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  1. I think the big issue is the limited time for everyone, which makes it a high pressure sales tactic instead of a reward for loyal customers. For previous purchasers it should not be a limited time discount.
  2. As someone that never saw the features implemented that they wanted for certain popular game dev file format support and proper channel editing, and no indication that that has changed with v2 as well as it being a limited time upgrade discount which hints at high pressure sales. And support only for Apple products... Definitely not inclined to give further support. The upgrade discount should not be limited time for past purchasers.
  3. Bah, the more I try to stick with Affinity the more frustrations I run into. Adobe products, as frustrating as it is, are fairly industry standard and I keep running into things it's just not compatible with. Cross-compatibility should be a priority for this kind of software, and it's apparently just not. I think I'm gonna have to go back to Photoshop as frustrating as it is to be forced into giving money to a company I really don't want to.
  4. Finally thought I figured this out in this program, but when I load the spare channel back to the alpha channel it loads it into *all* the channels for some reason. So close! Hopefully this gets sorted one day, even GIMP can handle this at this point and it's a free program.
  5. Just here to say that it's been just shy of 4 years with no response. I'm guessing most people have given up, but I'm still here hoping the developers will eventually see that there's a need for DDS support.
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