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  1. @Dan C I will try again, but it will have to wait. I have another order to process first. Thank you so much for taking time to research this. It might be my system if Affinity should handle such things with no problems. Warmest Regards, Janelle
  2. Hello! A friend asked me to add a Bigfoot and Santa hat to her photo. It was a fun project. What I found was that by the time I got the three layers in place trying to fine tune each layer just right the program stalled out on me. I would click on the Bigfoot layer to adjust it (like adding snow flakes) and it would stop and would not let me continue. It would be in thinking mode for a very long time. I finally just saved it as it was. I brought it back as an unedited photo and added my last few edits. It made it a very low data file of course, but because it was just for small pri
  3. When waking with the dawn, one must document it. Sunrise on the Pacific Ocean. Featured Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach Oregon.
  4. We were out in the deep woods of our Pacific Northwest hiking around a lake. When I got home I noticed that I captured quite the surprise...
  5. Just a sweet little rose from our garden after the rain. She is called Pristine.
  6. Wow you guys! Thank you. My cousin has this photo she wants painted (I can paint but this photo is not in my wheel house). I am trying to convince her to use a computer program to make a realistic painting that way. @firstdefence @thomaso and @MikeW I will pass on your much appreciated advice. So very helpful. My Warmest Regards to each of you!
  7. I do have Mac... I will check out your link in a second here...
  8. Yes that is my thought. A filter the appears to be a painting. Thank you for responding.
  9. Hello there! I have been using Affinity for years now and am very please with it. I am wondering if there is a way to make a photo look like a painting? I am not seeing a direct route to making this happen. Thank you!
  10. Oh this was so fun to play with! Not perfect but I get the idea for sure! If anyone has more suggestions or tips please let me know!
  11. Ok! Thank you both! I will get some time to try this out and share an image.
  12. Hello, I have been trying to combine parts of photos together to make one image..."photoshop it". Sorry for the reference but I am having a hard time explaining it quickly otherwise. Even just knowing which tutorial video to watch would be helpful. I am an experienced user but haven't a real need for this option, now I am curious if Affinity can make this happen for me. I can stack photos and place a whole photo on top of another and edit both layers, but this using one part of a photo and placing it into or onto another one escapes me. Thank you!
  13. I am trying the ten day trial and am having some technical issues. I have lost the information panel on the right side of my screen and cannot seem to find it again. I have been able to edit without but it was super helpful to have. I feel very silly, I can stack photos and edit but I lose a whole panel and cannot find it again. I looked through the tutorial videos and it seems like these simple errors are just...too simple and not covered. Thank you! Janelle
  14. Oh...my...Lord. That is exactly what I needed! Thank you @Sima and @Alfred! Wow...I feel ridiculous. Here is a start...I have quite a ways to go...but man...in the right direction!
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