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  1. Hi! It seems the masters were causing the trouble. I removed them manually from each page and the ...presto... move and delete functions worked 100%. I am still having trouble working with the masters though, especially when importing information into tables and such. Text formatting is all wrong, styles seem useless, etc. Hopefully there is an advanced tutorial on masters because I had to make some very messy work-arounds to get what I wanted. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I can't seem to find an existing discussion on this problem, so please excuse me if I'm duplicating a question. I have a fairly long document (100 pages) in double spread and if (a) try to move a page (b) try to delete a page (c) try to add a page - adding and subtracting doubles works fine. Also, it will crash if I attempt to turn the double spread back to single. I have tried all kinds of things, but to no avail. Im now working with, but this problem has not yet been resolved. Thanks in advance
  3. @Paul Mudditt thank you so much!! Doing the full settings reset worked. (Happy dance)
  4. Designer has not requested access and has never asked for access either.
  5. Hi there thanks for the replies. @toltec, I have done as you mentioned. I only have Siri available in the settings for designer...no photos option to set permissions :,( @DWright , this is exactly the thing I’m looking for but doesn’t show up!? I uninstalled, reinstalled etc but AD never gives me this pop-up thingy... Version I am runnng is and I am using an iPad Pro iOS 12.1 if that info is of any use. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have searched through various topics but don't find anything that deals with this: I have an iPad pro running Affinity Designer with absolutely no trouble at all. Flawless function. EXCEPT when I want to access my camera roll. There is nothing there. I looked in iPad settings and AD has not requested permission to access photos... I've reinstalled app and everything. No change. Still no way to get the app to see my pics. Please help? Thanks a million
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