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Found 1,636 results

  1. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  2. Hello, I have created a simple watermark. It contains some text and a pixel layer. All in a group with color overlay, outline and outer shadow layer fx. I have saved it as a separate .afphoto file, so I can easily add it to pictures. In the .afphoto file, it looks totally okay, but after exporting it, it looks like the pixel layer got a second outline. Since it looks different from what I see in Affinity Photo, I guess it's a bug. Cheers, Frank P.S.: Here is the .afphoto and the exported JPEG. Untitled.afphoto
  3. I've recently created several vector only designs in Affinity Designer. When I go to export them as SVG instead of being vector svg files they are svgs that contain raster pngs embedded in them and hence don't scale properly. This is not what I want. 😢 Is there any way to tell affinity designer to export the vector design as only a vector svg not png embedded in svg? Are there features of the software that force the design to export embedded pngs, and if so is there a refence to which ones so they can be avoided and alternate methods employed? I've noticed specifically that outer shadow fx seems to trigger this, i'd really like to know which other features trigger this behavior so that i can make svg vector safe resizable designs. Anyone know a reference to this aspect of Affinity Designer? Many Thanks. ❤️
  4. Hi, I had a lot of problems with one of the first versions of APublisher (I even had to re-subscribe to Adobe to finish my work) and recently, I had to re-open an old file and I was again confronted with the instability of the app. I hesitate to reuse APub because of all these problems (it's been a real nightmare). APub had given me satisfaction for a poster with a classic Fogra type export profile. However, APub was unable to "translate" a professional printer's profile exported from Adobe Photoshop? Has anyone tested specific profiles from pro printers different from the more "classical" ones (fogra-type, etc.)? Thank you for your feedback. Patrick
  5. I am experiencing a bug with the latest Affinity Designer version ( : When exporting to a PDF file, the different layers are not exported as they should ... Once the PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader (and Adobe Illustrator) the layers preview pane does not show any layers. The bug is repeated as many times on Windows 10 version and this on two different computers. I specify that the bug occurs by using the menu> file> export ... as well as by using persona export ... This is particularly annoying when exporting PDF files with CutContour and cutting printing ... I hope you will solve the problem without difficulties and wish you good luck ... receive my full consideration. Guillaume
  6. (split by mod from this related thread ) New to Affinity Publisher - 5 page document for web viewing + embedded small file images (see below) Doc set up (see below image) and the calculating exporting to PDF small digital size is taking far too long. I have to choose PDF (flattened) for the document to export. Resulting in light grey lines around the images. I have tried to follow members thread on the same problem with no avail. Please help - this is for a client. [1.8.6 version on macOS Mojave 10.14.6]
  7. Hello, A client is asking for the working file of a flyer I created on Affinity Publisher. Which would be the best export option to send them? SVG, EPS or PDF? I'm testing it out and I'm leaning towards SVG because it at least groups the text layers together. Whereas EPS does not group anything together and the layers are scattered everywhere, which I'm afraid will be confusing for the client to use. Wanted to hear others' opinions. Thanks!
  8. In my line of work it is essential that I am able to export my images to 8 bit .BMP Is it possible that this option may be added, or is there a simple alternative....without resorting to PhotoShop?
  9. Hi all, I made a complex illustration for a poster with lots of structures, brushes etc. The exported Pdf shows a strange fogginess in some parts of the illustration in Apple Mail only – in Adobe Acrobat, in the app Apple Preview, the preview in Finder and when converted in Photoshop everything looks fine and the values seem to be o.k., too. However it is not only irritating me, I am afraid my clients may see the same effect in their mail programme, so I wonder what is the problem and how to get rid of it. Any ideas? Screenshot attached shows the display in Apple Mail 13.4 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on the left, the original file in Affinity Designer 1.8.6 on the right.
