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  1. Bah, the more I try to stick with Affinity the more frustrations I run into. Adobe products, as frustrating as it is, are fairly industry standard and I keep running into things it's just not compatible with. Cross-compatibility should be a priority for this kind of software, and it's apparently just not. I think I'm gonna have to go back to Photoshop as frustrating as it is to be forced into giving money to a company I really don't want to.
  2. Finally thought I figured this out in this program, but when I load the spare channel back to the alpha channel it loads it into *all* the channels for some reason. So close! Hopefully this gets sorted one day, even GIMP can handle this at this point and it's a free program.
  3. Just here to say that it's been just shy of 4 years with no response. I'm guessing most people have given up, but I'm still here hoping the developers will eventually see that there's a need for DDS support.
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