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  1. Please enable the ability to force a locked layer to become a snapping candidate. Often times I lock layers so I don't accidentally edit them, but periodically I still want to snap other objects to them. A suggestion would be to hover over a locked layer while holding Alt (to ignore the fact that it's locked) to add that layer to the snapping candidates.
  2. I can't pin down exactly what's triggering this. Maybe hardware acceleration related? The strokes stop rendering when reaching the previous bounds of the parent vector layer. Hiding and showing the layer resets it. 2022-06-24 00-52-31.mkv
  3. Hi Affinity Team Would it be possible to add functionality to export all the layers from a document to separate files? (especially in Affinity Photo) We often get multilayer .psd's from our clients containing a bunch of supers and splashes that we need to animate on TVC's, and we always need to export each layer out as a separate image file. In PS there is a "script" called "Export layers to files" but it is quite limited regarding file formats and saving options. So I request the addition of a "Export layers to separate files" check box in the export dialog for all formats. And regarding the naming of the outputted files then it could be just as simple as "documentName_layerName.ext". Good work so far, I'm really looking forward for the official release of Affinity Photo Cheers /johs
  4. It would be very nice if you could collapse all layers at once in the layers panel. Layers become very difficult to work with when you have many of them since selecting objects expands the parent layer, so you have to scroll back up and manually collapse them yourself. Perhaps you could have it so that layers are only expanded for as long as the item within it is selected? That way, after deselecting an object, the layer expansion goes back to its previous state, which is ether expanded or collapsed. Am I making any sense?
  5. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  6. Hello, how can I duplicate a layer at Affinity Photo at the iPad Pro?
  7. I was sent a .afdesign file that has a completed image inside of it. My goal is to have it exported to Photoshop, label each layer and then kick it over to AfterEffects for animation. The client told me they added "Black and White" on the whole object within Affinity Designer and underneath the single layers are still blue. I'm trying to have the entire image exported to a .svg while keeping the black and white gradients intact so I don't have to recreate the entire detailed image from scratch. They also said "with this Black and White Adjustment you kind of have every layer in B/W" but they don't know how to export it properly, because as you can see, it's still blue if you look at the right side of the image. Is there any way to have both the black and white export AND keep the single individual layers? Because the single layers are how I'll be animating everything independently. Trying to export as black and white.mp4
  8. I purchased Affinity Photo months ago. Ever since then, I have been having a few issues with the software. The issues I'm having with the software are the layers are blurred or something like that for a few seconds when I use Effects. When I used the text or a specific type font or do anything with the text, like change the size of the text, duplicate the text, and move the text, the transparent canvas would show up (some of the transparent canvas would show up). Also, when I open up a file, the layers, adjustments, layer effects, and live filters become blurred for a few seconds, then go back to normal. Now, I'm going to tell Affinity support about the issues I'm having, but I just want to post it in this forum to see if anyone else is having the same issues, as I am. Also, if someone could help me solve these issues.
  9. Hi, some years ago, I made already a video to this topic. Meanwhile the former method doesn't work with the updates/upgrades. But there is another method. 😊 And in this video, I show this. Ciao Jack
  10. I don't see how to create a feature (object/layer) that is visible, but won't print.
  11. Hi all, our office switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer recently. We have some questions about the layers and artboards function. 1. We struggle with the artboard function which is connected with layers. We need global layers with recurring elements (like logo, client, etc.) which we can switch on/off and lock easy on one layer and not individually on every single artboard. We suceeded in creating these global layers, but if you move the artboard these global layers are not moved with the artboard. Why??? 2. Every new element we create is automatically moved to the artboard on which the element is created instead of a defined global layer. So you have a lot of moving of elements afterwards... Is it possible to detach the artboard and layer function like in Illustrator??? Attached is a Screenshot with global layer (Ebenen) and the artboards. Thanks a lot and I hope someone can help!
