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  1. @claidheamdanns I fully agree with your point of view. Without GREP styles I still miss a crucial tool. Whenever a project requires more then basic typography, like kerning punctiation or other microadjustments, I am lost without Indesign. I was told that the staff has it on their list, but that was two years ago.
  2. +1. Came across this today. This is a basic typography feature, not something worth some kind of workaround. Looks like the more I use Publisher, the more I ran into those "missing basic typography features".
  3. That’s a feature not easy to spot. I’d still like an option to have select/deselect not logged by the timeline, but the ability to branch the protocol is a completely different approach. I have to try and test it. Thanks Walt!
  4. Yeah, but that’s still a workaround, not a solution, right? Thanks nonetheless @Johannes.
  5. Thanks mate! Never thought of this, but it definitely is a better workaround (there could still be an option though).
  6. Has this one been solved yet? Came across it recently and thought it would be my printer. Then prints from Apple Preview turned out to be fine, as always. So I ended up doing the same workaround as @Johannes.
  7. +1 . You can’t do sophisticated typography without it.
  8. Hi, is there any way to NOT have the select/deselect command included in the protocol? I have tried to get used to that ever since I switched from Indesign, and it looks like I can’t. For example, when I go back in history (protocol) to undo something to just have a look like it looked before and then deselect the current object to really have a proper look without disturbing blue lines around it, I can’t redo that because the protocol logged the deselect as an action. So whatever changes I did, I have to do them again. I doesn’t make any sense to me why select/deselect should be part of the protocol at all. Or didn’t I get something here? Best, Johannes
  9. If we can open IDML files, are there plans that we can also export into IDML at some point? It would be just vice versa I guess. Thanks for the updates and all the necessary efforts. I appreciate it. However, I would be glad to see a world-ready paragraph composer, first-line only base grid fit, a pipette tool that can copy styles and GREP implemented. Then AfPub would finally be a full Indesign replacement for sophisticated book projects. 👍
  10. Thank you very much in return @Jon P. I appreciate that. Maybe adding a feature similar to the World Ready Composer would solve the issue. And I have confidence that the you are interpreting the font correctly. However, neither Fontlab nor fontdrop.info nor Typeface have this feature and render the font as it is supposed to be, without any issue. What do you think about that?
  11. @Alfred Cheers mate, that post got lost in translation somehow. My bad. Thanks Jon, it’s on its way.
  12. My pleasure, @thomaso. Update: The font also works fine the Typeface font organizer and also in Fontlab 7. So unless I am not mistaken (possible) it is likely to be a bug in Publisher. I hope that somebody from the tech staff sees this thread and reaches out, so I can sent them the font file for investigation.
  13. The text is set in German, and nothing happens when I change the language. Also, since the font only works in Indesign CC when the Adobe World-Ready Paragraph composer (aka. global) is activated, I thought that there might be something similar in Publisher. But I clicked myself through all options in the glyphs, paragraph and text box panel, without solving the issue.
  14. Of course not ;). It is a pre-production version and some joints still need to be smoothed out. But that is not related to the problem I have with Publisher.
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