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Found 10 results

  1. Looking through my old images, and decided this would be fun to play with using "selective color." Really gave the touch I wanted to the image by moving the background away and making the flower head stand out. Added a small amount of dodging and burning.
  2. Hi all, I'm Greg, and I run a game development company called Boolean Games. Always liked the Vector art style, so thought I'd give it a go myself. Initially tried Illustrator but disliked the pricing etc, currently on a trial with Affinity so far but I really like it so I'll end up buying it This is roughly the level that I'm at but the inspiration was my 2 year old daughter and a possible design for the feature wall in her newly decorated bedroom.
  3. Christmas day might be ok; not too sure about after that !! Two file used, including the background -- another that evolved as I fiddled around Thanks for your help to understand the Affinity way
  4. fiddling around with no real ideas in mind -- small flower about 20mm across. Sort of grows wild in the backyard editing was similar to the blurred cloud photos Sky photo was taken around the same time this morning Pana Fz300 may as well add another taken at the same time -- used a canon 250d close up filter/lens on the Pana for the last two --- files cropped the square only Yep; the lizard was also caught in the sun today honest comments / suggestions / question always welcome
  5. it's a lot easier when there no plans or even ideas to work towards -- bit like a blind emu in a dust storm Sorry; radial blur not done in Affinity -- the Ap whiz kidz need to pull their socks up there just ask if you want to see the original file in full -- yep; made from the one (and only) file What you do to make this better ?
  6. Long one left hand side has been made from 3 stitched file -- flower stem is around 6-8" (150-200mm) long bottom flower is only 25-30 mm (actually a grass flower)Pana Fz300/Affinity .honest comments and questions welcome
  7. thinking outside the boring old normal square Would have been so much easier to edit 2 and 3 in Lr and post as individual photos; but anyone can and does do that. first is a simple composite of the other two Hardest part is the idea. The second hardest part is putting the idea into place using layers/masks. There 3rd hardest part is knowing when is too much, not enough, or exactly around about close to perfect open both files as layers -- flower top layer cut the flower out with selection bush -- slightly smooth/feather selection -- add a layer mask with the marching still active -- all outside the marching ants will disappear. Now move/size the flower to suit --- no law saying you cannot rotate files. You would be surprised how often I do that Photo taken in the late morning/midday sunlight with a little Pana Fz300 your honest thoughts and comments welcome There are always other images not posted here on my Photos by Ian Browne FB page. I'm not into the FB numbers/friends stuff but you are welcome to like the page and ask questions there BTW: I have no problems if someone points out edit mistakes, typing mistakes, other ways to do similar .
  8. Just more playing with sliders -- no idea what happened to the tiff with layers so I'm as lost as you to exactly what I did. I might be able to work a bit of it out if need be 2nd is the Oly raw file 3rd is how it looked before I increased the vibrance after seeing the image on FB . The images looks Ok on this page Questions and honest comments welcome
  9. Not sure what I can say apart from the 3rd image is the original Oly raw file --- and the flower is in bird bath Questions, honest comments and suggestions welcome
  10. Here is a few of my last walk in my county.
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