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Found 473 results

  1. Had consistent crashes with Publisher 1.7.1 official release, so I downloaded and installed this beta build release. Crashing still happens. Crashing occurs when creating new paragraph style within Text Style panel. Purposely did not undock the panels, but left them in their locations; still crashes. Dropping in the system crash report, as well as the document (two graphics, two text frames with text, two text frames with page number fields). One note, this is the same document as was used in the official release. Certainly, the program is bugging out, but perhaps the document itself is the culprit? Running MacOS X Mojave, 10.14.5, iMac (late 2013), 3.2 GHz intel core i5, 32 GB memory, Nvidia GEForce. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-07-06-114526_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells.afpub
  2. I am using the whole Affinity suite at the moment and I am very impressed. However, the lack of basic document templates in Publisher seems a little strange. I am not looking at pre-populated designs. I refer to the basic, blank document templates as in the image below. Without templates, we wouldn't consider rolling out Publisher across the school for student use. We still use Seif Page Plus X9 with our students and the base templates here allow us to concentrate on the design and layout without spending valuable time reinventing the wheel every time we start a topic. Perhaps templates for Publisher are something worth considering? If Publisher could directly import Page Plus X9 documents this would solve the problem. Your thoughts...
  3. [Last exception 2100 in PDF_clip]["Function must not be called in 'page' scope"] Error happens on both x1a and x3. X4 (and normal PDF) works fine. I believe I know the problem - transparent images. x4 supports transparent images, but x1a and x3 doesn't. I need to export to either x1 or x3 for my print-on-demand provider. Can we flatten/rasterize any transparent images with page background so we can have a x1 or x3 compliant PDF? I'm using PNG files with transparencies as linked resources. thanks
  4. Hi everyone! I'm just joining the community and so far, I'm loving Publisher. I also own Photo and Designer, but I've spent the majority of my time in Publisher. I didn't see this asked in the forums, although I will admit that I'm just getting to know the different hallways and rooms here. I was curious if you (Serif) plan on adding a preview mode to Publisher. I'm a former CorelDraw/Indesign user and that feature is very helpful on both platforms. I'd love to see that make its way to Publisher in the near future. Thanks for the great work so far, Devs!
  5. I need to create a referral pad with a few hundred options - each of which require a large circle that can be filled in with pen/pencil. Some items will wrap (so, no circle on the second line) and some will be indented (so, the circle needs to move right, too). I'm sure I'm overthinking the solution - but, I've tried working with bullets and numbers to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks. In the screenshot below, the circles were created using the eclipse tool (which I know is not the right way to do it!)
  6. Hey everyone! Please consider including saving and loading the studio layout to and from file (windows, toolbar content, tools position and content) for Designer, Photo and Publisher. This would speed up things when - using the software on multiple Macs - having the layout set back by an update (e.g. 1.7) - going from a beta version to the store version It took me about 45 minutes to setup the UI for Affinity Publisher, including Designer and Photo persona, on two Macs. Also, I think the Designer and Photo personas of Publisher should read the UI layout of Designer and Photo. Best wishes, Shu
  7. Using the scripts that Dan provided for turning on debugging the pdflib, I was able to figure out what is causing my Export to PDF error. The problem was: I traced this to a hyperlink to an anchor on page 17 of my document going to page 69. I removed the hyperlink and tried to export again. Then, I also need to remove a second hyperlink on the same page: When I removed both hyperlinks on page 17, everything exported. However, I need these hyperlinks on page 17 and I don't know why the "left" value is less than 0. Both hyperlink text are just phrases within the text frame on the page. There's nothing different than any of the hyperlinks on prior pages that work. Both of these exception occur on pg 17, going to page 63 and page 69. thanks,
  8. Hi, here is a bug. Story: I make a master page, add artistic text as Heading 1, align to center and top of page. Then I make some new pages based off that master page. I'll go to the first one, detach it so I can edit, change the original h1 text content, go to alignment - align left, then click finish.... The master then changes to the left side too..... When I go to the next page, I'll align center, and all pages based off this master page now go center (including the one I just aligned left).... I go to the next page based off this master, align right, same thing: Everything is now on the right, including the master. Computer spec / hardware: Windows 10 Pro laptop, no external hardware. Affinity Publisher Version: Reproduceable / Happens in new document?? Yes and yes. See attached file. If this is not good enough, I'll make a short video of it. But please let me know if you need it first. detach-bug.afpub
  9. InDesign has the feature of Conditional Text, where pieces of text can be marked and assigned to a "Condition". Turning these "Conditions" on or off will make all assigned text fragments show or hide. A good description in the InDesign manual is here. This functionality is extremely helpful for instance in price lists where there are different prices for different markets. Why not use Layers? Because with Conditional Text all other text besides the conditional versions will stay the same: only one text version to maintain. I could not (yet) find anything like this in Publisher. Does it have this functionality? Is it considered for the future? Thanks for any input!
