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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! I'd made a quick search but not found a specific topic for articulating wishlist items for a future DAM product, so I thought I'd start one and enumerate a couple features I'd like to see: Public API / Plugin Architecture. If this is implemented broadly enough, the following two items, might just be implemented as plugins. AND, if they could be implemented as plugins, I wouldn't be unhappy if they were features that came along after 1.0. Explicit support for NAS storage. If mounted filesystems aren't robust enough, then perhaps some application-based solution targeted for the common platforms (synology, qnap, etc) would be workable. Photo Service exporters. It's convenient to easily export photos to services like SmugMug, etc., from directly within the DAM. Thanks and I understand "it's early days."
  2. 1. Crop to Selection: when user has a selection and switch to crop tool, crop tool should snap to the selection bounding box 2. New document Size from Clipboard image: when user just made a screenshot which is saved to clipboard and want to create a new document, the default size for that document should be the same as the image from the clipboard.
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to add the functionality of creating hyperlinks to images created in Affinity Designer? It's useful to be able to create clickable images to distribute on social media with the hyperlinks embedded in the image to avoid errors when posting and linking manually, especially if you are creating the images on behalf of a client who will then post the image themselves. Thank you.
  4. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, it would be a nice feature to assign colors from a palette to a group of items. The workflow could be the following: 1. Create a document and palette. 2. Click on different items, which should become a different random color from the palette. I wished this feature many times. At the moment I'm selecting all of them manually and try to color them in a 'random' way. Best wishes
  5. It will be nice to have auto backup files stored in project folder for easy access and recall. In main setting after time of auto backups set backups number with limit eg. max 30 (with predefined number 10) this file will contain whole project with settings, imported files, SVG, etc. It can have also option (in menu-shortcut) to force backup on any point before designer do any major changes. This forced backup will give designer option to create backup before any major changes and if this will not work for him/her (or by mistake close project window without saving) will have option to recall this backup and start from last forced (or auto) backup. This way are set backups eg. in Cubase (DAW) and it works well or GIT can be another example . I would like to also see current working window and embed to be highlighted with different color (frame, underline, bright icon etc.) Both ideas came out as I have by mistake closed window without saving because I was convinced that I'm closing other window (embed). I know I should be more careful but IMHO Idea of this style of backups will make sense.
  6. Dear Serif team, after a decade solely with Adobe products, I switched to Publisher a month ago. I already tested the demo when it was first introduced and really wanted to get rid of Adobe for years, but I missed the IDML import feature that came with Publisher’s latest upgrade. I immediately batch converted all of my Indesign files with a script and dropped my CC subscription. With no regrets. I’m a freelance typographer and graphic designer focused on print media and I think Publisher is the better software here. Especially when considering it is not backed by a billion dollar company. Yet there are still some bugs as well as features that I miss in my professional workflow. Here are some of them: I miss integrated access to other spot color libraries such as HKS (not only Pantone) as HKS is a European standard Starting every print document with the cmyk color palette, every web document with the RGB palette etc. And, of course, every saved document with its document color palette. I think the color register is overall missing some logical structure as it is not clear why there are document, system and program palettes. I made my own HKS palette, but only when I import it as a document palette I can use it throughout the software, not only in the current document. That’s confusing. I miss that the pipette can copy styles. I miss the option to rotate the page view of a single page. When I make a layout in portrait mode but have a page that is in landscape mode by design, I really don’t want to turn my head or my display. I miss hotkeys to control how images are display within their containers (min-fit, max-fit etc.). There’s software like Capture One where I can apply a hotkey to literally every function. I am not sure why this shouldn’t be possible in Publisher, too. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate how you treat us folks in this time of crisis. Cheers, Johannes
  7. 1) 16 bit color depth driver for color printers (such as the Canon iPf8400 print plugin for Photoshop) Qimage Ultimate (software) seems to have such feature. You could maybe incorporate their technology. Such feature is the only feature that gives me a remain of interest in Photoshop. 2) Qimage software says also it can crunch big files and feed the printer with smaller chunks so we do not care about the printer memory limit, allowing long prints and can get deep high resolution (closer to native printer resolution of 1200dpi) 3) Unclog feature: By the way, I purchased Qimage because its unclog feature that prints daily patterns (I choose the frequency) so my printheads never do deep cleanup wasting a lot of ink. (It prints automatically, paper is already in the printer) I wish I could have an automated email when everything got ok, so I know if there was a power outage or other problem that needs intervention for keeping the printer being used a bit daily. 4) Perspective correction (such as from DXO ViewPoint software) Integration with Focus Stacking software such as Zerene Stacker 5) (whatever the stacking software), it would be good tho have a workflow easing the way we can manage many images to build the single image, and no need to work directly with file folders that show let's say 100 images of the same shut, 200 of another, etc. but just one image of each sequence (and get a behind the scene link to the image set in a specific folder if we wish to regenerate the composite image, or be able to delete such folder behind the scene and keep only the resulting image. But anyway, some photo editing should be performed on the whole set, while other editings would be done on the composite image. A best practice workflow should be defined (what should be done on the whole set, and what should be done on the composite image) 6) Lense correction: it would be interesting to be able to take standardized shuts of a white frame with horizontal and vertical black lines, with the actual lense, tube extenders and distance of the object (macro photo, short distance), so, may have a version for macro photo and one for normal shuts. These shuts would show the actual lense distorsion we want to remove and the software would compute a correction filter that we could apply on other photos. 7) Image stitching from several parts (not necessarily from a panorama shut) 8) Large Image tiling on whatever size, such as letter size.
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