  10. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer for exporting JPG. My Problem is the File Size is too big, even with compression of 0%. Example: 80% compression = 80,3 KB 0% compression = 66,2 KB Why remains the File Size so big? Could it be a bug? (The problem is with Mac and Windows. I have tested it.) See attached my examples. bg-header.psd
  11. I often use Publisher to export parts of graphic compositions. For that, I use File -> Export, and then from the dropdown, Selection with background. I suggest creating some way to bypass the need to select from the dropdown. My suggestion is to add a shortcut to the existing Cmd+Shift+E. I suggest Cmd+Shift+Alt+E to auto select the "Selection with background" from the Export dialog.
  12. I use the field "filename" in my publisher document, say "bulletin001.afpub". When I export this document to a PDF with filename "report001.pdf", the fields in the document are updated to the name of the exported file. I'd prefer to have the original filename "bulletin001.afpub" showing up even in the exported PDF. Is there a setting to achieve this?
  13. Currently it's only possible to set export name, path and variables per slice. It would be a huge improvement if you could set global values for all slices, like Illustrators prefix and suffix settings. One way would be simple prefix and suffix fields in the export options tab, or there could be a global path constructor for all slices with user variables and path components like document name, date, incremental counter (for versioning) etc.
  14. First: Affinit Designer is really great - thanks to the Affinity team! (Former-time Corel user, then Inkscape, now switched to Affinity due to CMYK and better color management) My request: I often use Save-As to generate numbered versions of files (as backups, and so that when I discuss them with a client, we can refer to which version we are talking about). In the Save As dialog, it appears that AD defaults to the folder where I last saved anything. This is very tricky when working on files that lie in different folders. To me, the current behaviour is somehow unexpected, and I often accidentially store files in the wrong project's folder. The same happens when exporting, to PDF for instance. I can imagine that people might want to always export all PDFs to a certain folder no matter where the curent file is, so maybe we should also consider this use-case. My suggestion is: 1.) Save As: Default to the folder where the current file lies. 2.) Export (pdf etc, but also for palettes): Default to the folder where I last exported the respective file type when the current document was open. (Maybe its not a good idea to store file paths in documents (like the export paths necessary for 2.). For me, it would be ok if this only works for the last, say, 30 files I worked on, so it could be stored somewhere in the application options storage, not in the document files.) Would this cover all use-cases? Best, Philipp
  15. "An error occurred while exporting to ...." Affinity Designer Fix those bugs guys... Seriously. plakat.afdesign
  16. Everytime I try to export slices the file output is always the wrong dimensions. Everytime i export something it exports as 1920x1080. I need my exports to be 64x64 px. What could be causing it to export with the wrong dimensions? I should note that I dont use artboards in my current projects setup. Could this possibly have something to do with the wrong exported file dimensions?
  17. I'm testing Affinity Designer for the first time and I really like the ease of making complex shapes. I've never been much into Illustrator before, so Affinity is just what I need! I'm looking at the list of export formats and I couldn't find TGA. Don't know whether to think that's strange or not, but for game engines, TGA seem to be used more than I knew before. At the game design school I graduated from, we were encouraged to use TGA for UI elements. I thought that was strange to begin with, but I stuck to it. Now I'm modding a game, and the game wants TGA. It becomes a bit of a hassle to export to something else first and then convert to TGA. Is TGA of any interest for you to support ? I know I'd be super happy, and could make faster iterations with the automated export. Simply make a change in a slice, it exports on the fly, go into Unreal Engine and refresh the asset - bang! Done!
  18. I have created some very simple vector objects. Some are on Artboards and some are not. Recently, when I select the object to export, the output saved (as PNG or JPG doesn't matter) often includes a random are of blank white space behind it, that was never selected. I have used Designer for several years and never had this problem until recently. Ultimately I have to crop what should be a clean image, down to the correct dimensions. The problem starts in the selecting process. Does not matter if I'm in Designer or Pixel Personas mode. EX: If my selected object of choice is square, I will see the size box improperly showing as some rectangular dimension. Not even close to square. When saved, the resulting file show a huge rectangular area of empty space with the desired object in the lower right corner. I understand not to select the entire workspace or artboard - I am only selecting the desired object. This also happens with or without the background included. It's clearly not right but I can find no help to fix it. Please advise ASAP. I am wasting a lot of time doing added work that I never had to before.
