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Found 23 results

  1. I've just switched to Affinity from Adobe. In Adobe indesign there is an option to "Create outlines" of text, which converts all the text to paths. Is this possible to do Affinity Publisher?
  2. This thread is for people (like me) who are interested and hoping for support of Indic languages in Affinity Version 2 (V2). Sadly, there is still no support for Indic languages as of this moment, the 9th November, 2022. Features may be added in a future point-update or point-release. Let's all remain positive and hopeful that the staff and developers at Serif keeps the dialogue for Indic Languages and RTL Language support as open.
  3. So I've finally been able to afford the collective bundle for the cross platform Affinity V2 Suite. I've been so excited to get it for ages, and last night I finally did. Unfortunately, I'm moving across from the Adobe suite (the programs my uni uses). I'm working away at a publication and have tried to bring an idml over to affinity. This has so far been met with much difficulty. Primarily, many tutorials for the resource manager are out of date. It took me much longer than I'd like to admit to find the Resource manager in the Window menu, not the Document menu as almost all tutorials still say it is. Now that I've found it and have begun trying to reconnect everything, I'm running into more issues. I told the manager to look into the links folder of the publication, which it finally did, and it seemed to work (kind of). Except now, it says some assets are linked, but are somehow missing. When I go to the folder they're there - same names, formats, files, everything. Yet the manager says they're 'Missing'. It's making me go through and manually relink almost every single image which is already there in the folder. Surprisingly, some of the images have linked okay, but it doesn't seem to have any defining pattern. Image format, size, nothing seems to dictate whether they'll show up missing. I've attached a screenshot showing the issue, with the resulting file explorer window opened through Affinity after pressing 'Relink' and the subsequent file explorer window if opened through Windows. Luckily, I'm still near the start of the publication and I want to persevere with this, but so far I'm feeling pretty let down. I am looking forward to seeing if the experience improves though, and definitely looking forward to the profile switching/sharing.
  4. Hallo... how can I hide this little blue border of the images boxes from a master page? thank you!
  5. I waste so much time because even in V2 the export dialog cannot remember the pdf export settings I have chosen. We've been complaining about the default to 'spreads' forever, and it is still here. Remembering dialog box settings wasn't rocket science 25 years ago. I'd love to record this as a bug, but I guess it is still just a mere feature request.
  6. When I prefer embedded, why do I sometimes have to search for missing files?
  7. Publisher is my least favorite Affinity app. It is totally non-intuitive because it seems to be based on MS Word which is not a page layout program. It is a word processing program that companies insist on using for page layout. I have used Pagemaker, Quark, and InDesign. I have an about statement in a boiler plate for a press release. There are no text styles applied Pic 1. The first line below the about statement is 9/13 type (9 pt type on 13 pt leading). I have to manually set this every time because Publisher insists on creating solid text (the type size is equal to the leading). Every other page layout app will automatically set the leading to be 2 or 3 pts larger than the type size Pic 2. I want to increase the leading to 14 points on the first line only to separate in from the About header. Look at the huge jump that it makes when I change it by 1 pt to 14. Anybody have any ideas why this happens? TIA
  8. The lack of the ability to insert formulas in a Publisher V1 table meant I had to return to Serif PagePlus (why does an 'upgrade' have fewer features than the original?). The advertised posiiblity of importing excel files into Publisher V2 seemed to fix this but I haven't been able to do this. The Help led me to believe that one should select the Open command from the File menu but when I do the File Open dialogue doesn't allow me to select a .xlsx file. I can drag and drop an .xlsx file from Windows Explorer but only the contents of the first cell are displayed in the Affinity document.
  9. How do I format the size of endnote marks (the brackets that surround the text)? I had an issue where the endnotes were generating at a ridiculous font size of 47pt. I don't know why, but it may be picking that up from the v1 template that I'm using? I've managed to edit the text style to a more reasonable 10pt., but the bracket note marks are still showing at the large size (see picture).
