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  1. I will have to think about whether to use affinity and risk another headache or bit the bullet and rent indesign in the future. A shame given that I spent money on the affinity app because it says it can handle pdf export and colour workflows.
  2. Yep, I agree. Non-printing visible elements would be very helpful to me right now.
  3. Being a core function of a viable publishing application this is significant concern. Are Affinity using their own pdf code or that of the os?
  4. More than just confusing. It's problematic! Thanks for your help clarifying all this.
  5. Yep, I also set my document to be grey/8 in AP. Despite this when exporting PDF-Xx outputs the file was in CMYK. Is this part of the PDF-Xx spec? If so then why the grey options in the pane? Exporting to PDF1.7 resulted in a single plate output though.
  6. This was also my experience. Wasn't able to see the output intent until opening in acrobat so was wondering if this was added at that stage. But if you're seeing this too it looks like an AP issue.
  7. Thanks both. @thomaso The output intent according to acrobat is SWOP coated rather than the chosen profile with x4. @Lagarto I don't see a K Only option - maybe because the images are grayscale? It seems to work as expected if I export to PDF1.7 with embed profiles and connect images unselected and the space and profiles set to the document options which are 'Grey/8' and 'Generic Greyscale Profile' respectively.
  8. I'm trying to create a greyscale PDF X3 output for print but the print house says it's in 4 colour. Does anyone know the right settings to make a simple plate press ready PDF output? Images are in greyscale with the generic greyscale ICC, hence I've not asked the output to convert image colours.
  9. (BTW I recorded this in 1.7.3 so just checked and the beta behaviour is identical)
  10. Although It may be partially implemented as I see when I look at my master single pages the margins are to the left and right as I wanted them. The margins just don't get applied as per the master. Screen Recording 2020-01-29 at 15.22.56.mov
  11. I guess maybe this is a feature request for single master pages to be assigned to right or left, or for it to work it out based on the position in the doc? Just surprised it's been overlooked.
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