  10. Is there a way to change the space or distance between the spreads/pages/pasteboard? Within InDesign preferences ( Preferences > Guides & Pasteboard > Pasteboard Options ) there is a way to set this. I can't seem to find this in Publisher. I always found this helpful because sometimes I don't want to see the other page and prefer to focus on the page I'm designing. Thanks for any help or advice!
  11. I recently posted on the support forum, but there does not seem to be an option for this. So posting here now as a feature request. I would be super great if there a way to change the space or distance between the spreads/pages/pasteboard? Within InDesign preferences ( Preferences > Guides & Pasteboard > Pasteboard Options ) there is a way to set this. I can't seem to find this in Publisher. I always found this helpful because sometimes I don't want to see the other page and prefer to focus on the page I'm designing. Keep up the great work Affinity!
  12. I built a table in another publisher document. I needed to pull that table from the old document (created on artboards) to a new one (created as spreads). The new document crashed after 300 seconds (during the autosave) and I chose to open the recovery, which had no edits done up to the attempted autosave. I re-embedded the table, adjusted the size of the table to fit into my smaller spread, and everything works fine until the program tries to autosave or until I attempt to save manually. I've tried: 1) Save As to rename the document 2) Deleting the table and everything associated with the table (paragraph and character styles, table formats, the table itself, content within the table's cells) 3) Deleting non-system fonts that have nothing to do with the project 4) Converting the table to curves 5) Opening the publisher file in Designer Persona Only 6) Splitting the table into sections 7) Clearing all contents and style of the table to default table settings 8) Restarting the computer 9) Saving the document to the desktop or another location My computer is a 30k workstation with plenty of ram, cpu and graphics processing. I'm exporting a crash report It seems I can no longer modify this file unless I manually copy all the content over to a clean document with the exception of the table itself and the spreads span over about 90 pages. 2fb92aa6-3692-4eee-8516-5cd1d8a016a2.dmp
  13. Wolf Wallis

    Crashing-All Versions

    Okay, I have posts in 1.7.1 forum, forum, and now Crash reports and video drops can be provided, but for now I'll just say all three versions crash. One of our more advanced partners, Pauls, pointed me in the direction of fonts and I appreciate that advice greatly. In truth, my fonts were extremely cluttered and showing duplicates. Last night, I did a complete font restore, removing all but the Mojave system fonts, plus added in two fonts intended for work, Palatino and Weiss-Bold. Cleared out font caches and databases to ensure all was running smoothly. While I was at it, booted into recovery mode and ran disk utility. In other words, without testing Publisher for failure, I paid attention to my own system. When I saw on the forums that a .422 beta build was available, I downloaded and tried that (uninstalled .420 beta build, kept official release). Sorry to say that .422 beta build crashed on me in the manner of my other crashes. Yes, my intuition and educated guess tells me the culprit may be something on my system that is causing the crashes. Not sure how as I've streamlined, fixed, repaired, cajoled and willed my iMac into submissive and appropriate behavior. For now, I am unaware of anything else I could possibly do to alter my machine. Understand that fixing the bugs that a lot of other folks are having is paramount in the scheme of things. Many can be fixed by mere explanation, minor bug fixes, deft workarounds. Have a feeling my remedy, although it could turn out to be something relatively minor, may take additional time. Hoping the developers are able to devote some time to my issue once things calm down. In the interim, I'm open to any and all suggestions. UPDATE: Attaching document and a crash report on the .422 beta build. Document was blank slate, plus had reset the program prior to doc creation. Actions at the time of crash: edited body para style; changed font, font size, tracking, kerning, spacing. Clicked okay and about 7-10 seconds later, whoosh. On this same document, tried to insert page number fields. # sign went away, now have blank text box. Cleared, then reapplied master A. No changes. If crashes were built in, program runs great. Wish I could provide more details, but... Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-07-12-165703_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells.afpub
  14. Working on a book, 30.1MB, text only. A few limited embedded vector files. Worked great til yesterday, now Publisher crashes on an attempt to save. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. I am loving Affinity Publisher, but I am hoping you can add an Affinity Word App to challenge Microsoft Word. Affinity Publisher feels great for the design aspect of ebooks, but what about just simply writing an ebook? I would love an Affinity Word Processor. Just like Adobe Microsoft has become Subscription based, it annoys me having to pay money every month to use Word. I would like a one time payment of Affinity Word, an app where I can just simply write, import and export as pdf or word document etc I could write with Affinity Word, then place the finished document into Affinity Publisher where I can add pictures and art, design etc Think about it Affinity, I know it is more work for you guys, but because you already have Affinity Publisher it shouldn't be too hard to turn this into Affinity Word. Rather like we have a Microsoft Publisher and a Microsoft Word. Also would love to see an Affinity Font app in future, an innovative font creation and font viewing tool and Affinity Video, an innovative video editing tool.
