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Found 466 results

  1. Hello, I've been working with some diagramming in which the formatting rule for some headers and in the table of content works as follows: 1 - adds a character style to all uppercase letters in the text 2 - puts all the letters of the text in uppercase. In the ID I would use the GREP Style to do item 1, but I noticed that in aPub does not have this functionality, so what would be the recommended way? doing it manually is really impractical.
  2. A common practice for me is to pull lists of sponsors from an excel spreadsheet into my layout for creating thank you ads, banners, etc. I have had a recurring issue crop up when I link the overflowed text to a new text frame to create columns. The overflowed text comes into the new linked text frame tiny, and with various different text properties (size, leading, paragraph spacing, right indent, etc.). It is difficult to manually correct the text, as it seems to have a mind of it's own. Here is what I'm doing: I have been working from converted Indesign CS 5.5 files (exported as PDFs and opened in A-Pub) Select all the old text and replace by pasting Excel content over it without formatting (CTRL+ALT+Shift+V) Create new empty text frame & link with existing text frame If there is already an existing text frame that came in with the original document, it works fine. If it's a brand-new document, or all new text frames, it works fine. It only seems to crop up when mixing old and new frames. Correcting it is difficult. The best way I have found is to use paragraph styles applied with character style override, but it's not perfect--more of a workaround. The problem doesn't actually go away, because if you change the text frame's size and it reflows, the text that is reflowed changes (gets bigger or smaller, depending on the direction of the reflow). I am still running Windows 7 (service pack 1), if that factors in. I have the complete Affinity suite, all updated to the latest versions--though this issue was in the Beta of Publisher as well (found it a couple days prior to release, so thought I'd wait and see if it was addressed).
  3. Is there any way in publisher to have a block of items with margins between so that if a text frame changes height, the frames below it maintain their "margin" distance?
  4. In publisher I use 'spreads' view. The printing company wants me to set a 1 mm bleed and export as pages instead of spreads (option: 'all pages' on export page). The thing is that my exported PDF shows the inside bleed of the next page instead of its own. Same for the next page (shows bleed from previous page). [see picture] I'm no expert in publishing but this looks weird from my point of view. Is this the normal behaviour or is it a bug? I want to be sure before sending my file for printing. Thank you
  5. new same purchased version of Publisher of 2 different pc's. Same document, (reading of a server) same text styles ( i have double checked) Baseline grid manager the same, everything the same and yet the document displays totally differently in so far as text overruns out of text boxes that it fitted in on the other machine. The whole document is built on Text styles for body and headings etc .. Whole paragraphs of text dont display as the text is overrun in the text box.. Its like the font was 2 points bigger in size. but they are the same Garamond 10 pt on both machines....Is this normal?? I cant fathom it..Any help?its like ?
  6. How can I select all the text in a document? The background is that the spell check language is set to English and the actual language of the document is German. I wish to select all the text in the document and change it in one fell swoop from English to German. I have tried selecting all the pages in the "Pages" window on the left of the UI, and I have tried selecting all the Text Layers in the Layers window on the right of the UI, but unfortunately neither of them worked. Interestingly, selecting the Text Layers did seem to select all the Text Boxes in the document, but when I changed the language in the Character Tab, it had no effect. Thanks for any help! Steve
  7. Does publisher supports all languges that Word supports like Arabic and Hebrew?
  8. I've just purchased Publisher. Before I install and use it, can someone please let me know if I can import an InDesign page/file into Publisher and work on it, and also if after creating a page/file in Publisher I can export it to InDesign for further work? Thanks.
  9. Hi All, I am new to Affinity range. In PagePlus I had a text frame and I click on "Justify Paragraph". That kind of makes the text even within the text frame. In Affinity Publisher I see I have more choices, but experimenting I could find similar result. Did I miss something? Or how do I set this up and save as a favourite? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, Is there a way to export just a section (as defined in the section manager) in Publisher? Many thanks, Bert
  11. Hey all. I am creating a new document. In it, I want to set different background colors for different pages. In InDesign, I used to draw a rectangle and change its color and move it all the way to the back to set background color for a page. In Publisher, I noticed that for a page number defined in master, its properties like color could be changed for an individual page. So I assumed same would apply if I added a rectangle to the master page and made it spread to all corners of the page. But I can't change the background color for this rectangle from a new page. In the attached image, I have set the background color to green, and page number color to orange. Now in the pages panel, I can change the page number color to magenta. How do I go about setting a background color for pages? Thanks!
  12. I am thrilled with the release version of Publisher for hundreds of reasons. But I am very dismayed by how poorly the hyperlink function actually works. Whether I am attempting to hyperlink to another page or to a URL, it hardly ever succeeds. When I input the specifications, and hit return, Publisher simply quits entirely. Sooooo frustrating!! Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Or is there a new build available? This is really messing me up on a project right now. I would love it if there was a way to fix this unfortunate bugginess. Please let me know. Thanks.
