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  1. mshustov

    Apple pencil weird brush behaviour

  2. mshustov

    Apple pencil weird brush behaviour

    I have this issue, shown on the video. I am using latest AD on Ipad pro 12,9 and apple pencil. Can this be fixed?
  3. 2EB92030-1099-4DC9-9FE0-A4C50CFADAF8.MOV
  4. mshustov

    Using larger assets crashes Designer

    Hello MEB, i made a video, hope it will help ScreenRecording_08-01-2018 22-59-26.mp4
  5. mshustov

    Using larger assets crashes Designer

    I have same issue, with same propaganda pack
  6. mshustov

    Weird start of the line in Affinity designer

    Well, I guess it was fixed with this new update. This is great. But now I get weird artifacts with line while I draw, and after i release it looks ok
  7. When I start drawing with any pencil or brush on ipad with apple pencil, i get these ugly lines. I tested AD on windows with wacom intuos and i got good lines. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. mshustov

    Affinity designer file corruption

    Wow. I didn’t think about copying content to new file.. that solved my issue. I am happy. But still this isn't normal. I really enjoyed using affinity software on both devices. Hope my file can be helpful to fix such issue. Thanks!
  9. mshustov

    Affinity designer file corruption

  10. I created file in designer on ipad ,then i edited it in designer on windows. There i checked “ save with history’’ After that i edited my file again on ipad. After that i tried to open it in designer on windows and it said that file is corrupted. designer on windows is 1.6.4, ipad version is latest. Moved through files app on dropbox. I still can export eps and luckily I am able to open my file on the ipad. please help Affinity Photo Document.afphoto
  11. mshustov

    Affinity photo Macro problem

    Hello, @carl123 ! thank you, it helped
  12. Thank you! this works. While I waited for answers, I tested designer and bumped into some strange bug. I copy stuff from one designer file into new file in designer, but designer crashes. I pinned a video and original file, just in case. https://yadi.sk/d/Ivgs7fke3ZZ7Jz
  13. mshustov

    Affinity photo Macro problem

    Hello! Sorry that I didnt specify, that I use windows. Thank you!
  14. Hello! I watched AD for ipad keynote , where it was shown integration between designer and photo. Like when I can drag my file from designer to photo and edit it. I tried it. It worked. But, can I place this imported designer document, into affinity photo document? Like you do in desktop version with embedded documents? I didnt find it. Also, is this possible to place affinity photo document into another affinity photo document? Didnt find such option. Hope I explained myself clear, Thanks!