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Found 305 results

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to share my illustration "series". It's basically composed by a few movie (faceless) characters, which are pretty recognizable. There are more to come, I hope you like it!
  2. Band logo, font art, layout … just a crafted font … :) http://b-bertuleit.de/portfolio/digital-art/a-crafted-font/
  3. Have made these letters for a newspaper coming out this September in Japan. This image is a preview, the letters will be published one by one each in a square. 100% Affinity Designer (which is super-cool!)
  4. Vector illustration (AD), do you like it? http://b-bertuleit.de/luna-d-ray-2/
  5. giantlobsterprd

    Not listening (1)

    From a children's book I'm working on...
  6. Hi folks, here comes a little pretty bird. Vector graphics, no pixels, made with Affinity Designer. The first part of the series is a wireframe :) http://b-bertuleit.de/little-bird/
  7. ronniemcbride

    Center of Excellence

    IT been awhile sinceI posted something here. I have been crazy busy! I been using Affinity Designer on everything I can. I got three digital billboard designs I created that will be displayed in two major NY locations. Right now I am working on a simple illustration. This is my first round so feel free to comment critique or whatever. Everything was done in Affinity Designer.
  8. giantlobsterprd


    Based on a true story
  9. Hey! This is my first upload here, I just wanted to share a grayscale illustration of the beautiful skater Leticia Bufoni. 100% made in Affinity Designer, awesome software! I hope you like it! :D
  10. giantlobsterprd

    Bad weather

    Winter is coming.
  11. Done all in Affinity designer - background is just a stock paper image - the rest is vector with the pen and pencil tool used. I created a variable line profile and used the insert inside the selection to shade or scribble to give it a more hand drawn look. Serif keep developing - awesome app u got here!
  12. The first in a series of space exploration themed posters featuring quotes from Carl Sagan.
  13. bodobe

    Her Companion

    My Vector-Illustration "Her Companion", (now) edited with AP.
  14. Fox Illustration Affinity Designer #Concept
  15. bodobe


    A simple portrait (Vector Illustration), made with love. The feather boa has made me almost crazy ... ;)
  16. Bought both apps yesterday in hopes of replacing the very expensive Adobe offerings. So far, I'm happy for the most part. Bought Designer first, and broke it in by re-drawing my bands logo. From this logo, I made a tri-color t-shirt logo as well. I'll post that too, if anyone would like to see how that came out. This logo was done entirely in Affinity Designer. No other apps or freehand drawing was done.
  17. Done in Aff Designer - having fun with it!
  18. draweric

    Affinity Photo Coloring Ink

    Using Affinity Photo to color my scanned art is real dream and has made my life so much easier.
  19. Hello, another work with Affinity Designer, pure vector/without pixel. Mhh... where are actually all the cats? My cat (Fatalia) likes birds very much. For some special games and more ... ;)
  20. giantlobsterprd

    Buzzy bee desktop wallpaper

    Something I knocked out while awaiting some client feedback :) Have included full rez PNG, should anyone want it
  21. giantlobsterprd

    Quick selfie

    Here's a quick "selfie" I did for a blog I posted on LinkedIn. Love AD for this sort of stuff, you can knock out work really quickly when time is a factor. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/design-digital-depression-dan-robinson
  22. I try (test) Affinity Photo beta with different motives. Here are two cats from a children's book. Not really ;) , I just try several illustrations to ‚explore‘ AP. Previously Pohothosp was my home in graphics, now it’s AD and AP. That's a bit strange, but… very, very good. What is your own experience?
  23. bodobe


    vector drawing (AD), edited with APh (effects). I try Affinity Photo beta, and what can I say ... it’s damn good! :rolleyes:
  24. bodobe


    A little taste of retro: vector illustration (AD), finished with Affinity Photo beta.
  25. bodobe


    Portrait (vector illustration), using some self made brushes in AD (hair).