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  1. Hello Stokerg! Thank you very much. I understood what was my problem with merging. Merge down works as I was expecting unlike other merging options. As for crashes.. they are random. I experience them once ore twice a day. Sorry for no useful info.. But i experienced a bug which i recorded here. Thanks for help!
  2. Hello! Recently I bought this app to fulfill my need for doing some work on the ipad. Normally I use photoshop. These are my questions: 1. Is there feature which works like “photo filter” in photoshop? Basicly overlaying color. 2. Clipping masks. I found that dropping layer in the middle of another layer, in layer panel will make clipping mask. BUT if I merge layers while they are clipped, they, for whatever reason merge in a strange way. Merging what I selected with clipping mask itself. (I hope you can understand me) 3. Brushes. How can I setup a brush which changes only its opacity by applying pressure on apple pencil? I see theres a button for something like that, but brush changes both size, and opacity. But i couldn’t do only opacity. 4. How can I do hue saturation changes like in photoshop? 5. When I work with text, and would like to make some steps back, every time i press step back button keyboard shows up. And I dont want that. Is there a feature to tap with two fingers to undo? 6. Can I rotate canvas like in procreate? Found canvas rotation tool 7. When i copy text from browser and paste it in, it pastes formatting, changing font, font size and style. Can I paste without formatting? also i want to mention that i experience crashes, even though I don’t use large dimension file sizes on ipad pro 12,9. Is that normal?
  3. I need this feature too. It is impossible to paint accurately without this circle
  4. Hi Chris! Thank you. I reinstalled app, and it became 1,5 gigs. It was probably because i downloaded samples, and resized one of them 5 times.. thanks for help!
  5. Hi, recently installed AF and played with it a little. As you can see I have I have only 2 files, which are small in size, like 100 megs total, while ipad says that AF ears up 8 gigs. What can be the problem?
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hi! I want to ask before buying,if affinity photo is suitable for my needs. My workflow in photoshop looks like: import a photo resize it to fit my needs (for printer) retouch photo in bw mode coloring photo (put in color using blending modes) Then i place this photo into premade psd file and create clipping mask (putting it in pre made frame) exporting in jpeg Thank you
  8. Hello there! Is there an option to show name of the brush? I have a lot of brushes and it is pain to understand what brush it is..