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  1. Hi Chris_K, thanks, this solves the issue. And yes, I was trying some things with brushes. Totally forgot about it. I used the brush, and later changed it to solid via the Stroke settings in the top menu (not the side panel). Which sometimes doesn't seem to work?!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I already feared that I will have to do something like this x_X But the idea of a vanishing point is nice. Since this is not the only object, this is a lot of work to do. Thank you very much for taking your time
  3. Hi, I have this small setup: I want to add a little perspective to the top two rows. Since there is no perspective tool I tried merging all the rectangles, but this obviously messes up my borders. I want to achieve this: Is there any trick to achieve this with little effort in Designer?! I think the perspective tool for Designer is in the making since 2016. Or did I miss something?!
  4. Hi, I have 2 spheres with just an outline. I added some pressure to it via the Stroke tool diagram. On one sphere a pressure of 0 is working correct (no outline), on the other one it isn't. See here: I attached the afdesign file. Is this a bug?! bug.afdesign
  5. Is there any way to prevent this rendered white line seen in this picture: I attached the project file to this post. Using Windows 10 including Creators Update Affinity Designer Regards, Irrgeist P.S. This line is also visible in pixel view. P.P.S. Okay, it's not visible after export as PNG. Nice! weird_white_border.afdesign
  6. I am changing to export Persona from Draw Persona and back. When coming back to the Draw Persona, the selected shape get's a stroke size set even tough it's set to nothing. Here's a Video (see the thick outline and set stroke size): https://youtu.be/n52IWI5Rj6E Windows 10 Affinity Designer Version
  7. I just wanted to thank you for developing such a great software. Using it on and off and today I figured out that Affinity Designer even provides a Spine exporter! Really Awesome, that will help me save even more time! Keep up the great work! I get more and more used to the software and still find amazing features :D Edit: Another cool feature is the Assets feature! So easy to use! :wub: Edit 2: Just a small feedback for the Spine exporter. It would be cool to place the root node somehow (maybe naming a slice "spine_root" will act as the offset provider for the JSON generator?!). :)
  8. Hi, is there some kind of clone layer in Affinity Photo/Designer that simply duplicates another layer with the possibility to transform it (Edit: And changes to the source layer are applied on the fly)? Regards, Irrgeist
  9. Hi MEB, thank you very much for clarification. I didn't know about the differences of image and pixel layers! Hope the shotcuts for selection are changeable in the future. But I figured out, that it's possible to switch the selection mode via the buttons, so this will do it for me atm :) Edit: Just a short question. When I take a screenshot via the print key (Windows 10), the pixel data from the clipboard will get pasted as an image layer (via New image from clipboard), but when opening a png via the file menu, it will be loaded into a pixel layer. How come?! Yesterday I added a small png as a new layer in Photo. It looked quite pixelated after applying rotation etc...I opened the file in Designer, and the PNG I used looked really sharp. I was quite surprised ... I wonder what happened here. Maybe I can reproduce it. Edit 2: This is what I mean, it still looks the same in the pixel persona...of course, in the exported image, it will be rendered to 2-3 red pixels...
  10. Hi, how do I copy and paste a selection made with the marquee tool?! I am trying to duplicate some parts of an image and also try to copy a part and paste it as a new image (ctrl+alt+shift+n) Edit: Is it possible to switch the shortcuts for the Marquee tool?! I couldn't find it in the settings. Subtracting selection with Right+Left Mouse seems to be rather weird to me, especially since I have to make sure I release the left mouse button first, otherwise a new selection will be created. I would like to exchange it with DRAG+Ctrl since moving the layer is something I never did :huh: Edit 2: Okay, just found out about "Copy flattened" ... what is the difference to Copy?!
  11. Hi, I just tried the feature to edit a Designer document in Photo via the File menu. I recorded a GIF and reproduced the crash two times, see here: I don't know if it's related to Designer ( Windows 10, 64 bit, licensed copy) or Photo ( beta), Designer is crashing in this case. Is there a log file I could provide?! I then would reproduce this error once again and upload it. Regards Irrgeist
  12. I just would like to add, that I set AP/AD to English and some texts are still german, e.g. under the Swatches Tab, it reads "Grautöne". Edit:
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