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Found 1,263 results

  1. Does Affinity Designer export vectors without rasterizing?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is an option to directly share/export to flickr on the mac (10.14)? Thanks Andre
  3. Hi, I've just downloaded the Affinity Designer trial, and am quite impressed. However, I am a design student and my school computers have adobe programs. As far as I can tell, I can't find any way of exporting Designer files as Ai files? I can see the option to export as psd, and I've tried to open Ai files using Designer with no problems - but I wanted to check whether there was a way of exporting to Ai that I had missed. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm a new Affinity Photo user and till now I like it a lot! The thing that is missing for me is export of the webp extension. We use it every day in our web design studio with "LazySizes" that let's the browser decide to use webp or jpg. It would be nice if it was implemented with the next update, preferable with optimization functions like "lossless"! Regards, David
  5. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  6. Well, Affinity Designer installed with success, brushes works much better and really the thin is much better than the old version (Mac version), the Export persona works okay but the File - Export option is buggy, i tried to save the same file saved with Export persona (without any issue) using the other way but got this error (see attached screenshot). Tried to save on other folder again and again but nothing does. Please guys bring a fix.
  7. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    hello people, i'm using affinity designer - latest version - and windows 10 with 32 GB ram and a gforce gfx 970 card and it's VERY VERY slow when i'm typing some text or move things around the workspace. is there anything wrong with the gforce or did i miss some settings? in performance settings i switched to gforce 970 and FAST preview setting but it's slow as hell. --------- next thing i didn't find anything in the forum is: i have a few afdesign files and i want to link them in one master file. i created a artboard file and PLACED them. when i want to export this master file is empty. it seems that affinity designer can't export placed (linked) afdesign files to pdf? as soon as i raster those placed files it's working - but i want to keep the ability to edit those placed files. there is no option to write scripts or set "raster everything before export to pdf" button :( is there any solution to it? thanks a lot for helping me out. mike
  8. I can't seem to export my artboards; they just don't show up in the Export persona. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Just created a blank artboard (Artboard1) and that seems to work. Any ideas?
  9. Sinc 162 the PDF export doesn't work any more.
  10. Could DXF export be added as a export option. I sometimes have have to send my designs to a CNC and vinyl cutting shop. There preferred format is DXF. It would be great not to have to import my design into cad program before sending it them. I currently use this feature in illustrator and it works nicely.
  11. Hi! Is it possible to automatically adjust the size of the slice to the same size as the document? I have several layers and all of them I need to save as separate files with different file formats (some as PNG, some as JPEG, etc.). I need a little bit of support on this case from Affinity Photo community. ;) Thanks in advance for help! :)
  12. Bianchini Michel

    Export in Apple Photos

    I would like to import a RAW photo from m’y Aple photos, modify it in Affinity, save it in jpeg format, and export it back in Aple photos. Is this possible ? If not, I will not be able to create à photo album on my ipad (i do not have a desktop) as it can only access the photos in the Aple photos application. Thanks for your Help.
  13. Boa noite! Prezados, O Affinity Designer e Affinity Photo estão com qualidade muito baixa na hora de exportação de arquivos pequenos, pois eu tenho que adquirir o aplicativo Photoshop para ficar com uma qualidade melhor. Seguem anexos os arquivos criados e exportado em (PNG) pelo Affinity Designer, portando o outro arquivo foi exportado para (PSD) e logo após em (PNG). Por favor, podem verificar isso para mim? Tipo: ter um recurso de otimização de alta qualidade... Atenciosamente, Gilvan
  14. Hi, I'm new here and I unfortunately haven't found an answer to my question in this forum. For a recent project I tried to use pressure sensitivity in AD for ipad - choosing vector brushes first. I switched from a texturized brush (which I had troubles to export - black squares - image 1) to a more clean vector brush. This seemed to be fine at first, but when I zoomed in I realized it was flawed too (image 2). Same with the vector pencil, using pressure sensitivity (image 3). When I was using the vector pencil without pressure sensitivity for past projects, I never had PDF/EPS export problems. What am I doing wrong? (Btw: The final image will be printed on a large wall, so it's necessary to get all the details right.)
  15. I love affinity designer on iPad so much and its mind-blowing to think that this is the only workflow i use to create bulk of event visual from start to finish. But I got one concern. Because i am collaborating with other designers and sharing them my PSD file done in AD is a problem. I dont if im just not aware if there is any settings for this but is anyone having the same issue when you export a design layout as PSD and open it on Photoshop that all the text are expanded as object even if you set up you export setting as PSD - Preserve Editability. Thanks in advance for the response.
  16. Jean-Marc Dressler

