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  1. Andi_CostaRica

    Cropping images in Designer

    Thank you, Lock Children works fine...
  2. Andi_CostaRica

    Cropping images in Designer

    ... I just played around a little bit more. I saw when I convert the containing rectangle to a curve, I can do all what I want with it... - changing the size of the container - and then reposition and resize the contained image...
  3. Hello, I thought it will be easy, but I think I will not get it... I would like make a flyer with photos in it. First I put a rectangle and then place an image/photo into it. Works fine. I can independently resize the container rectangle and the contained image. But when I resize the container it resizes the image. What can I do to crop the container (without changes to the image) and then move or resize the contained image in the rectangle? At the moment I can use the vector crop tool on the container, but it does not change how the contained image is cropped... Is there any tutorial that could help me with working with images.... Best regards Andrew
  4. :) thank you. That made it...
  5. Hi, I often have violet outlines around some objects, even when they are not selected. Is there a way to turn this off? best Andreas