  16. Hi How do I centre a table on a page vertically. Mine starts at the left margin and leaves a small gap on the right side? Thanks
  17. Once I had a decoration that extended above the paragraph. When the paragraph is the first in a column, its decoration extends logically above top of the column. However, I’d like the whole decoration’s top and bottom to stay within the column’s top and bottom. How do I do thát?
  18. I'm running Publisher v 1.7.1 on Mojave 10.14.5. Everything was working perfectly on Friday - but this morning my toolbar is missing. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is enabled. I tried "reseting" Publisher, but that didn't resolve the issue. Is there a preference or something that might need to be trashed?
  19. Hello there! I use Affinity Publisher on both Windows and on MacOS, and, when using my 5K screen on my iMac 27” there’s no problem to have a lot of Studios open or attach to a group of Studios, but, on my 13.3” HP Spectre X360 laptop (although 4K screen) it’s less space to work on... It would be nice to have possibility to make an shortcut to toggle specific Studios, especially the big Text Frames Studio... Why can’t we make shortcuts to toggle Studion on/off? Otherwise, thanks for an incredible suite of software (Affinity Suite)!
  20. When I zoom in a current selection often wanders out of sight, beyond the window’s edges. Wish: selection’s center is centred in the window as soon as it’s falls over the window’s edge.
  21. This is a nightmare. PDF export just mangles all the text - well not all of it, just most of it. Randomly it leaves bits ok even with exactly the same font, styles, colours, weights, and the same master objects applied - you can see in the screenshots one spread in the doc is ok and one is not (most aren;t) . Some headings are ok but body text is mashed. There's no logic to this, nothing consistent about why and how it fails. Publisher came out just in time for me to start these two jobs with a hard print deadline. After 2 - 3 days of arsing about trying to fix this problem after setting 120 pages, I thought I'd finally solved this by stopping using my FontBase font manager, removing all the Montserrat font versions and reinstalling them to system fonts and trying again for the upteenth time. So I started the other doc. But it's back again. The problem is, every time I do this reinstalling fonts process, the document seems to interpret the fonts as new fonts, substituting the old, then I have to go through and set everything again. Like hundreds of Latin names in italic in the body copy I will have to go through and manually do again and again, every time it happens. And many more issues besides will need to be addressed again. This is a real problem. I see someone else has it to - I commented on that thread days back but there's no response on there. This is Windows 10 Pro, Montserrat (Google font) - marked as fully embeddable. I tried turning off the subset option on exports dozens of times and it makes no difference. It's extended this job into days more than it should have been. I really like what you're trying to do with this suite of software but please please please get this sorted - people are trying to produce pro documents for print but we're falling at the last hurdle. It's pretty crashy too but the recovery so far has been reasonably good. Plenty of other niggles with things but the PDF export thing really really needs sorting though. Please can somebody look into this urgently?
  22. A week or so back I thought it was high time I applied myself to making use of Publisher. Here's a spoof magazine cover (you'll have to wait a l-o-n-g time for the articles!). I left it a while before I went back to see if it was good to go, or needed any changes. I decided to add the apps' logos -- which I had to make myself in AD; they're vectors, so I can rescale them for future use. Anyway, see what you make of this. Any helpful criticism is welcome!
  23. Hi there, I have multiple files and I want to join them together now. I can't copy and paste, or anything else. Merge files isn't possible or am I missing something? I work on different files so the software doesnt fill the ram to quickly (only 4gb). Now i want to join all the pages to create a single pdf and I don't know how to do it. Thanks edit: please change this to the discussion forum. Didn't notice that i posted on bugs.
  24. Hello, I placed an image in a picture frame but now I want to remove it (not replace it). I searched for a while but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  25. I have a Text Frame containing centrally-aligned text. The frame has a background colour. I select the frame and then File > Export. In the Export Settings window, I select JPEG and Selection without background. The export size shown is the size of the text, not the Text Frame and when I export it, only the text exports, not its containing frame. Is it me?