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Found 581 results

  1. Publisher, Windows 10 Home 1903. When Preview Mode is OFF I can only snap to Column/Row Guides when Only Snap To Visible Objects is switched ON even though the Column/Row Guides are visible. When Preview Mode is ON I cannot snap to Column/Row Guides at all no matter if Only Snap To Visible Objects is ON or OFF. See attached GIF. When Preview Mode is ON I think snapping to Column/Row Guides should be allowed if Snap To Guides is ON and Only Snap To Visible Objects is switched OFF. This would make page layout much easier as there would be less switching back and forth to/from Preview Mode.
  2. I am using Mac OS 10.14.5. Publisher 1.7.2 I have a 32 page magazine prepared. When I go to Print/document layout/booklet – the programme crashes. Tried it repeatedly. And the same thing happens. I actually want to save it as a pdf file rather than print, but it still crashes. I have tried a new document with less info in it and the same thing happens. Really frustrating as I need to get document sent to printers. When I tested on 1.7.1 it worked fine. September.afpub
  3. Windows 10 Home 1903, Publisher When I add a Live Filter – Perspective, Twirl, etc. - to a layer, via the Photo Persona, what I get on-screen is correct – redraw is a bit messy but I can put up with that for now – but when the document is exported to PDF the filter is no longer applied. Exporting to a PNG seems to be fine, exporting to a PDF is where the problem comes in (I haven’t tried other export formats). See attached AFPUB, PDF and PNG for examples showing (clockwise, from top-left) Twirl, Perspective, Voronoi, and Motion Blur. Note: I’ve been told that the same thing applies to exporting to PDFs from Photo but I’ve not tried that myself yet. Note: I've used both Adobe Acrobat and Firefox to view the PDFs and they both display the same way. This was originally discussed here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/95828-affinity-publisher-how-to-use-affinity-photo-live-filter-perspective-on-text-frame-via-studio-link/ live-filters-in-pdf.afpub live-filters-in-pdf.pdf
  4. This randomly occurs, usually after I haven't saved in a few minutes so I lose my work. When I click on the ">" next page spread, publisher hangs and never loads the next page spreads and then the app just disappears.
  5. Where do I find what was updated? 1.7.2
  6. Hello, Im designing a little booklet and i encountered an issue: One left page is moved to right... but design applied from master page didn't changed... Is this normal? I have a little different design for left pages and for right pages. I expected the elements auto change when page 2 become page 3 and auto change the pages below :D I'm using Mac version 1.7.1 Thanks in advance. Best regards!!
  7. I'm not a graphic designer, but I'm interested in teaching myself graphic design, just for fun. I've watched some video tutorials on lynda.com, which helped a lot, and I downloaded the Affinity Publisher demo (I already own Designer). I'm really loving the program and playing around with it is a lot of fun. For practice, I'm trying to recreate some designs in magazines I have laying around. Anyway, I have a question about single page versus two-page spreads: I created a document and the first page is the magazine cover. The second page is the actual first page inside the magazine. However, Publisher automatically generates that second page along with the next page as part of a two-page spread. Is there a way to force Publisher to treat that second page as an individual page instead (and create the first two-page spread after it)? I can't find such an option anywhere, including in the Section Manager. Thanks! Edit: I'm realizing that maybe my question is silly, because after looking at the actual hardcopy magazine again, I'm realizing there is a two-page spread after the cover. So, I was thinking of deleting this post, but don't see that as an option.
  8. When I think of a magazine the front and back are printed on the same material, then page 1 is same as the last page and so on until it gets to the middle spread. How would you achieve this on Affinity Publisher? I've not used InDesign before either so I don't know how it works over there. Because at the moment in my head it would just print off each page separately and wouldn't work at all how it should.
  9. Hello world, I seem unable to place page content in between the elements of the master Page, i.e. have some Master Page layer always on top of Page elements/layers, and other Master Page layer always below Page elements/layers. This is easily achieved in e.g. InDesign (and Scribus for that matter), so I am curious whether I am doing something utterly wrong or whether this is a missing feature (which I hereby request). Greetings, --Thomas
  10. Hello, I cannot find any information elsewhere on this issue. I am working with a Affinity Publisher file saved in a Dropbox directory. I edited the file offline and synced to Dropbox. Now, on that computer and my desktop mac I cannot open this publisher file. When I select File | Open I receive a "Missing Resource(s)" pop-up. No matter what option I choose (Resource Manager, No or Yes) Publisher crashes. I'd like to fix the file and recover the changes I made too. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Francis
  11. I have not purchased Publisher or any Affinity product yet and am a Photoshop Elements (PE) user. Much of what I do with the PE editor looks like simple desktop publishing (see attached). Using this Adobe Product (PE) has become problematic because it is becoming very slow and because the Time Machine backup causes files to become disconnected . My questions are: Will Apple Photos be useable as the database or organizer for documents created in Affinity Publisher? The uploaded image is an Adobe PSD file with layers. Can I select it in Apple Photos and then select Publisher as the App to continue editing it? Or do I export this PSD file and import into Publisher?
  12. Hi, is there a way to non-destructivly resample embedded images in Publisher/Designer to make its files much smaller? If not, it could be a good idea when creating a new Publisher document to have a "Resample to:" feature when "Prefer Embedded" is choosen?
