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  1. Thanks for the help. In the future will export to Photo to do a selection with pen tool. The ctrl+click function only works with filled shapes, I was trying to cut out a part of an Image I had placed in Publisher. It is not really a big deal. cheers!
  2. Thank you for your answer. But that was not the question. h_d already seems to be right, it looks like it is a only Photo tool
  3. Hmm, alright. I noticed that too, but was not sure if it was a bug or normal. Thx for the reply ! Good thing I can switch to Photo from Publisher
  4. Hi dear Community members I have a problem with the Pen Tools. The selection Button is missing. I don´t know if it was there before, as I did not use it until now. But I realized, it is not there ! I did a little research and found out, that the Button should be there where the question mark is on the screenshot ( it is in German, but the UI is the same). I already closed the path, leave it open, looked in the studio settings. Couldn´t find anything that helps me. It does not work neither in Publisher nor in Designer. thx in advance. SpaceShark_Olaf
  5. Hi, I would like to know, how to design a collage like in the splash screen of Affinity Publisher. It is a kind of collage but with very smooth edges. It looks like they fade into each other. The twitter Page is kind of the same ( see below for a screenshot). I Would like to create something similar to this style, but can't find a tutorial as I have no idea how to name this kind of art.
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