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  1. I'm seeing this too. An option for printers marks on Jpegs would be useful too.
  2. Thanks, but it is a favour for a friend and I'm not a designer by trade so didn't have another option bar subscribing to ID. Anyway I think I'll try duplicating and masking and see if that works.
  3. Hi all. I'm in a bit of a pickle with a document that I've laid out as spreads so as to be able to place images that span the double page spread. The printer wants just the individual pages with 3mm bleed on all edges. In ID this wasn't too much of a problem as I'd duplicate the image and crop each to it's own pages' bleed edge. With AP when I do the same thing the image frame rescales the image meaning nothing will align. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  4. adrianlambert

    Hide frame edges / Preview

    I agree with this, a very useful and simple aspect of ID.
  5. adrianlambert

    Image sizing

    I'm struggling with this too.
  6. adrianlambert

    Snapping at spread mid point

    Edit: Sorry, centre of images won't snap to spread mid points, edges do, and text box edges do as well. Probs not a bug.
  7. Snapping at the spread mid point isn't working for me. (MacOS 10.13.6)
  8. adrianlambert

    Wacom graphic tablet support

    Just to clarify, the tablet can plug into apple’s usb3 camera adapter with the help of an external usb power bank, just like the Apple usb to Ethernet adapter and many other devices and allows for a more ergonomic “feel” and position for longer term use.
  9. This will sound crazy to some but I have an Apple Pencil and find it much less efficient than a tablet due to the ability to hover over an area. I guess it’s become second nature after using graphics tablets for years. I saw that Procreate has third party tablet support and wondered if it might be possible to integrate it with Affinity Photo too. It’s great to be further back from the screen too. I have the tiny intuos photo pen and touch which is small enough to carry anywhere.
  10. We all love wifi for surfing and watching videos but for transferring large image files? Come on!! Could you please enable iTunes file sharing please please please so that I can get on with my work not at a snails pace?
  11. adrianlambert

    Save a copy

    interestingly the files app seems mohave lost track of the folder that affinity photo was saving a copy to.
  12. adrianlambert

    Save a copy

    Saving a copy of 16bit files from a canon 5ds to an iPad folder in the iOS files app seems to only work 50% of the time. I repeated get a never ending spinner saying Save a Copy but nothing happens. Also this process - or the need to force quit the app has left one of my images that I'd edited in the app unreadable by the app.
  13. adrianlambert

    Brush/eraser feathering on mask layers

    Should have said initially that the result was the same. If the eraser brush isn't supposed to have feathered edges why isn't that option greyed out? Here's a grab using the paint brush as you suggest - same result.
  14. I'm trying to blend in some aspects of one layer onto another but when i use a brush or the eraser to change the alpha mask the edge is always hard even when i set it to zero hardness. If you look closely at the screen grab the mask layer thumbnail shows a feathered brush but the image shows a hard edged circle.
  15. adrianlambert


    ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL! Impossible to justify using as a professional without this feature. Please fast-track this request.

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