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  1. June 2, 2022 and just hit this painful roadblock in my work today, took me 2hrs to realize I had to do a crazy workaround to get it sort of working. This is a staple in Game Dev and I absolutely loved my switch to AP from PS up until now. I ended up using Photopea to work with alphas, wasn't even trying to channel pack. One MAJOR issue I had was when applying the alpha is it absolutely obliterated my RGB info, so when I exported the texture (TGA) only the alpha map was present, how is this possible in 2022 with such a popular program? I had to use a free web based app to do this simple task. Has any dev/mod address this issue recently? Because this sincerely bums me out
  2. Hiya @michelepoletto Thx for posting your solution, the only thing I'm unable to find is the Utility - Curve - sRGB, how did you come that by chance?
  3. Hi all, new to the forum and somewhat new to using Affinity Photo after my switch.... Recently I started using ACES for Blender and love it, https://www.magic-mark.com/aces-how-to-install-the-better-color-space-in-blender/ I've had moderate success in Affinity Photo converting to .jpg for clients but it's not 100% and somethings are blown out or muted in comparison to Blender's render see here; For my conversion I use; - ICC Display Transform - 2 OCIO adjustment layers ,the first the 2nd I also followed @James Ritson solution but to no avail in my situation. Any help here would be awesome and very much appreciated! Thx
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