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  1. I am pretty sure that Patternmaster Boutique (from Wild Ginger) also has the capacity to measure arc lengths. Since this is specifically a pattern making program it is set up to measure all components of pattern pieces. It has a pattern editor component that is really excellent and allows for detailed customization of pattern pieces. The only drawback of the program, and one reason that I don't use it much any more, is that it is available only for Windows computers, not Macs.
  2. Thank you both. I upgraded to High Sierra and everything worked fine.
  3. I haven't updated my MAC operating system for awhile mostly because of compatibility concerns. But I have updated both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer to the latest versions. Can anyone tell me whether there are any compatibility issues between the Affinity programs and Mac High Sierra and/ or Mac Mojave? I don't want to update my OS and then have difficulties using these programs. Thanks
  4. Thanks for releasing this beta just when you said you would;I've been eagerly awaiting it. On a quick tour, it looks great, and I'm sure it will only get better and better, especially as it begins to integrate with the other Affinity programs. The video tutorials were very helpful. One of the things I like about your products is that they have a modern feel with none of the legacy items contained in the Adobe products. They are designed for what they are intended to do and not full of bloat. I used Photoshop for 10 years and only managed to learn about 10% of it. Since using Photo and Designer, I've learned and used most of the program features and intend to do the same with Publisher. And, your forums and customer support is great. I'm looking forward to seeing how this program develops. But, meanwhile, it seems very usable as is.
  5. Well, this is strange. After posting my previous message about Apple Photos not saving my edited photos, this morning, when I went back to my computer, I discovered the the files I'd edited in Affinity Photo and added to Photos were indeed there. There was clearly a time delay in this process before they showed up. So, I guess the method of saving them works, albeit a little slowly.
  6. I just spent a lot of time editing a photo, and I would now like the edited photo to be sent back to Apple Photo. I tried Callum's suggestion of choosing File >Share>Add to Photos. When I did this, my Photos app bounced in the dock, but when I opened it, the edited photo is not there. Instead, all I have is the original photo. Am I missing a step here? I tried closing and reopening Photo after performing this procedure, but my editied photo still did not show up. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. DianeF

    Brush won't reset to default

    Thanks for the quick reply, MEB, and also thanks for bring this to the devs attention. This would be a great bug to fix given the power of the brush tweaking ability.
  8. DianeF

    Brush won't reset to default

    I have been doing a new Udemy course about Photo and as part of this, I was experimenting with tweaking the various brush settings as outlined in the videos about brushes. When I hit the reset button, the original, untweaked settings did not reappear. The only way to get them back was to write them all down ahead of time and manually reset them. When I contacted the instructor about this, he suggested that it might be a bug in the program and suggested contacting Serif tech support. A search for this issue led me to this forum where the issue appears to be unresolved. I understand that I can restore the factory settings through the Preferences menu, but I believe that will also undo any new or customized brushes that I created and want to save. Are my only options to export my own brushes prior to resetting the brushes through this menu? Or to duplicate each brush that I might want to tweak before playing with the settings? Both of these options seem clumsy. So I'm wondering if this is a bug that needs fixing. Thanks for any thoughts about this.
  9. Thanks, Firstdefence. As you noted, I already have the Quick Time Player and saw that it has a screen recording feature. I think that I don't understand the overall concept of making an animated gif, though. It sounds like you would do one step in Designer, capture or record it, do another step, capture and record that, etc. Is that the concept? I looked at GIPHY Capture which Alfred recommended, but couldn't figure out what it did, perhaps because I didn't understand the larger concept. I think I'll do a little internet research to see if I can understand this better.
  10. Thanks so much, Alfred. Another new thing to learn and explore.
  11. This is a bit off topic, but, first defence and jimmy jack, could you tell me what tools you are using to make the videos you've shown in your replies? I'm on a Mac, so would be interested in knowing what tools there that do similar things for Macs. (I searched in the Forum for videos, but didn't see anything.) Thanks,
  12. Thanks very much for the additional suggestions. I was able to get this to work but only after I created a new rectangle and followed the steps. I still couldn't get it to work on the rectangle I'd previously created which seems very weird. But at least I know how to do this procedure which I will now add to the "Tips and Tricks" document that I have created.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm still not getting this. I'm working in Designer, if that helps. I tried Psenda's method and got a nice gradient in the dialog box but couldn't figure out how to apply it to the rectangle which remained white. Then I tried Gdenby's suggestion of selecting the rectangle, and using the Fill Tool (in Designer) applying a gradient to the rectangle. I got the gradient line, but couldn't add colors to it. When I clicked on the end points of the gradient, they remained white. So, I'm clearly doing something wrong here. I'd love to know what I'm missing.
  14. Hi Toltec, Can you explain how to create the effect you showed above? I created a rectangle and then tried to access the gradient effect from the FX panel but couldn't get this to work. I'm attaching a screen shot of what I see on my computer. Thanks.
  15. Hi Christoph, I know that my suggestion was an imperfect solution, but at least for me, it's been a partial solution and helpful when I'm thinking about doing a new digital project. If I modify something in one of my "asset" folders and use it in a project, I save the modified version in a new project folder and keep the original asset as it was. I have an Imac with a lot of storage so I don't worry very much about having extra files on it. And, yes, it would be great to stay within the Affinity space for everything. Maybe that's something that might come in a future version. Diane

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