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  1. My take is that quite a few of the problems originate from Apple making gratuitous changes to MacOS in their never ending quest to turn my MacBook Pro into a poor imitation of a cell phone.
  2. I agree that this is not an optimal solution. However, I think we really need to remember that at least a portion of the problem is owned by Apple. They are slowly trying to close down free access to applications for the Mac to make it more like the iPhone/iPad where you have no choice but to pay the Apple tax for access to any application. Their argument is "security", but this appears to go beyond realistic security and just makes it more and more difficult for developers. The real answer is probably for enough vendors to say "enough!" and refuse to sell through the Apple store.
  3. Ok ... problem resolved (for me). I couldn't resist the $25 license deal, so bought another (native) license and dumped the Mac App Store version.
  4. Yes. The Google version - paid for before Google took it over and made it free. I am disinclined to pay for it again (just for re-branding). It does actually work fine with the beta (which, of course, no longer works since I updated to 1.8.2)
  5. Yes, Tried plugins with the new release, still not working (but they do work with the Beta). Can we get an ETA on a fix (or the availability of a direct download license) please? Are you REALLY going to force me to buy another license to get a fix for this???
  6. I already mentioned this, but I am going to say it again: Vendors of other software with persistent problems caused by restrictions imposed by Apple App Store sandboxing requirements are giving the option of a licence for non-sandboxed versions from their own store for those people suffering from Apple's requirements. Unless Apple have some contractual language specifically forbidding this (and if so, it would be good to know, so that we can avoid using the Apple App store in future) it really should not be difficult to issue these licenses.
  7. That's a bit brutal ... but it may be the fastest way to solve the problem.
  8. I have two Synology NAS. Both work ok with AP 1.8.1. MacOS 10.15.3 DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4 Did you try rebooting (Mac and Synology??)
  9. Attaching a short video to illustrate the problem with the Sharpen AI plugin. I suppose I should mention that this is the App Store version. This shows the application running stand-alone. I think the resolution is good enough to be able to see that there is a difference in the split-screen when sharpening is applied. The second half uses the same image loaded into Affinity Photo, and the Sharpen AI plugin run from there. As you can see, with the same settings, there is no difference whatsoever between the two halves of the split-screen. It is just not working when run as a plugi
  10. I have installed the (evaluation) Topaz DeNoise AI, which appears to work, however the (evaluation) Sharpen AI plugin appears to crash. It begins processing, gets to 1% and vanishes. No visible difference to the image in Affinity Photo. Works fine stand alone. Edit: I don't really understand how this is, but if I fire up Sharpen AI on an image apply some sharpening and use the split screen, I can (of course) see a difference. If I open the same image in Affinity Photo and run Sharpen AI as a plugin, I can move the sharpness slider fully over but it shows absolutely no difference in
  11. Other vendors have done this in the past (issue a license based upon an Apple Store purchase). If you could, I would probably be a taker. Still no update on the Apple Store for me (MacOS).
  12. Another vote for one bit images. I don't like having to fire up my old Photoshop just to do this.
  13. I initially saw "Alise" too. But that isn't a particularly English name, particularly 18th century name. The Mainwarings are were pervasive in that part of the country that I think people see/saw that by default. Capitalization of the word "Housemaid" doesn't seem right. The rest of the writing has correct capitalization. Really, it has to be a proper noun for capitalization, and the handwriting suggests someone that knows English. This is a university. I have suggested pulling the piece of skirting board off again and spending a couple of days with it in the
  14. Thanks for that. I think its about as good as we are going to get from that photo. Never thought of the burn tool.... but did try different blend modes. The third line is probably Alice Mainwaring, they were/are a fairly well known family in the area. The last word doesn't make much sense ... unless its "Housemaid", which it could be. The last name is Sarah Salmon. A few people have seen the date as 1st of April -- that was what I first saw. I can't make any sense at all of the second line even now that I can see it :-)
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