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Found 221 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to use the crop tool and when i select it no options appear, the other tools have options appear on the top bar, but when crop is selected nothing is there, i have included a screen shot so you can see what i am talking about. Thanks Ryan
  2. Hi, Summary: the crop tool in the develop persona of Affinity Photo takes the wrong portion of the image as a result. Version: 1.4.2, OS X 10.11.6 Steps to reproduce: - Load JPG image into Affinity Photo by dragging it to the Logo in the Dock. - Go to Develop Persone - Select the crop tool - straighten the image - adjust image portion in the rotated image - Double-Click on the crop selection Expected result: the image is cropped to the portion that is selected using the crop tool Actual result: the image portion is taken from the rotated image, but the coordinates do not match (I think x coordinate is correct, but y is offset) instead of the correct coordinates of the tool. Untitled.mov
  3. Hi, I hope I'm not creating an unnecessary topic, but I couldn't find what I was looking for in past threads. Would be good to have the forums separated by AF Photo and AF Designer as well. I'm trying to find out if AF Photo's crop tool has the following features; 1) Crop canvas based on transparent pixels - I come from using Adobe for the past 15-20 years and their crop feature of being able to crop an image based on transparent pixels is extremely useful when trimming images. Is this hidden somewhere in the menus? Being able to do a hard crop and soft crop would be great too (destructive and non-destructive. 2) Because I was unable to find the feature above, I resorted to manually cropping. When using the manual crop tool ©, is there a way to lock the ratio, and also have equal scaling? For example, in PS you can use a number of modifier keys when scaling, transforming, or cropping. The modifiers allow scaling from the center, or keeping the ratio when dragging a corner. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And great product! I'm very happy with it. :)
  4. I have opened a jpg, cropped it, and found that the rest of the area is still there. I'm pasting it into another project, but it only pastes with a huge invisible area around the cropped section. How do I fix this?
  5. Was trying to use the custom settings on the crop tool when all panels disappeared, except for the main panel showing the image. Tried to relaunch holding shift and control and then selecting clear. It almost worked. Seems like everything is back expect functionality of crop tool. It will outline the area to be cropped, but there is no longer an apply button or dialog box. Here is a screen shot of what appears when the crop tool is selected. Thanks for your help.
  6. OK what is "paste Inside" for? Like Crop in Draw?...Power Clip in Corel Draw? Need some better documentation.
  7. I'm new to Affinity Photo. How do I crop a vector image from its background and add text around the image? Thank you!
  8. Hi, Would be great if you could select something and then right click to make document the size of the selection (crop document to selection). Perhaps with an option to enter some padding around the object. /Sten Hougaard
  9. Hi ! I'm a belgian artist (painter) and i have lots of photo's of paintings. I bought Affinity today :) I'm searching the cropping tool, but i mean cropping PERSPECTIVE. In Photoshop it is possible. Here is a link to the photoshop tool Is it possible in Affinity too ? I hope so! I need this, because sometimes a picture of a painting is not correct in perspective. I have to be able to adjust that in my photo's. (sorry for my english, i'm dutch speaking) thanks in advance!
  10. Hello everyone. I noticed the the crop tool in Photo 1.3.5 does not "dim" the area beyond the crop, as seen in the demo videos. Is this a known bug or a new behavior? Thanks
  11. I'm considering joining a 'Camera Club' where they run competitions for both Print and Projected Digital images (PDI's) The rules state that the image size for both Print & PDI competitions must fit within a maximum pixel count of 1400pixels wide by 1050 pixels high and also if entering an image, which is of a 'Portrait Format' then the images must also comply, meaning that portraits can only be a maximum of 1050 pixels high. This being the case can you tell me what is the best way to crop and comply to the rules and also what is the best way to then export the images as a jpeg (complete with the above pixel count) - Thank you Hope you can help
  12. In AP, I'm cropping a picture. It seems reasonable to want to know the pixel dimensions that the image will be when I crop it. Some sort of info panel that displays the pixel dimensions would be ideal. Where can i find such a panel?
  13. Preparing a photograph for printing, I cropped it to 125mm 1:1 @ 400 dpi, then tried to add borders to it using the Resize Canvas command. The previously established crop is cancelled, the document is resized, but not correctly. This happens consistently, which means I can't finish this job using Affinity Photo... The attached screen shots are perhaps NSFW, but that's what I was working on.
  14. It would be interesting if there was a way to scale up a document to a defined format (printer or whatever else demands the format). This would mean making a choice of crop or adding blank space for existing content, but at present, any rescale to such a format means: 1- decide on format (say, A3 borderless, or SRA3 to make it a bit more challenging); 2 - look up the dimensions of the format on the Internet; 3 - go to doc rescale and enter those values. Admittedly, it means adding doc formats and there are many to choose from (try finding that SRA3 format, for instance, in a printer setup - usually it means using the "custom" setting) so maybe a good way would be an ability to add custom formats which then could either show up in a selected format (pixels, cm or a new category "custom") only, or universal (translated across the spectrum of measurements). This also requires that entry of such formats should support a variety of entry methods for the dimensions (pixels, mm etc). The benefit of a "custom" approach is that it ensures you don't have to wade through lots of sizes you don't need (unless there is a system to manage the visibility of those options, but all of that gets complicated again) - you can still offer a list of preset formats to help creating such a custom format. So, the process would be: 1 - (once) set up custom format and name it (let's stick with SRA3 for now) - also requires custom format manager; 2 - choose document resize, "custom" and select "SRA3" (possible option to add a custom format on the spot as well); 3 - choose either freeform or "fit/fill/original size with added blank space or crop off excess" scaling of existing content (although that can handled by scaling the canvas instead of the document - always have to think which one does what). Unless, of course, you already have this hiding somewhere - I do keep finding new things every time I use the software :). (by the way, is it just me or does the preview not like numbered items? As a result, I decided not to use them in the text above).
