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  1. So I am working in composing a photo with more than 30 layers, and I need MORE! My dedicated GPU memory usage sky rockets in matter of minutes after I start working on this photo and AP crashes. Does anyone have a solution how to minimize my GPU usage? I have: Radeon RX580 with 8GB AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor with 3.59 GHz 16GB RAM Thanks.
  2. Usually when AP crashes it automatically open autosaved file when you start the program again, but this time for me that is not the case. I am editing a photo that is using a lot of my GPU memory, so when it crashes, I think my graphic card is the problem, AP is not opening that file automatically I have to do it manually as Eddy have said. Does anyone know how to lower my GPU usage? I have never had a problem like this, I will try to flatten some of my cca 30 layers, but does anyone have a suggestion?
  3. Dude, you saved me 6 hours of work! Stupid me for not saving manually.
  4. My thoughts STAY AWAY from Freepik! They are REEAAALY shady!!! They are cheap, but they don't pay to their contributors, they started by gaining customers by giving away free photos that they found on Warez and other shady websites and that's it. Be REAYLLY careful with Freepik, they are NOT trustworthy!
  5. So, am I doing something wrong, or is the default dpi when the CR.3 file is developed 72???
  6. Yup, and also overall presets in the Develop mode would be very useful.
  7. Select subject is the AI feature from PS that is automatically selecting the subject in the picture. Really really useful asset.
  8. Select subject is the feature that is really missing from AP.
  9. Hi everyone, so in the DEVELOP mode, is there a way to make a preset for ALL the setting we have made? Not just for every tab, BASIC, LENS, DETAIL...but all of them, so our editing process will be shorter? So, is there a way to make some kind of a overall preset before we start editing our images. Thanks
  10. Are there any product that works similar to Adobe Bridge, so a photo organizer that works with Affinity Photo?
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