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  1. Thank you. Actually the most people knows an alternative where this can be done, even in open source apps. The point is: we need it in Affinity Photo and it should be possible in such a tool in my opinion.
  2. I'm working with 32 bit EXR files, even multilayered... So it's not that unimportant. But actually this features are needed for compositing tasks mainly, where AP doesn't make much sence.
  3. The development seem to be more interested in "new cool" features instead of boring industry standards... But I'm still hopeful while I'm back using photoshop meantime.
  4. Alpha channel editing is something the most professionals do every day. And the confusing/unusable system in Affinity is something that should be chagend asap in my opinion. I also don't understand why this is not touched for such a long time. AP could be so good. I stopped to use AP because of this and jumped back to Photoshop.
  5. I know this way. But the most important for many people: You can't paste copied image information into the active mask layer. I would like to know the reason for this missing function?
  6. Sorry. My fault. Hint: But you don't need a seperate spare channel to edit a RGB value. Just click on one of the RGBA channels and you can paint on it. The main problem, that is described but missed in the meantime, is the missing of the possibility to work directly in an alpha channel if it was a regular image layer. I mean to paint, use (most) filters or copy image data into it etc. This is something that is working completely different in Affinity Photo and very complex to understand for people. Too much steps to simply edit an alpha channel. This works more intuitive and better in other software.
  7. Yes. But this funtion is limited to the RGB channels. Alpha is not working this way. And you can't copy/paste directly into channels.
  8. Rotating brushes by using the Wacom Art Pen (Hardware) isn't possible in Affinity Photo. That's the problem.
  9. All modern intuos pro tablets are supporting Art Pens. I'm using the intuos 4 (PTK-640). All works fine in Photoshop, but not in Affinity Photo.
  10. Question: Is there still no full Wacom Art Pen support in Affinity Photo? I mean the special function like rotating brushes using the pen. I've found some users mentioned this issue years ago, but nothing happened as I know. Does Adobe has a patent for this or what is the reason? Hope someone of the developers can answer. Best wishes Chris
  11. Yes, but it would be good to have a more or less complete vector tool set. We have already a corner tool for the rounded rectangle shape. So why not having one also for custom shapes? Doesn't matter. Thank you.
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