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Found 11 results

  1. I've tried to choose exporting with a transparent background (PNG) for this Designer 2 file. The matte is set to nothing but I still get a white background. I've made a quick video to detail all of this: https://d.pr/v/48SVS7 Hope it's a bug and that I don't have to switch the document background every time I want to export a transparent png or gif. Also, exporting to the size of the canvas/artboard is the only option. Being able to simply export selected and/or the entire piece (not the artboard) would be a great way to get exactly what you want and none of what you don't.
  2. Hey, is it possible to select a brush without it resetting the brush size? Every time I change the brush it gets reset to the default size the brush comes with (Designer 2). And yes, I don't want to duplicate the brush and set it.
  3. Hi there, I've tried searching for a recent thread addressing this issue - forgive me if it has been covered and I've missed it. I have used Affinity suite for ages and built up quite the collection of brushes. I now have a shiny new mac... but I don't know how to get my brushes across - except by tediously taking each category, one-by-one, and exporting it to the cloud. PLEASE tell me that there is a better way to do this? I really don't have time... Is there a folder in the bowels of my computer that I can copy across? Any help would be appreciated, thanks a tonne! Heather
  4. I had Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher 1 set in Window 10 Pro Graphics Settings to use High Performance. Now I have the three V2 applications, the browse button in Windows 10 Pro's Graphic settings seems unable to find the new versions. Is it no longer possible to force high graphics performance with the new version, or is there a work around?
  5. Hi everybody! In Designer v2 I notice a thing that is a little bit disturbing. It didn't happen in v1. If I open a vector graphic in Designer 2 it looks normal first. If I click on an object in this graphic, the path lines become visible (purple outlines). Is there a way to make them invisible? I can't find any working function for it. And it is really disturbing, especially if I'm painting with vector brushes (in that case the path lines are center lines). I already checked the Pixel Preview Mode, but the path lines stay visible. Possibly a bug? I'm on Windows 10.
  6. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is a bug or perhaps I'm missing something but anyways. With an object or curve selected when I bring up the color wheel by clicking the fill or stroke buttons and then drag across the colors the color HEX field is changing in real-time to represent that color (See A image). Now I understand that if I want to apply that same color to something else I can simply copy the HEX code from that field, select a different object or curve bring bring up the color wheel again and paste the code within its HEX field. This works sort of (See B image) as the color becomes grey except the hue value is different from original - the value of 86 for some reason becomes 0 even though the HEX code is the same. Furthermore, after the code has been pasted the HEX field and HSL become stuck, when I drag my mouse across colors it only shows the last pasted code within the HEX field and corresponding HSL (See C image). Is this a bug or normal behavior and I'm missing something? As a final note the color wheel under the "Color" tab, its HEX field works no problem. Additionally, by dragging my mouse across the colors and then bringing back the fill/stroke wheel and doing the same unsticks the HEX field until I paste another code.
  7. I'm not sure if this is a bug, oversight, missing feature, or I just can't find a way to do it but I need to change my workspace color to something much darker. I can set a UI preferences to a dark theme and that's a big start but the document color, even when set to transparent is still white (light grey checker is still very bright). This actually increases eye strain against the dark background & UI. My expectation would be that the shades of the transparent document space shift with the light/dark theme and background or artboard sliders. Dragging a rectangle over every page isn't a viable option for publisher and and even in designer creates other issues since I want the "blank" space when time to export out transparent images or for printing without having to find and disable every cover-up cludge. This is an accessibility issue for me (and long term eye health for everyone) but applies to general industry of printing to color or non-bleached stock or anyone that works in teams and one may prefer dark screens and another bright.
  8. After a curve merge, remove line with shape builder is not as expected. bug.afdesign
  9. Hi there I've just upgraded to Designer 2 on OSX and noticed that the export quality of my diagrams to png and jpeg is poor. The text is jagged no matter what setting I change. Even with tiff I have problems. Any thoughts?
  10. I can’t find how to rename my documents and projects in Designer 2 Don’t want lots of “New Project” everywhere
  11. How can I move projects over from Affinity Designer on the iPad to Affinity Designer 2 on the iPad? Is there an easy way? Thanks!
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