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  1. Thank you all for your answers! Ok good to know. We produce every month over 10 magazines plus also 10 Books with a lot of people working together. For a business like this it is necessary to generate the content in one place and deploy it to digital and print at any time via automated processes. Your Company may know about this and maybe this kind of workflow is not the target group of affinity publisher. But if it becomes one day a driver to expand your customers, keep a headles affinity publisher in mind Anyway i am still exciting of the release of publisher. Love your other produ
  2. Hi there, i am looking forward to the public beta of affinity publisher. The question is very simple. Will a server version of Publisher be available to generate publisher files automatically via templates from external content resources like a cms? This would be the only interesting point for my company to have a look and finally use at the publisher in production. If yes, i would like apply to a closed beta (to gain some speed) of the server to develop an open source module for the popular Drupal CMS and therfore also for the popular publishing distribution of drupal the Thunder CM
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