencl/metall on my Macbook. Lags only on Windows,

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Been experiencing this myself. 

My desktop is running an i7-8700K with an Nvidia RTX 2070 and a 4K display. Runs pretty poorly no matter what I do. Once I have a few artboards or a large canvas up it starts having the same tearing and extremely slow redraw issues.

I also own a MacBook Pro 16" with the Radeon Pro 5300M and I rarely have issues with Affinity products on it. Strangely, the OpenGL renderer seems to run better than the Metal one. Sadly, I seem to have no option to change this on Windows. Strange considering OpenGL is cross platform and runs on just about everything. Maybe I'm mistaken but I think Affinity on Windows uses DirectX?

I've checked and verified that Affinity is indeed using the 2070 for rendering and set the view to nearest neighbor which seemed to help but only a little. There's definitely some sort of optimization or implementation issue going on for a 5300M to beat a desktop 2070.

It's a stretch but Im curious if this is an issue with Nvidia cards. I might try Affinity Designer under the Windows install on my Mac and see how the performance compares. I'll post here with an update if I have anything worth sharing.

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