  13. Hi, I'm currently laying out a directory for my organization and am hitting a bit of a bump. I set up pages for each of our staff member's reports, all using the same master page spread with left and right facing pages and a single text box on both pages. Because some of the reports are shorter, I can sometimes combine two on a single page, deleting the unneeded page. But this then messes up the layout on every page below that deleted section because in the layout what had been right pages are on the left, and vice versa (which is a problem because the inner margin is wider than the outer margin). I can apply a master page to these pages - which fixes the layout but deletes the current content. If I unchecking "replace existing" my current content remains, but UNDER the applied master page. Is there any way to update the master page layout so the existing content is updated with the correct layout?
  14. I am making a calendar template. Is there a way to change the font of the month on the master page and it will then leave the words typed on subsequent pages but changes only the font? TIA
  15. In the Windows version of Publisher, the “Open folder in Explorer” menu item is available when I create a new document but have not yet saved it. I’ve noticed that – at the moment, on my machine – this function currently opens the Desktop folder but I was wondering if this was the default or whether it changed depending on circumstances. Or, should “Open folder in Explorer” be greyed out until the document is saved? Not a major issue, just wondering.
  16. Publisher has been stable since installed latest version - but this last few days is crashing every 30 secs. The only difference over the last few days is that I have upgraded to Norton 360! The crashing occurs while editing an existing file, that was stable before the Norton cam on the scene. My system is Windows 10 latest version, with 12GB of memory.
  17. If you link to an image, the first the first underscore isn't shown in Resource Manager in the Name column. Example: Actual filename "0_Cover.tif" - Displays as "0Cover.tif" Actual filename "0_Back_Cover.tif" - Displays as 0Back_Cover.tif" Actual filename "appendix_a_header.tif" - Displays as "appendixa_header.tif"
  18. Windows 10 Home 1903, Publisher I created a new document, changed the margins, added some row/column guides and created some global colours and I now find myself in a strange situation where the colour of the only layer in the document is different in the master page to how it shows in a ‘normal’ page. See attached GIF and AFPUB. I saved the document and re-opened and the problem is still there. I can also change the colour of the layer to any other colour and it stays the same colour on the ‘normal’ page. The Blend Mode of the layer is Normal. Also, when editing the master page linked I can change the colour of the layer on the normal page but it doesn’t change on the master page. I’ve reported this as a bug but am I just missing something incredibly basic here? Note: Please ignore the row/column guides going weird, that's just the GIF recording, they're fine on-screen. mis-matched-colour.afpub
  19. I've created a booklet using Publisher 1.7.1 by assembling text from several sources direct into Publisher, and then tweaking the result. So the text in Publisher is now the only "master." I now want also to create a Kindle version, with flowing text. I have PagePlus X9, Sigil, Libre Office, and various Amazon tools. If possible, I do not want to install / buy yet more software. Recently, I've published other books from PagePlus X9 in flowing ePub3, then used Amazon's tools to convert into Kindle formats. This has worked well: Amazon has reported no problems. Questions: What is the best way to convert a Publisher document into a flowing Kindle eBook? What is the best way to extract the story text from a Publisher document, for use elsewhere? Do I really have to recreate this document in PagePlus X9 (or another program) before exporting it as a flowing ePub? Are there other tools which would make any of this easier?
  20. Hi, It's really usefull to use tints with global colours, but we miss the ability to add those tints to the swatches' palette. For now we need to use again the tint panel and choose a percentage, or copy-paste the style to have the same tint. If we add tints for a global colour from the menu, those tints aren't global, and aren't linked to the original colour: if we modify the global colour, the tints won't change accordingly.
  21. If I want to change the spell check language I have to select each text frame individually because when they are in groups and I select the whole document and change the language in the character panel, it doesn't change it for the text fields in groups. This is pretty cumbersome and and I think could be done better. Maybe have the character panel language dropdown effect also text fields in groups or maybe have a way of changing the language globally.
  22. At present, Publisher does not seem to offer different preview modes; all documents must be viewed as "spreads" in their final layout. But this makes it harder to perform a final check of the text and contents. Please consider providing alternative preview / viewing modes (like PagePlus does); particularly the ability to view all pages as a single vertical stream. This would allow the user to zoom in enough to read / check the text and then to progress through the pages of a booklet by simply scrolling vertically... rather than having to zig-zag: down... up... across... down... in order to read facing pages. Checking and performing the final tweaks to a multi-page booklet would be made very much more convenient.
  23. Hi, When opening a document with a document's palette, we shouldn't have to search for it, it should be selected on the swatches panel. (Or the first ducoment's palette in the list if there's more than one.)
  24. When I add a Top Paragraph Decoration and increase the Distance To Text it comes nearer to the text. Also, when I add a Bottom Paragraph Decoration and increase the Distance To Text it comes nearer to the text. Shouldn’t the distance to the text increase when the value increases, i.e. Distance Away From Text? The current orientation doesn’t seem right to me.
  25. Hi folks! I've learned from this forum, that there is a known bug, which will not be fixed with the next beta. So my guess is, that the problem will not be fixed with the next release. That's fine with me, Publisher is a new (and great!) piece of software. But my first project i a photobook for a friend of mine: 18x18 cm, 26 pages - after export my file is 1,3 GB and the print-service is only accepting files up to 1 GB. I tried to "rasterise & trim" every single image, which resulted a 13 MB PDF-File with the same settings. 1/10 file-size!! But I'm not sure, if that's the right solution. Will I get good qualitiy with that files? What are my options? What's your workaround? Thank you in advance!

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