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  1. I tried some comparison today with focus stacking in photoshop and affinity photo.
  2. Ah I should have done a previous step align-layers and then merge in photoshop. Then the results are better. Tried 4 sets of focus stacking, wasnt much in it. Affinity slightly better results. But have found affinity photo is twice or more faster in loading and processing. And you only need one step. Photoshop you need to load images into layers,then align and then merge.
  3. I tried all the settings available in photoshop and made sure the images were in order, even reversed order. I think photoshop prefers less images, I used 12 jpegs .
  4. Focus stacking, photoshop 2020 left...affinity photo right (and it was faster)
  5. v1.8.3.641 Was following this tutorial at 4:55mins , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGaoqBw0bn0 Create pixel layer Create another pixel layer Create New empty group Select both pixel layers Move inside *FREEZE*
  6. This works ok on the PC, have set mine to alt / ctrl + backspace for primary / secondary colours.
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