    Unnecessary clipPath added to SVG export

    I need to export icons in an svg dialect which is compatible with Qt SVG plugin which means I don't want any clipPath in the generated svg format. Most of the time the SVG export works perfectly and my SVG icons are Qt compatible, but I came across one icon for which the export would always add the dreaded clipPath. I tried redoing the icon from scratch with the same result. Only one thing would solve the problem: relocating the icon elsewhere. It seems the export problem is related to the precise icon location. I have attached the file with the export issue as well as the good and bad export which can be generated from it (the same icon at two different locations). ExportBug.afdesign GoodExport.svg BuggedExport.svg
  17. Hi, it would be great if you add CSS export feature like CSS Hat (https://csshat.com). I think that every HTML & CSS coder will buy your Affinity Designer and stop using expensive Photoshop :-) Thanks. Petr
  18. A client of mine asked me for a 576 cm x 276 cm (68031 x 32598 px) banner for outside use. The printer wants a PDF/x-1a:2003 PDF file. So this is what i did: made a document in Affinity Designer in document set up of 576 x 276 cm / 300dpi / Print (Press-Ready) copy/past the logo (developed in Affinity Designer all vector) and put a text under it, that's it chose export preset PDF (for print) 300dpi (also stated nothing will be rasterised) the esitated file size was 481.58 kb so very small send it to printer and got it back that the file was way to small which i already was afraid of I had to export a eps of the whole thing and imported it in photoshop in a document with the sizes i wanted and exported it. What happened here and what did i do wrong?
  19. I often use Publisher to export parts of graphic compositions. For that, I use File -> Export, and then from the dropdown, Selection with background. I suggest creating some way to bypass the need to select from the dropdown. My suggestion is to add a shortcut to the existing Cmd+Shift+E. I suggest Cmd+Shift+Alt+E to auto select the "Selection with background" from the Export dialog.
  20. Is there a way to do this with Photo? If now now, will there be Please? :)
  21. So yes this has been a issue that has been going on for some time Idk if i just didn't notice or if its just my computer but the purview its like yeh looks the way i want but then export it then its significantly darker? If anybody has has something like this happen please help and if i need to ill go into more detail.
  22. Hi, Just a quick question about Designer's brushes, especially the artistic ones like the 'texturing' or 'hand lettering' series. If I create something, and export the design to e.g. PDF, the result of the brushes is much more low-res that the original. It looks very pixelated at the edges. Isn't the brush a vector file, or does this not convert into PDF? I also imported stuff into Illustrator, but it's the same there. I cannot send something out for print like this. Any tips on this? thanks! rob
  23. Hello, can you creater an export format to slide soft (keynote, powerpoint). I create a best pdf with publisher but i want to anime my vector in keynote and transition for my courses. Thank you
  24. In my line of work it is essential that I am able to export my images to 8 bit .BMP Is it possible that this option may be added, or is there a simple alternative....without resorting to PhotoShop?
  25. Opened a PDF from Indesign in publisher, exported to PDF for print: all images except the first page are inverted, this does not happen when the PDF is opened and exported in Affinity Photo and exported, when the exported document is opened in Publisher Images are also inverted Original Document viewed in Apple QuickLook Export from Affinity Publisher viewed in Apple QuickLook