  10. Hi, I have been through my document and used the Section Manager to create the appropriate sections, having the page numbering start with Page 1 on the first chapter. It all looks good and I have double checked everything. But, when I create a table of contents via the TOC tab, the first section is not included and the TOC is created twice. Not sure what I may be doing incorrectly. TIA. Kindest regards, Graham
  11. Hey everyone! #AffinityV2 #Windows I have a disturbing bug in a workflow senario that worked well in V1 but there is such a frustration in V2: While having a file at desktop or other folder, I want to quickly open it in an app, so I create some shortcuts on desktop for frequently used programs. When I drag a compatible file on a V1 app, it opens it immediately. While I already manage to create similar shortcuts for V2, unfortunately this is not working. How can someone achieve that same workflow? I am attaching a video capture on what I mean, for convenience reasons: affinity-apps_openwith01.mp4
  12. Since downloading v2.0.4, I am finding disc access to be excruciatingly slow when opening or placing files (and perhaps other operations that I have yet to uncover). This happens with all three Affinity Apps. Finder displays files in the same locations almost instantly, even in a large icon view mode, but it can take 20-30 seconds for Affinity apps to even display filenames when opening or placing files. This happens in Column, List, or Icon view modes. This didn't happen in v2.0.3 on my MacBook Pro and only started with v2.0.4. I consider this a bug because it hampers usability. I'm on OS X Ventura 13.2, 2017 MBP with 15" monitor, and files are on an external 2TB HDD hooked up to my MBP Thunderbolt port. I have plenty of RAM, plenty of free HDD space, etc. Screenshots attached.
  13. When I try to switch and .afdesign document layers on and off from within Publisher, I'm ending up with some very odd behaviour. I can't even quite identify where the problem lies. Please see attached video which demonstrates the problem. I have several artboards within the afdesign document, each with their own layers which I want to turn on and off within publisher, depending on what it is I'm trying to show. I'm wondering whether there is some sort of conflict because there are several artboards, so I'm next going to try separating the artboards into their own afdesign files, and see whether this solves the issue. However, this is clearly a bug, since this is definitely not the expected behaviour. 2023-01-14 11-08-28.mp4
  14. I've run into a niggling issue in formatting a book, where text autoflow is skipping a page, i.e. the right-hand page of a spread is linking to the next RH page, not the LH one. Now, I figured out from this thread that it's because the LH page has text on it. However, the text in question is the document title in the master page header, which I can't seem to insert as a field (the RH master has a field in the header, which seems fine re text flow. The help pages say that available fields include Author, Tags, Comments, Title, Subject, and Revision. Yet 'title' is not an option on the insert field menu, unless you select 'more', which brings up a box where I can type in the document title. Doing this populates the master page with the doc title, but it's not showing as a field, just text. Is there a way round this? Am I missing something simple? (more than likely! 😄)
  15. Today I was really exited about Affinity Version 2, so I have bought the new full suite (3 software for Mac and 3 software for iPad Pro). Using affinity publisher version 2, I tried to open the file I created with affinity publisher version 1 and... an horrible surprise: I opened the file, scrolled same pages, and after 10-20 seconds the app freezes completely. I tried to force the app to quit, I tried a few more times to reopen the file, but affinity publisher version 2 always freezes.. I tried to restart my Mac, I tried to go to affinity publisher > preferences and strongly increase the memory the app can use on my Mac (closing every other app in background), but unfortunately publisher V2 keeps freezing after few seconds. So, I tried to reopen the document and, without scrolling any pages (in order to avoid that the app immediately freeze), I immediately tried to run a preflight check of the document.. the app freezes almost immediately without completing the preflight check. Please, can I send my file to affinity staff, in order to help me? In the meanwhile I can use affinity publisher version 1, but this is a temporary solution (since publisher 1 won't receive further updates in the future, and I don't like the idea of working with a software that will be outdated in te future), so it's crucial for me to understand the situation: - if it's a stability bug, there is no problem: I can wait for stability improvements (in the meantime I can keep using publisher v1) - if it's an hardware problem (see below the Mac I'm using) or a MacOS problem (see below the Mac I'm using), there is no problem: if with a newer and more powerful Mac the file works perfectly with affinity publisher version 2 (so that the problem is my Mac), I can wait for MacOS updates and in the following year I'm planning to buy a new Mac; - but.. it's crucial to me to understand if affinity publisher v2 no longer supports files like mine (file created with publisher V1, that works with publisher V1, but not with publisher V2), so that I should look for another type of software (I won't ask for a refund of the purchase, since I'll keep using affinity suite for other lighter purposes, but I really need to know if this is only a bug or I'm asking too much to this software) I hope somebody can help me (if I need to buy some sort of technical support, I don't mind, I just want to understand the situation and I hope to solve the problem, since I really LOVED affinity publisher V1). Thank you very much Andrea Hardware: - mackbook pro 13 inch, 2017 - intel core i7, - Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB - RAM 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 - 1TB OS: - Mac OS Ventura 13.0 Software: - Affinity Publisher 2.0.0 (I've bought the new software today) What happens when affinity publisher v2 freezes: - see the attached screenshot System monitor when affinity publisher v2 freezes: - CPU skyrockets and then system monitor tells me that affinity publisher version 2 is unresponsive: see the second attached screenshot Another attempt with Publisher for iPad I tried to open that file with affinity publisher for iPad, since my iPad is newer and more powerful than my Mac (I have an iPad Pro 12.9", 2021, M1, 2TB, iPadOS16). When I tried to open the file with affinity publisher for iPad I see a really strange massage: a popup tells me that affinity Publisher for iPad cannot open the file since it "includes functions of a newer version of affinity publisher"... but that file was created with affinity publisher version 1!). See the third attached screenshot.
