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  1. I am really mad. such a basic feature. and im forced right now to edit all my text because theres no such feature like an idiot
  2. Its not implemented yet, right?
  3. mshustov

    Air Drop usability

    thank you!
  4. mshustov

    Air Drop usability

    Hi! I dont really understand your answer. I asked if I can send my .afdesign file from ipad to mac via air drop FROM app itself, not files app
  5. Hey guys! Right now the only way I know of sending .afdesign file to mac via airdrop is to go to files in ios and share it. Is it as simple as it gets? can I share right from the app? i can only find export options like eps jpeg etc
  6. mshustov

    Ugly buggy Brushstrokes

    Hi guys! what am I doing wrong here? iPad Pro 12,9 2017, Apple Pencil, affinity designer, using regular vector brush. 008FA858-5375-454F-ACE4-3E9019A2ED5E.MP4
  7. mshustov

    How can I create vector brushes?

    Hi @MEB thank you for reply. I’ll be waiting for such improvements =)
  8. Hi @GabrielM Sorry for bothering. Issue is gone. Couldn’t replicate it too. IPad Pro 12,9 64 WiFi 2017, Apple Pencil 1
  9. Guys. Everything is on the video. Untitled.afphoto 8A4A0A78-6E11-4826-B3E3-62FFEDF13CC9.MP4
  10. mshustov

    How can I create vector brushes?

    Hello! Thanks for the reply. You showed me raster brush settings. Vector brush based on raster image. I asked about true vector brushes settings. There are no settings except for size and opacity
  11. Hi! I have a Pretty stupid question. how can I create vector brushes in affinity designer? I mean in adobe illustrator I can make a vector brush round or ellipse and rotate it in any direction, but I can’t seem to find this feature in affinity designer . Is it there? I can create simple round brush and I can create brushes from PNG files, but I can’t seem to find any settings to tweak simple round brush, because brushes created from PNG file are basically raster brushes not vector brushes . Sorry for my English
  12. mshustov

    [Designer] App closes when i try to import...

    I reached developer of propaganda and he sent me issue free version of pack, where stuff is separated in groups in order to load successfully
  13. mshustov

    [Designer] App closes when i try to import...

    This is still not been resolved, I have this issue too.
  14. mshustov

    Apple pencil odd line

    Hello! Sorry for the delay. Was busy and lazy and you really confused me by asking to use “standard round brush”. I don’t have that. I only have fancy ones, like gouache and pencil etc. can you screen shot me there standard are? so.. about issue. I researched. Turned out Turning off “angle” parameter resolved my issue. Yet I don’t understand difference between angle and tilt.. And yes. This issue I had was only had to to with pencil brushes. I made video proof. Thank you for your time. Sorry for my English 5B9F326E-804F-41CC-815E-74C03889A4D3.MP4