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  1. Just tried that, with no change. Tools are still MIA.
  2. R-C-R, toggling on the Main and Context toolbars made no difference. All continued to be missing. You were right that unchecking the B and W adjustment layer brought back the colors in my image. JimmyJack, I'm attaching a screenshot in non separated mode. All the toolbars and tool panels are back.
  3. I definitely think the OS version has something to do with the different behaviors we're seeing. I'm not having any of the problems R-C-R mentioned: "but it is difficult to add an individual panel to a group (so the whole group can be moved around as a single unit), & that changing the height of a panel group can't be done but dragging downward on its bottom edge?" I'm able to do both of these things. But my tools are still missing. I tried resetting the studio while in Separated Mode but it didn't make a difference. Attached is a screenshot showing the missing tools. As I went to create this screenshot, I noticed that the reds in my righthand image are now missing, and I have no idea why. I must have inadvertently done something to cause this. But I think this is an unrelated issue.
  4. Wow, all these options are dizzying! And it's interesting to see the differences in the Mac and Windows versions. In Separated Mode on the Mac (retail, not beta version), I am able to see all the right studio panels, both in the Separated Mode version and when I uncheck Separated Mode, but I am still unable to see the left side Tools panel in Separated Mode. This makes Separated Mode essentially useless unless I can figure out how to bring the Tools panel back. As I commented earlier, Show Tools is checked. I just tried unchecking and then rechecking it, but I still can't see the tools. I just checked the beta version to see if the tools are visible. In the beta version, the Tools panel is visible and is now a free-floating panel. So it's possible this is one of the improvements that was made in the Mac beta.
  5. Alfred, I guess I hadn't noticed the Windows icons on Cedge's post. I haven't used a PC for a long time so I hadn't remembered about the icons. In any case, do you think I'm correct in assuming that the Floating Windows are a new features for PCs, equivalent to the Separated Mode for Macs? That's what I'm trying to ascertain.
  6. Cedge, Are you using a PC or a Mac? I'm still not seeing a float feature on the beta for my Mac other than the Separated Mode.
  7. Thanks for the info on the Floating Windows. Y Yes, my screen looks exactly that like. Choosing Customize Tools did nothing to bring back the Tools panel. It, or part of it, was not visible anywhere on my screen. So I'm still missing my tools in the Separated Mode. When I uncheck Separated Mode, I get my Tools panel back in both documents. What I was trying to figure out was whether something new had been added in the beta version to allow more things to be done in Separated Mode. From earlier comments on this thread, it sounded like some new features had been added. But maybe they were added only to the Windows version and already existed in the Mac version, as you're suggesting. When I just tested this, the studio panels were not hidden when I unchecked Separated Mode.
  8. Thanks, R-C-R. I reviewed the link about workspace modes and played around more with the retail version. I was able to shrink both the document window and the image inside by dragging down the title bar onto the image (using the Move tool) and unlocking the layer. And I did see a menu item in the Windows menu called "Clean Up Floating Windows" but I don't understand what it does and couldn't find information on it when I did a Google search. Also, my Tools Panel has disappeared even though it is checked in the View menu. I don't know how to get it back while in the separated mode. See screenshot. I also don't understand what is new in the beta version regarding this feature. And Float and Float All are not showing up in the Window menu for the Mac beta version.
  9. Thanks, R-C-R. But if that is the way to get floating windows, why does the beta have the capacity to shrink the images within the window, separately from shrinking the window itself, and why does it have the command Clean up Floating Windows in addition to the check box for toggling Separated Mode off and on? These two features suggest that something else might be going on, or potentially going on, in addition to Separated Mode. In the public release, not the beta mode, neither of these capacities exist.
  10. Thanks. This is a bit complicated, but I think I have the jist.
  11. Thanks, Psenda. I did click and drag the window title bar. That's how I got the frame around the content with the little x's that i showed in my screenshot. Following your suggestion to uncheck the Lock icon in the background layers, I was able to resize each of my images. But they are still each on their own page, and I still can't figure out how to see both at the same time. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, my Window menu does not include the Float and Float All options as show in Carl 123's screenshot. It only includes Clean Up Floating Windows. So, this still raises the question of whether Floating Windows are an option with Mac OS El Capitan. I don't know if there's an additional step that I need to take.
  12. After reading here about floating windows, I downloaded the latest Photo Beta for Mac to test out this feature since I often like to work with more than one image at time. (I'm working on an Imac with OS El Capitan.) I was able to drag down the title bar, as Alfred suggested, and get what looked like it should be a floating window, but I was not able to resize the image by clicking on any of its corners, using the Move tool, and dragging them. I've attached a screenshot showing the image with a box around it and little X's in the corner. Also, my Window menu does not include the Float and Float All options as show in Carl 123's screenshot. It only includes Clean Up Floating Windows There was no way I was able to get the two files together on the screen other than using Separated Mode which I believe is different from floating windows. Am I missing a step here? Or is this option available only if you're using Sierra or High Sierra as the OS? Thanks for the help.
  13. I just tested this behavior on an Imac, using version 1.6.0 of Designer and a mouse. I did not try this test with Photo. I switched back and forth between the Draw and Pixel personas, using the appropriate tool for each persona. I switched brushes and brush sets several times. Each time I changed the brush, the image I got was correct and corresponded with the brush image. Several of the brushes I included in my test were the Daub Blackbox brushes.
  14. MEB, Could you explain the difference between the two fill modes and when you would use one vs. the other? I tried to find information about this in the Help files and by doing a Google search, but I couldn't find any information on the topic. Thanks.
  15. Check out Pixave. I don't know if it's the "best" but It's pretty good for doing what you want. I've been using it to organize and categorize my photos. It only works for Macs, I believe.