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  1. And then also used an image on Google as inspiration for this:
  2. Then yesterday I followed a tutorial to make this Koala 😀
  3. Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here, I've got back into AD recently so I'll be posting what I make a bit more often. I decided to redesign my logo a while back:
  4. And something I done to practice flat design, with inspiration from: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27635131/Accurun-An-iOs-running-tracker-app
  5. A little something I originally done for work but I quite like it
  6. Kawasaki VN900 at the moment, for the last 3 years. Had a VFR800 VTEC before that, a GPZ500 before that and a Yamaha YZF R125 was my first bike
  7. Looks great, I'm a biker too, this is really accurate
  8. I considered it, but decided that it got too hidden in amongst the flash.
  9. Thought I'd have a go at designing logos for imaginary companies. Here's my first one, for a florist:
  10. I'm from the UK too =) it's meant to represent that they will be ready to pass.
  11. Good point! Either that or I might just move the needle up slightly to match and adjust angles.
  12. Some of my latest work, I feel I am getting a lot better and designed my own logo too! Recently fallen (more so than before but from an artists perspective now I suppose?) for isometric Vector art, I'll share some of that soon too. And yes, the minion needs legs...
  13. Hi all, I have changed the stroke of the curve to black and this has resolved the issue If it helps. I'm on Windows 10, AD
  14. Apologies for the delay in my reply. It's attached, although I've removed the company name to be safe. Red black bg.afdesign
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