  13. Hi Affinity Staff, I have been working through publisher and changing a filler text to two columns. On pressing the drop-down error to change to 2, the application crashes. I re-opened Publisher which presented an option to restore the file, so I did. This time, I decided to type 2 in the column field and hit the return key and the application crashes again. Please find attached the crash_report. Kind Regards, Nana Affinity Publisher [1807]_Crash_When_changing_column_text_frame.txt
  14. I can’t help thinking that Publisher is missing a huge market segment if nothing else if it doesn’t also include ebook production. it already does excellent pdf creation, and a number of other formats, but not true ebook production as Vellum does. Just a thought. Quote ”Created with usability and elegance in mind, Vellum is a fantastic software for creating Apple-, Kobo- and Amazon-approved ebooks and POD books with one click. While there are other, much cheaper software solutions to do this for you, some of them even listed in this guide, Vellum is unique: it creates not only professional but beautiful text-centric ebooks. If your goal is to create a book as elegant as a Penguin edition, Vellum can be your choice. The creators took care of everything: simple to use, efficiently imports from Word, and easy to change things even after the epub export.”
  15. Hi, We have just installed Publisher on our Mac. But Studio Link is sadly not working. I tried all the "fixes" i found in this forum allready, but it still doesn't work. I tried to close and reopen all 3 programms in many different orders. I reinstalled all of them i updated to the latest 1.7.1 Versions off all of the Apps I Checked the firewall options … Is there like a config file on mac, where you can specify the path of Photo and Designer? Thanks in advance
  16. Is it possible to save changes to afphoto/afdesin file directly in Publisher? Changes are saved to only afpub, linked documents won't be changed.
  17. LyricsGirl

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  18. Within Publiser I activate Photo Persona to crop the picture. This does not work. All it does is move the pocture around in the frame, as if I had selected the move tool (which I did not). I have W10 and the latest Publisher. Harold
  19. Hi All, I am new to the affinity range (used the Serif DrawPlus, PhotoPlus and PagePlus for many years and love them), so please pardon silly questions. I have all 3 new affinity apps for Desktop. I want to make sure I understand the "StudioLink" feature correctly. If I am in Publisher for example, I can click on Designer icon on top left and use the functionality of Designer within Publisher, and "object1" drawn is within Publisher. No need to switch Apps, correct? If I create a object in Designer, then place (insert) this in Publisher as "Linked source" and want to make changes to that object2, where should I make that change? Should I open Designer, edit object2 and it will automatically refresh in Designer? Or would I edit object2 directly in Publisher and it will refresh in Publisher AND save changes to the original object2 in Designer document? Thanks in advance
  20. Hello I am a bit confused on a "place image" UI when I bring in some image it add a panel called Place images on the right Now I have import all ±100 photos I want to used for my photobook design and the minute I click on another tool the panel with all the images disappears How do I get it back I can't find it anywhere in the menus is this by design or am I just blind ?
  21. Hi guys Designer and Photo create a special folder on iCould Drive, Publisher don't. For consistency reasons it would be nice if this could be added, also I am hardly utilising this feature with Designer and Photo. Cheers, Roland
  22. Hello, when I try to add Emojis to a text frame, I just get a square box showing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting I need to turn on? Thanks! Mark
  23. I wish I didn't have to write this but I'm a designer in a consultancy firm, and I'm often asked to produce work in the abomination that is Powerpoint (due to client insistence on retaining editabilty with their software). Sometimes I'm even asked to make 'print-ready' PPT files - don't ask! Nothing would make me happier than to be able to produce the design with all the great tools in Publisher, and then export to an editable .PPT file at the end. I imagine a few things would be needed to make this work - blend modes seem like a big one, so background images would probably have to get layer-merged, and it would presumably be RGB-only, but just having proper align/distribute tools would make my life a much happier place One additional benefit is that the consultants here are forever complaining about the enormous file-sizes that Powerpoint decks and their outputted PDFs come to - it seems it doesn't have a good image compression system. I bet Affinity's compression could do a far smarter job. I'm sure I could sell a whole bunch of licenses here if this functionality could be built, and in other companies I know, so hopefully it will be of interest. I wonder if anyone else on the forum has this need? P.S. Great work on all your software team!
  24. Hi, Affinity Designer For iPad, at least in my setup, is not saving Publisher created files properly. If I make a file in Publisher Desktop and save to iCloud>customFolder, then "Open from Cloud" open file in Designer iPad, make a few edits, then save, it will not updated the file in iCloud>customFolder, but will instead write the updates to a new file of the same name in iCloud>Affinity Designer (default icloud app folder) I discovered this by accident and reproduced the error. 1. Create new multipage file in AfPublisher Desktop 2. Save in iCloud>WHATNOT folder 3. Close 4. “Open from iCloud” in AfDesigner iPad and make some edits across the pages, like this line. Save, close, save. close. 5. File in iCloud>WHATNOT is NOT updated. Went lookin elsewhere. 6. New updated version of the file in iCloud>Affinity Designer folder. Same name, but now has the afdesign extension where it showed no extension on original desktop save. 7. Opened in AfPublisher Desktop and added this test. Save and close. 8.Publisher Desktop did not move or make a new file. The file opened from iCloud>Affinity Designer was saved back to the same folder/ file. Expected behavior is that step 5 should not happen. Designer iPad was supposed to save in the same location in opened from. So yeah, this is one of the main ways I want to use Publisher and Designer together. Major bug as far as I'm concerned. (FWIW. 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, latest iOS and latest versions of Affinity Software across the board. 2018 Macbook Pro OS10.14 reproduced the bug. First found the bug with a Publisher file that started on a 10 year old Mac Pro running 10.13.)