  15. It seems like no one but Photoshop offers a crop-to-size tool that is resizable. By this, I mean this workflow: you need some photos at 400px by 900px at 72dpi you set the crop tool to this the crop tool jumps to this size you can now drag to reposition and resize the crop tool to control how much of the image gets cropped into 400x900 The #4 is the part. This allows me to not just choose a part of the photo that's already 400x900, but to improve composition I can enlarge the crop rectangle and the resulting image will have that area cropped and resized to what I have set.
  16. If I straighten and crop an image then Select From Layer the marching ants, instead of surrounding the current layer dimensions, displays the rotated area. This is not a problem with applying a filter or adjustment since those ignore the ants and apply to the whole layer but if you do a copy and paste, you only get the part of the layer that is inside the rotated area. Is this a bug or am I (as is more likely) doing something wrong?
  17. Hi there, it seems there is a problem when you crop a picture and afterwards use the pen tool to make a selection. The selection seems off to the amount of pixels that you just cropped. The problem does not appear if you do not crop. Uncropped image: Cropped image:
  18. Hello, is it possible to render crop marks in Affinity Designer so they don't overlap with bleed area? My printer requires crop marks out of bleed area (sample image with red square). AD currently renders crop marks inside bleed area (sample image with gray square). I am using AD 1.4.1 and exporting the PDF with Include crop marks option checked. Thanks! Petr
  19. i wrote about this issue in the questions forum but since it got no attention by the team i am duplicating the post here. the spherical filter seems to have problems. i found that on certain images it works as expected, in other it only acts on the lower half; in addition there's some strange interaction with the crop tool: if i crop the image after applying the filter, the upper half or the image disappears. take a look at the screenshots attached. 1) the original image, loaded in ap 2) the image after applying the spherical distortion live filter: it only distorted the lower half 3) the image after applying the spherical live filter and cropping it (the crop included the whole width of the image and about two thirds of it starting from the top - notably, it did not entirely include the semi-sphere of the effect) 4) what i got exporting the cropped image and reloading it: it looks like the effect was applied correctly also to the upper half, but the crop screwed up the image. by the way, this is exactly the same result i obtained exporting the image before trying to crop it. 5) i reloaded the original image, then i cropped a slice at bottom and reapplied the filter: this time, it worked correctly. obviously i suspected that there was something wrong in my photograph, so i tried to apply the live sphere filter to different images and i found the same behavior with several jpegs and pngs. with some other images, however, it worked correctly.
  20. I have a photo with a bunch of adjustments and pixel layers. And I need to export both full size and some cropped versions, and remember crop positions for further editing. I could make a copy of document, but in that case I will need to change all of them if it's necessary to edit adjustments. How would you handle that?
  21. I cannot get the crop tool to work properly. I set the mode (e.g. to 6x4) but as soon as I drag any of the handles, whether or not holding the shift key, the outline is always unconstrained. There must be a way to lock in the crop ratio but I CANNOT get it to work. I've tried changing the move tool Preferences but this has no effect.
  22. Hi. I want to replace Photoshop. It looks like this product will do everything I typically need in Photoshop. But, I do have one question. I need to crop photos to a very specific size for a blog site. The size is specified in pixels. Is it possible to specify the size of an area to be cropped in pixels (rather than dragging)? For example, with the master photo on the canvas, I'd like to select Crop, specify 900x330 pixels and see the crop rectangle. Then, drag that rectangle over the image to select the part I want to crop. Possible? Rick
  23. I don't understand my affinity photo will keep switching to crop tool and invalid what I am doing for any other function.
  24. hello, i think i found a bug in the way the crop tool (of affinity photo) shows width and height of the crop marquee when dragging it to the desired size. in the crop tool toolbar, above the image, the two numbers change erratically, from the right values to nonsense numbers, then they show the right size again, then wrong again, while continuously dragging any of the marquee's handles. the three attached screenshot should show the behaviour. this appears to be true for both "unconstrained" and "original ratio" modes, and both resizing the marquee to a bigger or smaller size, no matter if the snap feature is set to on or off. i am working with affinity photo version 1.3.5, downloaded from the app store, on osx 10.9.5. thank you stefano
  25. Can the cropping tool also follow 'standard' OSX keyboard shortcuts so that when alt dragging from a side or top the opposing side moves accordingly. Makes it very easy to crop evenly. Also, why does Photo not have an option to trim the transparent pixels from a document? MM
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