  19. This is actually not a bug that prevent usage of some feature, but prevents complete use of Affinity Photo, but I don't see some link to tech support that would help. All of a sudden, export function completely stopped working and I cannot export any image in any format. I can use export command, select export setting, pick location for file saving, but when I click on save, "export item" dialog never shows any progress and stays stuck forever.
  20. Hi guys, I would like to understand the process on export and why the exported PDFs are so big. I just created 16-page brochure meant for electronic use - 2200x1500px. It has total of 9 images which I've downsampled in advance to smaller sizes at 72dpi. If I choose PDF (digital - high quality) it results into 50MB file. If I choose PDF (digital - low quality) it results into 40MB file. In both cases the images are compressed to 85% - I don't want to go lower as this document is meant for developer presentation and they need the pictures to really stand up and be of high quality. The document's resolution is 72dpi. Now here comes the fun part: The thing is that when I ran both of these files through online PDF Resizer with the setting 'Medium quality (150 dpi images)' I got two files - 5.6MB and 4.6MB - and guess what: I cannot tell the difference! The text looks the same, the pictures look exactly the same. How on earth is this possible and why Affinity Publisher cannot do this process on its own? Thanks for your thoughts.
  21. I am wondering whether it is possible to export vector graphics from Affinity Designer with 3D effects as purely vectors. My experiments with this seem to indicate that those 3D effects always get rasterised on export. Is that the case? Whenever I export without rasterising being applied, the resulting file loses all 3d effects.
  22. Hello, In Affinity Publisher I have a problem exporting the correct colors to PDF. What worked for me until October 21, 2020 without problems, now makes mistakes with the same settings. I am sending an example in the attachment. Let's focus on the logo at the top right. Its correct colors are: orange 0-50-100-0 and gray: 0-0-0-60 This was fine in version 02 of my document. In version 03 of this document, as well as in all my other documents, the colors of the linked objects appear differently than the original. The problem is only with linked sources, because the bar in the graphics is the same color 0-50-100-0 and it is interpreted correctly. When I export from document 02 now, the colors always come out badly. I tried all the basic PDF export PRESETS. Please, give me an advice. Or I'll hope it's just a small update bug. version inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_03.pdf - wrong colours of linked objects orange. 0-52-93-0 and gray: 55-45-40-6) version inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_02.pdf - correct colours of linked objects (orange. 0-50-100-0 and gray: 0-0-0-60) Thank you fb-art_CMYK.psd logo_ctverec.ai inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_02.afpub inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_03.afpub inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_02.pdf inz_210x148_zdstzdmv_03.pdf
  23. In the Export Persona, when exporting an image for the web and you want the size as small as possible, you want to see a preview of what you will be exporting. So you can change the quality of a jpeg and see instantly what the result will be. The same when you change the number of colors in the palette of gifs and pngs. Also show the sizes in bytes of the slices you are exporting. The size is shown in the simple Export, but not in the more advanced Export Persona. Fireworks does this very well, it even has multiple previews with different export settings.
  24. I am fairly new to AP but successfully used the program to publish a pdf monthly newsletter - and was very pleased. However, I'm failing to publish this months newsletter because when exporting to pdf an error message occurs. Not good - I have a deadline to meet. Try as I might (surfed the message boards) the failure persists. I have found a workaround - go to print and then print as PDF works - but this is not satisfactory. I note that many users are having similar problems - with some varied advice given from this website. I'm looking for a solution and would welcome comment from someone who has had the problem and resolved it. I use an iMac Retina 4k / OS 10.15.7 - Many thanks
  25. Hello, I'm experiencing huge lag in exports. I've been using Afinity Designer in my daily workflow for the last three years or so and have never never experienced anything like this. Let me know which other logs would help identify the bug. I'd like to avoid an entire reinstall if at all possible. I've included crash log output from the second crash when the export was hung for over two minutes without a progress bar. Also, please note that the export itself was only an .eps file that was a pure vector file and pretty small size (2,000 x 2,000 px). Affinity Designer_2020-10-22-175017_ghostmini.crash
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