  12. My mouse was up here, I double click and a totally unrelated layer starts getting renamed??
  13. Hello, When I open this PSD files layers doesn't show up as expected. Did someone have a solution ? (btw when opening in photopea everything works well) Thank you. 20220304_BDP_QUARTUS_RILLEUX_PC2.psd have receive a PSD file, but w
  14. Have you ever tried to arrange objects in the layers panel only to loose them, and then find it nestled in a collapsed group of objects? Ever try and move an object so it clips anther object and it ends up with an unexpected result? Ever wonder what those enigmatic icons in the layer thumbnails are trying to tell you? This guide is for anyone with those questions. From folks that are new to Affinity Products, to people who has been using it for years and struggled with the behaviour of layers. This 3-page visual how-to guide will hopefully help reveal any or all of the cryptic layer mysteries! The guide is in English for desktop versions of the products, designed the Windows version, tested mostly in Affinity Designer, but should translate well to Affinity Photo and Publisher. I would love to hear your feedback, if you notice any errors, have any additions, and/or let me know if it helps you, please chime in! NOTE: PDF DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM. Please download it! Cheers, Dave Vector Affinity Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, Adjustments.pdf
  15. Hi All, Fairly basic question here. I was trying to figure out how to combine to selections on the same photo and couldn't find the modifier key to do it. So I created the selection across 2 layers with 2 masks. Now how do I combine the selections into one layer with a one layer mask? I know there is probably an easier way to do this, but I am not that good with affinity photo yet. Thanks Dan
  16. Hello, First things first - I am a newbie to the Affinity software or any kind of photo editing/design software so I will explain as clearly as I can. I am using a MacBook air 2015 model. I am using affinity photo to make some greeting cards. I scanned my watercolour artwork into a new affinity project and made corrections using adjustments to get the art looking good. Then I saved the file into finder and then opened up a fresh affinity photo file. I set the page dimensions up correctly and then used the guide line manager to split the A4 document into 4 equal quadrants in portrait. I then imported my edited artwork as an affinity project file on the top right quadrant and then added text for the back of the card on the top left quadrant. I then grouped these layers and duplicated so I could move to the bottom two quadrants. This means that when I print the file, I save paper having 2 A6 cards from one document. However, even though the group was duplicated and simply shifted to the bottom quadrants, it appears lighter than the top two quadrants on the document? When I shift the group of layers on the bottom of the document to the top, it appears as identical to the top. This effect is carried onto the printing stage and artwork at the bottom is mildly lighter. Is this a bug or am I being completely stupid? Sorry for the extended post, trying to be as clear as possible. Happy to send screenshots or anything if it helps. P.S - If there are any decent affinity photo courses out there you recommend trying then let me know! Thank you in advance!
  17. Hello, I am looking for a way to automate creating of a collage for product photography for several product items. I would have a set of images for each product and I would like to place and resize them into predefined slots of the final collage then export it as a single tiff/jpeg (a rough example is attached). Ideally, there would be a macro that would allow me to select the 5 files in specific order, resize, place in predefined slots on the canvas, apply some border effects and export. I played with the macro functionality, but there does not seem to be a way to open new files or copy/paste from already open files in specific order into the main "template" document. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Thanks Tomas
  18. Hello, I have a situation where I have ~650 layers, all well named that I need to search through quickly to hide/show for different permutations of an image. Is there a way I can either sort the layers alphabetically to find them more easily or search for them. Thanks.
  19. I am getting the message: Please select an RGB pixel layer before entering Develop, when I either attempt to close out photo project or access development persona. I'm new to Affinity and am basically listening it via on-line Vimeo videos and playing around with it. I have no idea how to address this or how to cancel it out. Help appreciated.
  20. In Affinity Photo, if you hold alt+click and drag a layer, it should create a copy of the layer. In Photoshop it's a really quick way of creating copies of layers.
  21. Hello! For the past few hours I have been searching for a solution to the problem of importing an affinity designer SVG file into blender. I can import the file but it doesn't process the right way in blender. All the layers are mixed up, curves that are pasted inside other curves protrude. I have looked through the forums and have watched YouTube videos but none of the fixes seem to address this issue. I very much appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this.
  22. Description: When moving complex layer objects (groups, children and added FX/Adjustments) Affinity Photo will regularly softlock. Details: Repro: Create new document: Create a complex layer group (nested groups, children, fx and adjustments) Select a group and hold shift to move it: Notice: this works fine Now change the size of the image (use more memory) Move the layers around some more - this might not soft lock, if it doesn't, increase the document further (10000 dpi) Keep moving individual layers and groups around When I made a selection and then moved a group, the application soft locked.
  23. Please don't allow changes to hidden layers. Too often I've found myself painting on a hidden layer and not realizing it. Photoshop gives you a warning if you try and do so and makes you reveal the layer before any changes or marks are made. I would very much like to see this behavior replicated in Photo. Thanks for your consideration.
  24. When I load an original map image (JPG) into AFFPhoto, I create a duplicate of the untouched image as a new layer below the original. My intent is to preserve the duplicated layer as a backup in case I go down a rabbit hole and I can't find Alice. On MAC, it seems that edits to the original image file such as cropping, rotating, etc. are "synced" to the duplicate layer below and now both layers are identical. How do I crop & rotate and edit the original image without carrying over the edits to the duplicated image in the layer below the original image layer?
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