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  1. BTW these are for my daughter to raise money to travel to Kenya as part of a an initiative to get children to contribute to building schools there. SO we're really grateful to you for this help.
  2. Thank you so much @anto and @hangman! I see now that the field was duplicated and placed directly on top of my original <date> field. Sorry, I hadn't followed you there with that crucial bit of info.
  3. There are 42 days in my sheet in AP. The field is set to refer to the Date column in the csv. How can it know that there is a different requirement if I split the columns up as per @anto's video?
  4. Yes but how does AP know how to split the text style for each column when it's all populating the same repeating field?
  5. It's OK I get how to split the data, just wondering how it will work with the data merge though. Previously I made a new text style with the date set to grey as you suggested and manually set the style on the ones that were from the previous or next month.
  6. I'm wondering how the <Date> field would deal with the two columns? It looks to me that I'd need to manually specify a bunch of dates and set the fields to be <date_prev>, and that the number of days would vary month to month. Or is there a way that the field in AP could spot an unpopulated cell and refer to the data in another cell?
  7. Thanks for the response. Here are my documents. I’d be grateful if you could help. 2024 calendar side by side.afpub 2024-afpub-calendar_uk.csv
  8. Data Merge is ignoring the first field in the first row and inserting the next populated field in first row. Data merge manager preview shows the correct field.
  9. I've followed the instruction and advice and created a calendar for 2024 which is spot on except one odd issue. If I preview the first row I see the month appear where it previously showed <MONTH>. As I expected. But when I tap 'generate' where the preview showed January, I see February instead, but I see the dates and holidays for January. The month title is out of step all the way down until December where nothing is showing bar the year (<MONTH> 2024). Is this operator error? Or a bug?
  10. Great to hear that you're on it but this is a big big ball drop. Please be more careful with our files!!
  11. Gah, after trying one last time (8th or 9th attempt) it's kept my settings FML!
  12. What have you done??? It reset my working ICC settings and now I can't update them. The keep reverting to sRGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don't want to batch process - it's usually around 12 - 18 images all with different requirements. So it's very frustrating!
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