  16. Hi! I used several templates in publisher v1 for windows, color CMYK, Fogra39 Now i opened this template in v2, adjusted some vector grafics (also cmyk) 100/100/100/100 —> solid black. The color looks very grey instead of black. Now the interesting part: When toggling now to the preview mode: color is shown directly! Also export to eg PDF shows the correct colors. Using the exact same file in v1 and inserting the same vector grafic -> all view modes and exports are correct. Any idea?
  17. I am trying to add external pages to a document. This works once or twice, before the program crashes out and closes. Upon reopening the document and trying the same process again, it just keeps crashing repeatedly... Anyone having the same issue or found a workaround to stop this happening? Cheers.
  18. Hey Everybody I'm working in Publisher V2 in the Photo Persona on macOS Monterey. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a mistake on my part. When I try to edit the mask with the Brush tool it seems like I haven't turned the opacity on the brush all the way up. And then even when I paint over it multiple times I can't get the value to be completely black. I have selected the Mask Layer, opacity is up, flow is up. I thought maybe one of the adjustments layers is affecting the Mask, but hiding the adjustment layers doesn't solve the problem. Anybody can explain to me what is happening here? never had that problem before. The parts that I circled is the "maximum blackness" that I can paint the mask. Thanks for the help Josh
  19. Returning to this topic of ODF import in Publisher. And since there is now the option for Dropbox as linked service, it would be nice to add Google as Linked Service and be able to use Google Spreadsheets as data merge file
  20. I'm not sure if this is a bug, oversight, missing feature, or I just can't find a way to do it but I need to change my workspace color to something much darker. I can set a UI preferences to a dark theme and that's a big start but the document color, even when set to transparent is still white (light grey checker is still very bright). This actually increases eye strain against the dark background & UI. My expectation would be that the shades of the transparent document space shift with the light/dark theme and background or artboard sliders. Dragging a rectangle over every page isn't a viable option for publisher and and even in designer creates other issues since I want the "blank" space when time to export out transparent images or for printing without having to find and disable every cover-up cludge. This is an accessibility issue for me (and long term eye health for everyone) but applies to general industry of printing to color or non-bleached stock or anyone that works in teams and one may prefer dark screens and another bright.
  21. If I open the file with V1 everything OK If I open the file with V2 I see many errors No changes to the file No changes to the .csv data source see attachments
  22. Here's a short and simple issue I found on starting Publisher V2: When I click Help->Quickstart Guide, it takes me to the Designer Quickstart (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/learn/designer/desktop/quickstart/) Confused the heck out of me at first!
  23. Guys, come on. You already have anchors. You already have hyperlinks to anchors. PLEASE give us the ability to insert the page number of an anchor and have it update when we rearrange pages. This is vital for creating hard copy reference manuals. I really hoped this would be included in V2 but I'm looking around and I can't find a way to do it. I don't want to do the "two frame/next frame page" method anymore, especially when I have literally dozens of references to make, per page, through a book that's over a hundred pages long. If there's a way to do this now, please let me know. If there isn't, please, PLEASE add it in.
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