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  1. Hi Gabe. Thank you. I hope it's not a big issue and can be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.
  2. Additional note: After some additional work the problem still exists, but it seem to happen with Fill Layers in combination with masks only. After converting the fill layers in Pixel layers all works as expected. I like Affinity Photo for the nondestructive ideas and need fill layers with masks. So I hope the devs can reproduce the bug and fix it sometime.
  3. Hi. I've found a bug in the official master of Affinity Photo for Windows version The described bug appear in the current beta, too. I've tested it in the beta v. for Windows. I'm using Windows 10 Pro. How to reproduce: 1. Open my testfile. 2. Follow the screenshots and crop the canvas as described. The problem: The canvas will be cropped false. The reason seem to be the FX or the combination of group masks. @developer Please correct this. Testfile for download: crop_bug.afphoto Step 1: Step 2: Step 3 (Result):
  4. Nobody has an idea, why this happen? For me it's still a bug and should be fixed. Regards Chris
  5. Solution: The group blend mode was set to "Passthrough" -> It has to be "Normal". Groups seem to be set to "Passthrough" by default when created. Can someone explain me the differences? In Photoshop Passthrough works well with masks. Thank you Chris
  6. Issue: The antialiasing of a painted group mask is broken. See my example screenshot below. Bug description: When using the a painted mask in a layer all works fine. Moving the same mask into a group results in destroyed stroke edges (broken antialiasing). Is this a bug or do I something wrong? Screenshot:
  7. Affinity Photo question: I would like to fill a whole layer, but keep my transparent pixels information. So only pixels should be filled, that are visible and not the whole layer. Is there a shortcut for this? In Photoshop you was able to use Alt+Backspace to fill the whole layer with the foreground color e.g. Thank you!
  8. What?! Sounds crazy, but works. Never thought I can do this with the gradient tool (I come from Photoshop). Thank you a lot!
  9. Is there a way to replace multiple selected layers at once? I've several "image" layers that include the same content. There is a button called "Replace image" to replace one single image based layer. But is there a way to replace multiple selected layers with new content at once, too? Thank you Chris
  10. Hi Walt. Thank you for the quick answer. That sounds great! Regards from Germany!
  11. Hello. This is my first post in the forums. I'm using Adobe Photoshop since over 20 years now and bought Affinity Photo, too. Affinity Photo is very nice and has a lot of great ideas, I miss in Photoshop. I've a question about Linked Images in Affinity Photo. Are linked images supported in Affinity Photo, yet? I'm asking because I've placed an external image by drag and drop into my project. When I update my external image, then Affinity Photo is not updating the placed image content inside the project file, even if I save and reload the project file. Is this willed? I expect, when I place an external image, then it will be linked until I say it have to be embedded. Best wishes Chris
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